Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello 2009

I attended one of my best friend's wedding dinner on the 31/12/2008 at Selayang Palace Restaurant.

:: Pretty bride and handsome bride groom ::

Sincerely wish her have a happy marriage.

Met few long lost contact secondary school friends. One of my early-married friend, same age with me has now had 3 children. I was like: WOW...OoO?!!!

After the dinner, I did not join any gang to count down or whatever. As I promised my brother to fetch him back at 1am. So TL and I went DU to eat Baskin Robbins. 31% discount!!! I have been making promises to TL that we will eat 31% discounted ice-cream, unfortunately I was always tied up with something I guess.

On 1/1/2009, we went sing K again. crazy about singing K!!!

By the way, it is new year. Shall I make new year resolution?

Yes!!! My first resolution is to lose weight, to go back at 39kg. I don't care. I want 39kg.

Since middle of the year of 2008, I have been wanting to reduce my weight. Unfortunately it is always been forgotten and ended up ate more.

Action plan: Eat breakfast, skip lunch (sometimes eat a bit), eat dinner (Super duper small portion only. I want to eat dinner because this is the only time I can have dinner with my family or taste my mom's cooking). Eat less cheese, creamy foods, foods with high cholesterol.

Self-assessment: ? ~ Wait till Dec 2009.

Also, I wish I won't have any bad luck this year. According to zodiac, I would face a lot of challenges which may discourage me. phew...worrying!!! Scare scare... Anyway, hope I can overcome all the difficulties.

2 enough?! Don't be so greedy la. As long as there is no bad day in 2009, I'm satisfied.

O ya!!! Wish I can pass my auditing paper and pass the rest of the papers of my course too.

Happy New Year to all of you.


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