Monday, August 31, 2009

A fine dinner

Had a fine dinner with L in Umai-ya on the eve of Merdeka. Thanks CS for the recommendation.

Once we sat down, he asked me: why are we eating here? to celebrate what?

I was thinking for a while, said: celebrate Merdeka day? if we are so patriotic. sorry, I'm not, neither him. lol...anyway, happy 52-year-old to 马来西亚.

We ordered a 2 pax set dinner promotion for RM80++, plus a Dobin Mushi, a pot of soup that will change taste when leaving it to drink later.

:: Our total sushi set ::

:: PLUS 2 scoops of green tea ice cream ::

Total bill was RM 115 (inclusive of all taxes). I was really full after the dinner. Seems like my diet plan is going to blow. painful =(

:: Drinking the Dobin mushi ::

:: Yummy!!! We love sashimi ::

Please do recommend me where to eat delicious sushi-es and fresh sashimi-es if you know. ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Community day

This is my first year to participate in the community day. This is a one-day thing. It fell on Saturday, so earned 1 day of leave. yay!!! Last year, I able to escape due to I had something on. Forgot what was it.

Anyway, it was a tiring day. We went Kelanang beach, which is a super dirty beach, and I don't know why somebody can still picnic there. Big red ants are walking everywhere. I feel awful.

We were seperated into 2 groups. Group A was assigned to play games with the orphans and Group B was assigned to clean up the beach. I was in Group A.

:: My team, Team 5 ::

We played dodge ball for the first half of the day. Group A was divided into about 8 teams with 2-3 orphans in each team. After the games, someone suggested orphans vs 'us'. Result is orphans are the winners. This shows how inactive auditors are in sports, even orphans can also win us.

After lunch (not really nice though), we taught the orphans to build kites/layang-layang/wau?

We did not know how to build until there were somebody demonstrating to us and one of our team members actually knew how to build. Lucky!!!

After we had built it, it was colouring time.

:: Before my hands got dirty ::

:: I coloured my hand; fun!!! ::

:: Production of tst; lol ::

Since the beginning of the year, I have been busy with my work and studies. Especially when I am involved in a specialised engagement, which requires me and my team members to go in to the client place 4 times in a year. Although it was stressed during the field work, we as a team still have some "outdoor" activities.

Farewell for twl and chhh:

:: We WERE in a team ::

Pot luck in yohl's house:

:: Our "Class" photo ::
*Everyone stands and sits straight*

:: This looks more natural ::

:: Our boss's production ::
*Don't know what is it called*

Lunch in Kampachi:

Another farewell, for atm:
Share with you some nice thai foods here *Yummy*:

:: 6 of us only ::

Relax session:

:: Our favourite activity, Sing k ::

:: The team members ::
*Oops, left out yohl*


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