Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mission impossible

Our audit team made it compulsory to run the SCB KL marathon 2009.

I was late this morning. The race supposed to start at 7am, I started running at 715am.

After I ran for 20 minutes, I feel like giving up. Phew...I have not been going for exercise for ages, now ask me to run 10KM. IT'S 10KM. I cannot believe I completed it. Running 10km of marathon is like killing me.

As I was late, I ran the whole journey by myself. Trying to motivate myself to complete it. Seeing people who ran for fun and family run is so much shorter, where they can turn to the right side, but we were directed to run straight further. argh...

As I ran, I was thinking 1km is so long...10km is like 10 times of it. omg!!!

I finished 10km in 2 hours time. I never met up with my colleagues as they started first.

I saw a lot of muscular runners or rather professional runners. Well, it was compulsory, that's why I'm in. Otherwise, don't think I will go for these kind of run.

There are also foreigners who join the run. There were some passers standing at the side clapping their hands to show their support and motivate us to RUN!!!

When approaching to the end (about 100m far), some finishers, sitting and standing at the side, "adding oil" for us so that we run faster.

After the run, I met KK. So surprise!!! Took a photo. Then met up with my colleagues, got our medals and took photos again. Our dearest partner, and senior manager came to participate in the run also.

:: My medal, rewards for completing the run ::

This is my first time joining marathon (except for those marathon organised by my secondary school last time). For me, it was crazy, I would comment. I can hardly walk now. Wonder if I can walk tomorrow? :S

:: My bib number ::

:: Bag ::

:: With colleagues, SCB team ::

Friday, June 19, 2009

Client's temper

Currently, my this client is a bit tough to handle. If you scare to get scolded, you really need to see her mood before approaching her.

Her mood swings super duper fast. When just finish talking to her, next second she might be scolding (or screaming??) at the other side.

It is hard to describe her whether she is nice. She is nice as she is willing to help us out in our work to certain extent. On the other hand, she could scold us. I have kena 2-3 times. cannot remember.

First time, I found some problems when doing my testing. I planned to sit down with her and discuss it. She was standing in front of a computer. I asked whether is she free to discuss something. She just stood there and asked: what is it regarding? I explained and said there are a lot to show you. She paused and scolded: Can you tell me what is it? Don't tell me a lot!!! Blardy hell, there is no table for me to put 3 files, how am I gonna show her?

Second time. I was asking someone in customer service department (I suppose) as I was directed there. We had been talking for about 5 minutes, then SHE came and asked: What your actually looking for? I then explained. She then scolded: This is nothing to do with her. This, you need to check with xxx. Please make your facts clear, okay? My Boss does not want you to disturb this group of people!!!

Walau, super scary wey...can't you speak in a nice way? We are professionals.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch in Old Town

Went for lunch in Old Town White Coffee located at the Jalan Raja Laut with my colleagues.

My colleagues ordered the set lunch which cost only RM 9.80 per set. When it comes to billing, my senior realised that they charged RM 10.80 per set. We then asked why was it more expensive, the staff presented the receipt to the boss and the boss sat at far far place, told the staff to pay back RM 2.

The boss did not even come over and say sorry. Then the staff explained that it was their system problem. System sets the price at RM 10.80 and they need to manually deduct RM1 out. WTH is this? This is cheating!!!

People be careful and check your receipt before you leave.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sims 3

I'm so addicted to The Sims 3. 

L is complaining already. Guess he must be regretting he allows me to buy the game.

I used to play The Sims 2 for a while only as I don't have the disc to install the game after formatting my computer. I love The Sims since I played the first "The Sims".

There are more things that you can do as compared to the last two versions. One thing I don't like is that we can only select 1 active household to play. If we deactivate the current household, all the wishes (their wishes that can fulfill them in life) will be lost. Anyway, not much impact on other things except the wishes.

hmm...I just cannot resist but to play it every night. My 7-year-old baby brother is also addicted. Once I reached home, finished my dinner, he will push me into my bedroom and we played this game together. lol...


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