Friday, April 17, 2009

Train stations

It has been long time I did not take train. I have not even sat in monorail. Anyway, I had a workshop to attend today, therefore taken my workshop leave.

Feel relax. However, the day before, I worked until 10pm and then went back home to rush for the presentation so that I'm well-prepared. As a result, I slept at 2am.

Supposed to wake up at 6am, but I was so reluctant and dragged until 630am only woke up. Faster took my bath, grabbed something from kitchen and rushed to KTM station that is nearby my house. I reached the KTM station at about 720am and thought I could catch a train. Based on my experience (about 5 years ago when KTM used to be my transportation), about 720am there would be 1 train.

Unfortunately it was delayed. I thought I would be late and waited until 735am, finally there is 1 train came. By that time, the platform is full with humans. This train is meant to carry passengers who are going for long distance some more, but somehow is used for now to take regular passengers. 

Once the train stopped right in front of us, everyone has no order and stucked at the entrance of the train. My godness. People are pushing people into the train. You don't even need to walk, you will definitely be pushed in. 

Well, I'm too small size and could not get in *paiseh*. Anyway, I cannot take it when I was stucked in between strangers. I rather leave them. I saw from far, people are pushing people from the back so that they themselves can get in. omg...then I see people inside were standing straight and no more space at all between each other. 

I just don't understand why KTM always delayed their train and caused people pushing each other. Anyway, within 5 minutes, another train came and it was quite empty. I was like: thank god, luckily I did not went in the train that had just gone.

Although no seat for me, I'm fine with it. Anyway, as we proceeded to subsequent stations, the crowd was building up even until I left the train.

I have not arrived even I left KTM, I changed to Putra to go to my destination. 

It is slightly better. At least people were queuing while waiting for the train to arrive. However, once the train stopped, people from behind came forward and went in first. I was so surprised. Anyway, just stun for a while, and realised it is not surprised that Malaysians are not patient  to wait for their turn. Sigh...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm so hurt

Before I made a decision, of course I have tried to check my time table. 

I have no idea why it is still my fault. I agreed with my friends to join for Krabi trip as I was kinda free last year at that point of time. 

After I saw my friends' leave got approved and I had just recently got to claim few days of OT, so I applied for my leave too. Unfortunately, senior refuses to sign off and I may not be able to go for the trip. It is sad enough for me.

But I'm blamed that I did not check my time table properly. I have checked it based on my last year schedule, is it still my problem? It is really out of my expectation that since I'm in my current engagement, I've 4 reporting in a year for this job where it includes the month of July.

I have tried my best, but I'm blamed to be at fault. I'm so hurt.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Unhelpful client

Super angry today.

Had a client behaving very unhelpful to me. 

It is only my FIRST time asking supporting documents from her (manager some more from xx department). She was alright when I first asked. Later on, I realised I missed out 1 item on the next page, so I went to her and showed her, she was like: har? still got ar? And then her volume is super high.

She found one of the document and walked to the photostat machine. I asked: hmm...photocopy for me? She responded: Ya...I don't want later you see already and you want again and I need to search for you. She talked so loud until everyone can hear as she moving forward to the photostat machine. Bear in mind that most executives have their own room. Supposed they may not hear, but they do just because of her high tone of voice.

Finance manager heard and tried to cover me: She is just doing her job only, don't be like that. And the bitch responded: I know. I'm doing my job also. F**k, what are you talking? feel like slapping on her face.

Never mind!!! When she showed the last document to me, she "shounted" from far (7-8 steps away): If you have any more sample, please do not look for me again. I have done with mine. Please look for others. Damn!!! super LC lo!!!

I got no choice, what can I still do? just smile and laugh...damn fake!!!

Luckily she is not part of the finance department. 


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