Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fitness club

10 months ago, I joined a fitness club, Celebrity, and signed up for 24 sessions of personal training (PT). I was convinced by the sales person to take up the PT course when I signed up for membership. I spent RM3k+ for the course, which I finished it in 2-3 months time. I see results which bring me closer to my resolution which I set the same for every year.=p

I consider myself lucky as I was assigned to a trainer who is patient and coaching me with full attention. He will explain what is this exercise for, what is the right posture, and some reminders to avoid the wrong doing. Because of his full attention, he always make sure I do it right, he will adjust my posture, give me a hand when I am out of strength, remind me when I am not breathing in and out correctly, last but not least, he will tell me some encouragement words when I am out of strength: "Good!", "Come on, 2 more times!" and he will pat on my arm, "I will help you, come on!".

The RM3k+ I paid is worthy, and I learnt! To me, he is really good in coaching. Unfortunately, before I finished my PT course, he had left his job. Fortunately, I was still coached by other senior trainer. 

After the PT course, I have started to workout on my own. There was once I was working out on my own, somehow I looked into the PT area, I saw the trainer was playing with his cell phone all the time and not paying attention to the trainee who is working out next to him. I even saw another trainer walked to the next machine (a different machine) to workout for himself after telling the trainee what to do. This is why I said I am lucky!

Since I see my muscles are now slightly tone up and able to reduce some fats on my tummy, I am kinda addicted to go to gym after working hours. I can now wear some small dresses which I could not wear last time. I have set a higher target for myself, no date is fixed yet, I will try my best to achieve due to my busy schedule in my job. hehe...I am just allowing myself more time in achieving my dream.

Wish me luck! 


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