Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another achievement soon

Finally, I passed the final paper of the ICAA course. It is not easy. I was demotivated after my first paper. Fortunately, I did not give up.

I just feel it is unbelievable... and I feel the accomplishment right now. Really excited and great.

I totally lost the mood to work on the day I got my results. I don't care and I left office at sharp 530pm.

As I am getting another qualification soon once I have completed my practical experience program with my 3 years of working experience.

I told myself that I will have to start thinking what I wanna do next after suffering for 3 years. Anyway, I'm staying for another year for the bond I signed to make it worth, as signing it I gained the free qualification and precious experience. Also, staying for 1 more year to allow myself to think deeply what I wanna do after this.

Nevertheless, I wish to continue to study, either CFA or MBA. Only after 1 year of "cooling period", I will start studying again. I just feel exhausted to keep studying and working non-stop. Given the workload, I don't think I can still study for now.

Thanks dear for the treat at Korean restaurant. Can we study MBA together?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Last "flight"

It is my first time to carry a luggage and a bag into an exam hall. After i packed my luggage, I felt weird if i were to pull a luggage in.

I message to Sue to double confirm whether is she bringing in all the books in. She replied: Yes. Kiasu maximum... I then decided to bring everything as long they can fit into my luggage and bag. It really helped me during the exam. I did not regret bringing in so many books. heee...

After the exam, everyone is also pulling luggages and waited for lift. Sue said: it's like a flight just landed. Yes, it really felt like we just landed. Someone also said: hope we don't take the same "flight" again. Definitely, nobody wishes to take this "flight" again.

Indeed, after i finished writing on the exam paper, suddenly I had a thought: I'm graduating. It reminded me the feeling I had last time when I sat for the last paper in my undergraduates studies.

 :: Wishes from my dear little brother, so sweet of him ::
 :: So many taggings ::
:: My luggage and the bag ::


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