Monday, September 20, 2010

After so long...

Have not been updating here.

It used to be my favouriate place here to share all I wanted. Now there is this thing called: FB., tend to abandon a bit. sorry...

Well, it is my study leaves again. Hope this will be my last time taking study leave. God please bless me to pass the exams. hee...

Only during the study period, when my brain can't work, I will come here and express some feeling.

During the study period, I have attended 2 wedding dinners, just in 2 weeks times. Coming up, there are more, right???

And I start counting down already. Counting down when is my last day. Few questions pop up on my mind: Where should I go? What is my interest actually? What do I expect for my future? I have no answers for all these questions yet. If leaving is my decision, I really have to think about it.

I also fell sick for few days. The fever never goes away. The body temperature is kept at 38. I feel so headache so I went to see doctor. Hopefully, will recover then.

I dreamed a lot too...making my brains so tired. Truly speaking, I hardly can remember all my dreams when I wake up. But these few days, the stories of the dream are so clear staying in my mind. My brain is just so tired, how to study? I just can't stay focus.

This is my last paper, I have to put in more effort, effort, and effort. go go go...


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