Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gathering 2009

Our secondary school reunion fell on 25 July 2009.

I supposed it is quite well-planned. =p except the fact that the restaurant mixed up my reservation. I called the restaurant up and made a reservation for 27 pax on 25 July 2009. I did not mention the date, but I do mention: this saturday, 27 pax. The fella put my reservation on 27 July 2009. Fortunately, we reached there early, 7pm and still able to get them to arrange for us.

Almost everyone is so co-operate, be punctual to this event. Thank you very much.

We were arranged to sit on square shape long tables. I need to go from one end to another end to talk to everyone. It is almost impossible to take "whole family" photo. Everyone is required to come in front so that everyone can be seen clearly in the photo.

Our dearest form teacher came to join us. She is excited to see everyone again. She talked to each of us but she hardly can recall our names. So I was beside her and asked: Do you need a name list? She said: yes yes...

I passed her the name list that I have been keeping it since Form 5. She saw it and felt surprised: " still keep it?" hahaha...yea. Otherwise, I won't have the full name list of our classmates.

After the dinner, we celebrated YJC, LJC, and CWL's birthday.

No second round for me. I'm so tired.

:: Is everyone in already? ::

Thursday, July 09, 2009



My dad had given me red light and not letting me go to Krabi for holidays.

Sigh... stupid H1N1!!! Super hate "you"!!! Why on earth want to "come" at this point of time? My only "holiday" is just this for the year. Spoilt my holidays plan. *sob*

It is so hard to go holidays with my dearest friends, secondary and uni friends.

At first, my leave was not approved. Even subsequently got approved, I still cannot go just because of the stupid and stubborn H1N1.

aih...I feel so sorry to my secondary school friends now. I now look like I ffk them. I'm so sorry, I do not do this on purpose.

*sigh* Bye bye, Krabi. :'(


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