Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Flash back for year 2013

It's another year again. Let me use 1 post to summarise my 2013.

Counted down to 2013 with my secondary school best buddies with a buffet Korean dinner and sing k session.

This is my first year taking up a new role, which has almost completely different responsibilities. I don't mind challenges, hence I stayed for the challenges.

Fortunately, there are enough resources for the peak and the portfolio were evenly spreaded out to all managers for the peak period I supposed. It was not an easy task to meet deadlines during the peak in view that all my portfolio are new to me. I had not done any of the engagements that assigned to me. Hence, I had taken longer time to understand the client and review the file. Unavoidably, I stayed late throughout the peak. I have to skip my workout routine. The latest stayed was up to around 3:30am.

However, all these nightmares had slowly faded away from my memories. This is why I'm still here to face the upcoming peak AGAIN.

Despite the peak period, I had travelled to places to relax and reward myself for the hardwork, though it was not very far away. First, I went Koh Lipe in August. I knew it is an off peak season, but I still went as what I want is just a peaceful place to relax. However, the traveling wasn't pleasant, as I had to fly to Hatyai, stayed a night over. Then next day, it took approximately 4hours to travel on the road to the jetty. Then another 2hours plus in the speedboat to arrive Koh Lipe.

The resort I stayed was a great one, spacious, pool access, and I enjoyed the cozy room. What was inconvenient there was the transportation. There is no tar road, instead, it is mud road, it looks like very undeveloped and have to pay them to fetch me to places. However, I can see there are many sites building up resorts. There is only motor to bring you around, and there is no car at all. The island is small and not fully developed anyway. So, not many places to go.

During the off season, it is really quiet. The shops in the most busiest street were mostly closed. Bikinis was really cheap and I got myself 1. Happy! I really enjoyed the quiet sea and beach there to experience the slow down living. I told myself that I want to come back again, even making it an annual trip.

Next is to Penang. It is a department trip. I am part of the committee as advisor with another manager. A lot of planning to do and brainstorming of games and events for the trip. Stayed in a 4stars hotel, Golden Sands Resort. As I am part of the committee, I gotta participate in the games. It is also my first year joining the games despite I joined department trip every year. Surprisingly, the turn up rate was amazing, almost full attendance. We also got the feedback from the floor with favorable and satisfactory comments.

Subsequently, trip to Hong Kong. I flew there for business purposes to visit one of the component auditors in Hong Kong. So, I took the opportunity to extend my stay at my own cost to walk around Hong Kong. It was my first time to Hong Kong. I tried their foods, visited the tourist spots, and ocean theme park. Ocean theme park is my most favorite place among all.

My last trip for the year was Kota Kinabalu for 8 days. Everyone is asking me did you climb kk mount? I: No. Then wondering why I didn't climb when I was there for 8days. A bit of story here.

In the beginning of the year, my primary school friends found promo tickets to kk was just RM110 for return tickets. Then they set a period in December (4d3n) and bought the air ticket whoever wanted to join the trip. When it comes to the middle of the year, my secondary school friends suggested to go kk too. Fortunately, they were able to compromise my time and I extended another 4d3n. So, I have to buy a 1way ticket back from kk. This is 1 of my most memorable trip I had. Selection of traveling buddies is really crucial and is one of the determinants of the mood for the trip.

Undoubtedly, we visited islands for snorkeling, some road trips to cattle farms, upside down house, Kinabalu park, and water rafting. Personally, I think mamutik and manukan islands are damn dirty. All the rubbish are in there such as unused tires, empty water bottles, shoes, durian and etc... Sapi island is slightly better than the 2islands just mentioned. I visited Mantanani island too. This is so so much better and the sea water is crystal clear. We got the chance to snorkel in the middle of the sea for 2 times in a day. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell what types of fish I saw. Lol...

In fact, the day trip packages to islands are not cheap, starting from RM200 onwards each package. I tanned my skin in this trip too. Thanks to the water rafting where we didn't get the chance to apply sun block. My skin only started to peel on 31 Dec 2013.

In summary, 2013 was a great year to me. I'm looking forward for a much better year in 2014.

Happy new year 2014!


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