Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just got to know that I am now blacklisted by Neway. I was disappointed that I could not sing k on the eve. However, I felt even disappointing when I knew I was blacklisted because of the mic went missing which in fact not our fault.

I still remembered we went to 1U Neway to sing k to celebrate KK's birthday. Half way, one of the 3 mics got problem, so we called the staff to check for us what's wrong with the mic. 

Unfortunately, before the mic was returned to the room, another mic had the same problem. Again, we called the staff to look into it for us. Even though mics were returned, the same problem occurred. I believe only 1 mic was returned at the end of the day and none of us realised that. The staff came in and checked whether we have all the mics before we left. It was found 1 was missing. I wondering why they will check before we left as usually before we left, there is no one will check on us. Were we damn unlucky or they have known that the mic was somehow broken or whatever the staff did on the mic and they just wanna push the responsibility to us? I don't know.

What I know is who the hell wanna steal the useless mic? Although they told us it costs RM1,000, so what? What can we do with the useless mic? 

Since it blacklisted me, I can also put it in my blacklist. Although I am too immaterial to them, at least I feel happy as they are not gonna get any cent from me anymore.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night of the Macabre

When i saw the theme of our annual dinner, I have the feelings that I do not want to go. I imagined to dress like a ghost at night and crazy until midnight, that looks scary to me and horrible.

After I asked around, many of my friends were not gonna follow the theme and my name was listed on the list. So I attended.

Well, even so, I did not buy my dress until the last weekend before the annual dinner. Same reasons: busy and lazy.

It was quick to buy the dress just after I went into few shops and I found the dress. I also took the opportunity to buy new clothes for the CNY 2011.

This year is not as lucky as last year. I did not win any prizes!!! 

I did not take in any alcohol as I was driving myself. So, better don't.

I think the best part of the annual dinner this year was the organisers were able to invite JJ & Ian to be the emcee for the night. Everyone was screaming when their name were announced. 

Too bad, did not manage to take photos with JJ & Ian =(

Sharing some pics here.

:: The winner for the night, who wrapped himself in white ::


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