Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night of the Macabre

When i saw the theme of our annual dinner, I have the feelings that I do not want to go. I imagined to dress like a ghost at night and crazy until midnight, that looks scary to me and horrible.

After I asked around, many of my friends were not gonna follow the theme and my name was listed on the list. So I attended.

Well, even so, I did not buy my dress until the last weekend before the annual dinner. Same reasons: busy and lazy.

It was quick to buy the dress just after I went into few shops and I found the dress. I also took the opportunity to buy new clothes for the CNY 2011.

This year is not as lucky as last year. I did not win any prizes!!! 

I did not take in any alcohol as I was driving myself. So, better don't.

I think the best part of the annual dinner this year was the organisers were able to invite JJ & Ian to be the emcee for the night. Everyone was screaming when their name were announced. 

Too bad, did not manage to take photos with JJ & Ian =(

Sharing some pics here.

:: The winner for the night, who wrapped himself in white ::


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