Wednesday, January 12, 2011


11 January 2010 marks the full three years of my service in the current firm. I have finally fulfilled the CA training requirements if they take into account of my probation period. It's my full 3 years!!! A lot of happiness and sadness happened around me during the 3 years. All the late nights that I had with the colleagues are sometimes memorable though and all the complaints should be forgotten. Well, those are past tense, just let it be.

Nevertheless, I am still expecting for more late nights from now on. It is getting challenging for me. =(

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Review of 2010

L recently gave me some new standing calenders to put on my study table as well as the office table that I'm now sitting on. Before I moved away the old standing calender, I flipped through the whole old standing calender and found that many events had been carried out during the year. 

Usually I use it as a reminder for me. It is useful to remind me my exams dates and leaves so that I can plan properly for my study and my trips. 

During the year, I have attended few gatherings, including Kung Min reunion dinner before the CNY, VU gathering with the uni buddies, PRU gathering with the PRU Young talents, and of course a secondary school gathering with the SMKTBM-mates.

I also went for trips with my family and L. I did not manage to go for more as I have been utilising the unpaid leave to join my sister's convocation. Well...that already reflected on my performance bonus. =( Teng, please appreciate my sacrifice. =p

That was also mainly because all my 14 days leaves had gone to my study leaves. I need 2 weeks for each paper and there were 2 papers I took during the year. So, there goes all my leaves. OT is so hard to get...=( 

I went Cameron with L's family. Unfortunately, there were some unfortunate things happened when we returned. After, I went BKK with L, NEC, and FF. It was an enjoyable trip to shooooooooooooooooooooooop as things are relatively cheap there.

At the end of June, like previous year (i.e. 2009) the SCB audit team joined the SCB marathon run. L joined me and encouraged me to finish the marathon. And, I realised that my performance had improved slightly by 10minutes. I'm happy with that. Please forgive that I have not been going for any sports consistently. Hope that I can do it this year.

I have been attending my friends' wedding. Here, I excluded L's friends wedding as I did not note down on those occasions. L will remind me =p All his friends' wedding, I have to follow him all the way to his home town. Coincidently, these weddings were always fallen on the weeks that I went on leave for my study. Therefore, I have been able to attend those.

However, we have grown up. Friends are getting married one-by-one. The last wedding I went for 2010 is Sun's. We were already informed that there are 2 coming up in early 2011. Wish they all have a sweet marriage and last forever.

On top of that, in the month of October, I have finally received my certificate of Graduate Diploma of Chartered Acconting from ICAA. I am glad that I have finally finished the papers. I can't imagine that I have finally finished it when I checked my results saying that I have PASSED the final paper. I have no mood to work on that day (I could still remember), and I left office early to dine with L for a celebration.

erm...well, I have set resolutions for myself in 2010. Unfortunately, I have not been achieving them, especially "I want to reduce weight". So, it is carried forward to 2011.


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