Friday, October 23, 2009

Lantern day in 2009

On the lantern day, I did not go anywhere but staying at home accompanying my dear little baby brother. Guess this is his first year to celebrate the lantern day and first time light up the candles and lantern.

He used to have those electronic lanterns as he was still young and could not play with the fire.

Anyway, I was very carefully taking care of him to observe every of his move to ensure that he did not play with the fire in a danger way. lol...

I guessed he enjoyed the time. I busy took his photos and he played with my second yonger brother.

:: Lantern he lit up ::

:: So many lanterns in the KITCHEN ::

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A great chat

Dear I, (This is specially for you!!!)

I really had a good chat with you in Sweet Chat. As we enjoyed our dessert (Durian pancake), we chatted like nobody's business from 430pm until 730pm. Unbelieveable!!!

I didn't feel like leaving when it was time, I wish I could still chatted with you continuously. We have too many things to share. Part of the reason was we had not met up for more than 1 year, right? We have same thoughts, facing the same problems...

Anyway, we were mainly complaining about our work. How sucks is it...and why she resigned.

She resigned. I heard all the sad stories from her. I feel so pity and sympathy to those victims. Similar thing happened to her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have resigned.

After hearing her stories, I was influenced and feeling so demotivating. I feel the same and wanted to do the same. But...can i? I still have bond for another 3 years. I wish I won lottery and pay back all the debts to free myself. Too bad. It is reality that I can't do!!!

Not to forget, thanks for the present. I like it very much =)

:: Present ::

We must set a day to gather our other classmates, Laura, Jas, and perhaps KHL.

Keep in touch and shall catch up with you AGAIN once I'm free from job commitment =p which I don't know when. Sincerely wish you can find your new place soonest.


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