Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to wait

Yea!!! It is over. However, new challenge is here already. New semester has started even before I sit for today's exam.

:: My messy table ::

After exams, went to settle some of my admin stuffs. Then, relax at home.

My new subject sounds tougher as in the marks given for the non-exam is reduced from 50% to only 20%, which means final exams will be 80% instead of 50% like last time. Oh my god!!! SLin counted and showed me, saying that we have lesser time to earn every mark. You are right!!! Let's say it is now 3 hours for 50%, means we have 3.6 min for every 1 mark. Since it is 80% in the final and complete the exam in 3 hours, we have 2.25 min for every 1 mark (ie. lesser time to earn the same mark)

There is no more every 2-week quizes, it thus reduces my burden to keep up with my study. I can study anytime I want. The drawback of this is I will tend to delay my study lo. Good or bad? sigh...wish I can still keep up with my study with the new structure of module.

It is time to say goodbye to my 2-week leavessssss. Such a long leave and I got to rest sometimes. haa... Now it is time to wait for my result. Meanwhile, facing the new module. Amitabha...Hopefully I can make it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Argh....too much of distraction at home already. I cannot concentrate. I have been slacking at home for 2 days. Someone please help me!!!

I think I should go somewhere quiet, NO WIRELESS and I can be alone to study. NOT MY HOME!!!

Library would be an ideal place. BUT, no library nearby my house though...*sob*

My uni is too far for me, feel so lazy to go. Need to consider where to park, wasting time to travel as well, lunch might be eating alone =(

People go for holiday, but I cannot go =( I don't have any holidays leave this year so far. I feel very down ... =(

Boring, aih...where is my determination I used to have? Why am I so slacking lately?


Sunday, September 13, 2009

First of all thanks to everyone who sent me warm wishes and celebrating for my birthday.

Thanks to L. We took a day off on 28/8 and went to PD. Just 2 of us.

:: Our "candle light" dinner ::

:: Our temporary tatoos ::

:: Cake, present, birthday card and ME ::

:: My present from L ::
Gosh...making me love Doraemon even more...

On 29/8, we went to Daidoman in Great Eastern Mall for dinner. yummy~~~

:: In Daidoman, Korean buffet ::

Also thanks to CS for the lunch. It was unexpected one.

My family also bought a cake for me.

:: Cake from my family ::

:: Another Doraemon present from my sibling ::

:: And another Daraemon, whole "family" as my present ::

Thanks to my uni buddies, YY to organise the celebration for me. Thanks to SLing, E, SLin, and also the present.

:: In Sugimoto, Hartamas ::

And, finaly supposed my secondary school buddies intended to celebrate my birthday on 30/8, I feel so bad to promise them the time but I was unable to make it due to my quiz was gonna due. I need to study extra hard just to pass the quiz. sigh... Lucky I did it well with SL's help. Thanks. hee...

The little celebration was held on 12/9, celebrating together with TL.

:: I blew cake first ::

:: Present from them ::

:: Customised card from JX, loads of Doraemon ::

:: Then, TL's turn ::

:: TL was expected to bite the candle up ::

On that night itself, we had an unforgettable experience. As usual, they like to press the birthday boy/girl's head onto the EXTRA CREAMMY cake. TL's head was unexpectedly pressed and smashed onto the cake. The cream covered his half face. He then grab the cream on his face and tossed to those who pressed his head. Unfortunately, part of the cream was tossed to the table beside us. Shit...!!!

The group of boyish smoking pigs were so angry and gave us unfriendly stare. We quickly apologise to avoid unwanted problems. Meanwhile, TL had headed to toilet to clean himself.

One of the tomb boy shouted at us: See!!! What you gonna do now? She kept repeating the same sentence to us for numerous times. Everyone around us was looking at us. I felt very wrong and paiseh...

After apologising to them, they sounded like they want money compensation. We acted stupid and they just asked us to fxxk off.

phew...luckily did not end up with fighting. Perhaps our group has more guys than their group with all boyish smokers. It was an unforgettable one!!!

We learnt the lesson, we should not play in a public area!!!


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