Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Shit!!! Time is running out. All deadlines are just too close to each other. I feel like giving up.

Right after my exams which is on Monday. In the subsequent week, it is my assignment due date.

Right now I have a new engagement again, which gives me only 1 week to complete. Why? My last engagement also like that, just right before my study leave for the exams. It is really stress. At the mean time, I need to rush for assignment to meet deadline.

Unfortunately, second day of the new engagement, I fall sick again.

I went to see the same doctor whom I visited last month. He said: You sick AGAIN? I'm like: yes?! It is not my wish to get myself sick anyway. I just got a day of MC to rush for assignment. Also it is not confortable for me to work as I need to talk to client and I have light sore throat.

I woke up super early at 4am and reading the discussion board online to see people's arguments as reference to do my assignment. That's my only choice I guess.

I'm super duper stress...not sure if I can finish ICAA?!!! :'(

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sing K

went to Sing K with L's friends. 

Wow...I really like their singing. They are super good. I believe they are more than eligible to participate in singing competition. They can sing as just like the singer does. I'm sure they can win. 

Too bad no photos were captured. Too shy to get. Anyway, I'm just a girl!!!lol...

It is my first time to meet up with most of them as I have previously met up few. Very paiseh to sing also. Super scare when I sang alone as they are sooooo good. Who am I?!! I could not sing so well. :(

This is their annual gathering. A very big group of 14 people with only 4 couples there. When we all just arrived the k room. Everyone was busy eating. Nobody sang. Wondering were we shy or too busy with foods.

Can't deny that they can really really sing and sing so so well!!! 


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