Thursday, May 28, 2009

Every year in the month of July, we (Form5E) will have a gathering.

I'm now totally out of idea where to go as everyone would prefer somewhere with low budget.

Any suggestions? Anyone?

Before this, some people suggested few places like Sing K, eat steamboat...

"Baby, Happy birthday"

17 May is my dearest lil baby brother big day. Everyone loves him very very much and everyone celebrated birthday for him...

He is really sweet and an adorable boy...

It is unbelievable he is now 7 years old this year. He grew up already. However, everyone still likes to call him "Baby". Besides June Tung, he has a lot of other names, baby tung, ong baby, boss (as he is like the King in the house), B, tung tung, alex ong (he always said: "my english name is Alex. Call me Alex Ong.")

We counted down his birthday and celebrate for him in the midnight. He is so happy. 

:: His favourite, Ben 10 ::

:: My beloved brother ::


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