Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family day 2010

I enjoyed and had great fun this year on the family day.

We all (SCB team) agreed to meet at 9am sharp nearby the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. Me and JTHX are the earliest. SCB team members gradually reached and gathered. Our boss is the LATEEEEEEEEEEEEST. We went in at 10am (after waiting for an hour).

We have a "map", LWEN, as she knows the whole park well without looking at the map. We just have to tell what we want to play, she will bring us there. 

We first went to the "pirates ship". I'm like: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Boss and LWEN also stood my side. The rest went in. I had 1 time experience and I think that's enough. I still remembered that time I sat in, I never expected it to be overturn but it did. I cried like mad. I will never forget.

Second stop, we stopped at the similar type of ride, which overturn many times and faster. After the ride, they all commented that this is not as excited as the pirates ship. Boss, LWEN and I wanted to raise white flag.

Then we went to different types of roller coasters and some other rides. At first, we just went for those really dry rides. Slowly, they said: this ride won't make you wet 1 la...

Ok, then we try.

Then it goes like: Come la!!! Come here don't play mer?!!!

I even saw a signboard says: you will get wet on this ride. I'm like: Oh no...

I don't care as I see people don't get wet completely. Somemore, my boss is in front of me. I think his size should be big enough to cover me. Unexpectedly, I still got wet after the ride. 

Then, they suggested: come! let's go wet park since we are wet. At that moment, I felt helpless. I followed and see what they want to play first.

So they went to one of the slides, which will cause you completely wet!!! Me and JTHX stood at 1 side said: No! Mana tau..., YXN and LLKE suddenly appeared from behind and they both were wet and just hugged us. I don't have reason not to get wet now!!! 天啊。。。

We joined finally. After the ride, i'm totally wet from head to tail. Since then, I took few more rides on wet park. Super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we played in a group, I really had fun and an unforgetable memory with all of you. Thanks guys. muacks...


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