Friday, November 20, 2009

My study

I'm on leave again!!! Sound so good but in fact I need to study!!! Bad news for me.

I have not been studying and I feel so so bad now. Since the quiz system has been abolished, I have not been studying consistently. Don't even mention about my study plan. I don't have any study plan. I just want to claim that I'm not free to develop one.

Will it be too late to develop one now?

Friends who are close to me will always hear me complain that I don't have any vacation leaves. This year my leaves means only study!!! What a life?! I feel so depressing.

Hopefully by year end I wish I can receive good news =p

God bless me to pass all papers once. So that I able to have vacation leaves when I say I'm on leave and no study at all next year.

Should I say I'm lucky? Since the course that I'm currently studying has been merged with a local course, I don't have to pay OZ dollar anymore. By right it is A$1,550 per paper. With the current currency rate, I might need to pay RM5k. God bless me, we are only required to pay local currency since the merger which cost me only RM3k.

*Pray now* to pass my paper once.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I broke my own record.

Fall sick for 2 times just within a month. Body temperature is abnormally high at 39.7 celcius and 39 celcius respectively.

Since I came back from my exam leave, I worked for about 15 hours a day DAILY. I can't get enough rest, even I need to study. I manage to get average of 5 hours of sleep everyday. I feel so suffering.

I used to be quite healthy, as in I may get fever only once in a blue moon ie. one year once or one and a half years once.

Not an easy life to study while working though.


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