Friday, December 18, 2009

Music Video Awards

It was a great Thursday night. Everyone looks so beautiful and handsome.

On day time, I worked until 1pm, rushed back home and started preparing myself for the annual dinner.

Partner sent out an email to remind us that the dinner will start at sharp 730pm. I went in at 730pm and luckily I found some friends were in already.

Anyway, the dinner started at 830pm !@#$%^&*

The dinner was started with speeches (as expected). The most important thing that I want to highlight is I FINALLY won a consolation prize in a lucky draw. I have not been so lucky since I was born (I believe). I got a hamper. hee...

:: My lucky number, won me a hamper ::

I did not drive to the dinner, so I drank alcohol, red wine and whisky. I believe I had drank about 4 1/2 glasses of alcohol, I felt dizzy and tired. Felt like wanted to sleep at that point of time. They still suggested to go Long bar for second, I felt that I couldn't take it and my colleague sent me back. I slept until next day 4pm. Had a good sleep without any disturbance...Nice!!!

The most formidable thing is that our firm people finished all the alcohols before midnight *applause*

I like my dress too...thanks to L to choose and bought it for me =)

:: Hot chicks are here ;P ::

:: MJ? :

Friday, December 11, 2009


On the 11 December, we were required to attend team meeting and department meeting to share our thoughts, complaints, give feedback to the management and share the performance of our firm and budget for next year.

After the meetings, we were served with light refreshment, Domino's Pizzas (My favourite, Pizza!!!), sandwiches, drinks, and cakes.

We also have a small celebration for December babies.

Then we started to look for our own present under the Christmas tree in our department.

This is what I got this year.

:: The packaging ::

:: The gift I got ::

:: This is from my bro and Gil ::
Thanks so much =)

Isn't it unfair?

Another tension day was just over. So is time to wait again, hoping for the favourable result.

Meanwhile, it is also time for me to re-enroll into the next module, Auditing. I had submitted the re-enrollment form from MICPA and passed to HR during my study leave. However, yesterday personnel from HR informed me that I need to fill up another re-enrollment form from ICAA.

When it comes to payment part on the re-enrollment form, it is stated that the fee is A$1,260. Since this is my second attempt, I have to pay for it myself. I have got confirmation from HR that I'm required to pay A$1,260, not RM3k. Isn't it unfair?!!! At the end of the day, I will have the same qualification as the new enrolled students with the MICPA. Why do I have to pay different price of fee? The answer I got from HR personnel was because I previously enrolled with ICAA, so I have to make payment to them. Meanwhile, new students are taking M'sia tax law, no more Aust tax law. Anyway, the rest of the modules will be the same. I still can't figure out, why there must be differences!!!

Suddenly, I become a poor girl again ='( sob ~~~

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A new workout?

Wow...just read from the paper, NST, that doing sudoku or crossword can help to burn calories!!!

Averagely, it burns 90 calories if you tackling on sudoku for an hour. Researcher Tim Forrester said: when we do something challenging such as a puzzle or a quiz, we can burn through 1.5 calories every minute. Doing difficult crossword or challenging sudoku means your brain will crave more glucose and more calories too.

So...I'm thinking, if I study, can it help to burn calories too? I also think hard when studying ma...

Indeed it does prove!!! Because right after my exam in my second semester, I went in to client place and my client asked me whether I have gone on diet? I denied on that as I still eat the usual portion that I always take during my study break. I just couldn't go on diet when I was on study break.

Well, this is another motivation for me to study and lose weight. serves 2 purposes!!! Cool!!!

I luv Cheese

Dine-in with L in Vivo, Curve. I always love eating cheese very very much.

:: Before and after for the can of parmesan cheese ::

I guess I have maximised the value that I have paid for the meal by taking so much of parmesan cheese =p

I just couldn't resist myself from taking so much. If L tried to stop me, I would then feel unhappy. lol...

:: The Pizza with EXTRA cheese ::

:: The dessert, Cappuccino & white chocolate mousse ::
:: taste okay ::

When it comes to cheese, my lose weight plan is set aside =p

Friday, November 20, 2009

My study

I'm on leave again!!! Sound so good but in fact I need to study!!! Bad news for me.

I have not been studying and I feel so so bad now. Since the quiz system has been abolished, I have not been studying consistently. Don't even mention about my study plan. I don't have any study plan. I just want to claim that I'm not free to develop one.

Will it be too late to develop one now?

Friends who are close to me will always hear me complain that I don't have any vacation leaves. This year my leaves means only study!!! What a life?! I feel so depressing.

Hopefully by year end I wish I can receive good news =p

God bless me to pass all papers once. So that I able to have vacation leaves when I say I'm on leave and no study at all next year.

Should I say I'm lucky? Since the course that I'm currently studying has been merged with a local course, I don't have to pay OZ dollar anymore. By right it is A$1,550 per paper. With the current currency rate, I might need to pay RM5k. God bless me, we are only required to pay local currency since the merger which cost me only RM3k.

*Pray now* to pass my paper once.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I broke my own record.

Fall sick for 2 times just within a month. Body temperature is abnormally high at 39.7 celcius and 39 celcius respectively.

Since I came back from my exam leave, I worked for about 15 hours a day DAILY. I can't get enough rest, even I need to study. I manage to get average of 5 hours of sleep everyday. I feel so suffering.

I used to be quite healthy, as in I may get fever only once in a blue moon ie. one year once or one and a half years once.

Not an easy life to study while working though.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lantern day in 2009

On the lantern day, I did not go anywhere but staying at home accompanying my dear little baby brother. Guess this is his first year to celebrate the lantern day and first time light up the candles and lantern.

He used to have those electronic lanterns as he was still young and could not play with the fire.

Anyway, I was very carefully taking care of him to observe every of his move to ensure that he did not play with the fire in a danger way. lol...

I guessed he enjoyed the time. I busy took his photos and he played with my second yonger brother.

:: Lantern he lit up ::

:: So many lanterns in the KITCHEN ::

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A great chat

Dear I, (This is specially for you!!!)

I really had a good chat with you in Sweet Chat. As we enjoyed our dessert (Durian pancake), we chatted like nobody's business from 430pm until 730pm. Unbelieveable!!!

I didn't feel like leaving when it was time, I wish I could still chatted with you continuously. We have too many things to share. Part of the reason was we had not met up for more than 1 year, right? We have same thoughts, facing the same problems...

Anyway, we were mainly complaining about our work. How sucks is it...and why she resigned.

She resigned. I heard all the sad stories from her. I feel so pity and sympathy to those victims. Similar thing happened to her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have resigned.

After hearing her stories, I was influenced and feeling so demotivating. I feel the same and wanted to do the same. But...can i? I still have bond for another 3 years. I wish I won lottery and pay back all the debts to free myself. Too bad. It is reality that I can't do!!!

Not to forget, thanks for the present. I like it very much =)

:: Present ::

We must set a day to gather our other classmates, Laura, Jas, and perhaps KHL.

Keep in touch and shall catch up with you AGAIN once I'm free from job commitment =p which I don't know when. Sincerely wish you can find your new place soonest.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to wait

Yea!!! It is over. However, new challenge is here already. New semester has started even before I sit for today's exam.

:: My messy table ::

After exams, went to settle some of my admin stuffs. Then, relax at home.

My new subject sounds tougher as in the marks given for the non-exam is reduced from 50% to only 20%, which means final exams will be 80% instead of 50% like last time. Oh my god!!! SLin counted and showed me, saying that we have lesser time to earn every mark. You are right!!! Let's say it is now 3 hours for 50%, means we have 3.6 min for every 1 mark. Since it is 80% in the final and complete the exam in 3 hours, we have 2.25 min for every 1 mark (ie. lesser time to earn the same mark)

There is no more every 2-week quizes, it thus reduces my burden to keep up with my study. I can study anytime I want. The drawback of this is I will tend to delay my study lo. Good or bad? sigh...wish I can still keep up with my study with the new structure of module.

It is time to say goodbye to my 2-week leavessssss. Such a long leave and I got to rest sometimes. haa... Now it is time to wait for my result. Meanwhile, facing the new module. Amitabha...Hopefully I can make it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Argh....too much of distraction at home already. I cannot concentrate. I have been slacking at home for 2 days. Someone please help me!!!

I think I should go somewhere quiet, NO WIRELESS and I can be alone to study. NOT MY HOME!!!

Library would be an ideal place. BUT, no library nearby my house though...*sob*

My uni is too far for me, feel so lazy to go. Need to consider where to park, wasting time to travel as well, lunch might be eating alone =(

People go for holiday, but I cannot go =( I don't have any holidays leave this year so far. I feel very down ... =(

Boring, aih...where is my determination I used to have? Why am I so slacking lately?


Sunday, September 13, 2009

First of all thanks to everyone who sent me warm wishes and celebrating for my birthday.

Thanks to L. We took a day off on 28/8 and went to PD. Just 2 of us.

:: Our "candle light" dinner ::

:: Our temporary tatoos ::

:: Cake, present, birthday card and ME ::

:: My present from L ::
Gosh...making me love Doraemon even more...

On 29/8, we went to Daidoman in Great Eastern Mall for dinner. yummy~~~

:: In Daidoman, Korean buffet ::

Also thanks to CS for the lunch. It was unexpected one.

My family also bought a cake for me.

:: Cake from my family ::

:: Another Doraemon present from my sibling ::

:: And another Daraemon, whole "family" as my present ::

Thanks to my uni buddies, YY to organise the celebration for me. Thanks to SLing, E, SLin, and also the present.

:: In Sugimoto, Hartamas ::

And, finaly supposed my secondary school buddies intended to celebrate my birthday on 30/8, I feel so bad to promise them the time but I was unable to make it due to my quiz was gonna due. I need to study extra hard just to pass the quiz. sigh... Lucky I did it well with SL's help. Thanks. hee...

The little celebration was held on 12/9, celebrating together with TL.

:: I blew cake first ::

:: Present from them ::

:: Customised card from JX, loads of Doraemon ::

:: Then, TL's turn ::

:: TL was expected to bite the candle up ::

On that night itself, we had an unforgettable experience. As usual, they like to press the birthday boy/girl's head onto the EXTRA CREAMMY cake. TL's head was unexpectedly pressed and smashed onto the cake. The cream covered his half face. He then grab the cream on his face and tossed to those who pressed his head. Unfortunately, part of the cream was tossed to the table beside us. Shit...!!!

The group of boyish smoking pigs were so angry and gave us unfriendly stare. We quickly apologise to avoid unwanted problems. Meanwhile, TL had headed to toilet to clean himself.

One of the tomb boy shouted at us: See!!! What you gonna do now? She kept repeating the same sentence to us for numerous times. Everyone around us was looking at us. I felt very wrong and paiseh...

After apologising to them, they sounded like they want money compensation. We acted stupid and they just asked us to fxxk off.

phew...luckily did not end up with fighting. Perhaps our group has more guys than their group with all boyish smokers. It was an unforgettable one!!!

We learnt the lesson, we should not play in a public area!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

A fine dinner

Had a fine dinner with L in Umai-ya on the eve of Merdeka. Thanks CS for the recommendation.

Once we sat down, he asked me: why are we eating here? to celebrate what?

I was thinking for a while, said: celebrate Merdeka day? if we are so patriotic. sorry, I'm not, neither him. lol...anyway, happy 52-year-old to 马来西亚.

We ordered a 2 pax set dinner promotion for RM80++, plus a Dobin Mushi, a pot of soup that will change taste when leaving it to drink later.

:: Our total sushi set ::

:: PLUS 2 scoops of green tea ice cream ::

Total bill was RM 115 (inclusive of all taxes). I was really full after the dinner. Seems like my diet plan is going to blow. painful =(

:: Drinking the Dobin mushi ::

:: Yummy!!! We love sashimi ::

Please do recommend me where to eat delicious sushi-es and fresh sashimi-es if you know. ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Community day

This is my first year to participate in the community day. This is a one-day thing. It fell on Saturday, so earned 1 day of leave. yay!!! Last year, I able to escape due to I had something on. Forgot what was it.

Anyway, it was a tiring day. We went Kelanang beach, which is a super dirty beach, and I don't know why somebody can still picnic there. Big red ants are walking everywhere. I feel awful.

We were seperated into 2 groups. Group A was assigned to play games with the orphans and Group B was assigned to clean up the beach. I was in Group A.

:: My team, Team 5 ::

We played dodge ball for the first half of the day. Group A was divided into about 8 teams with 2-3 orphans in each team. After the games, someone suggested orphans vs 'us'. Result is orphans are the winners. This shows how inactive auditors are in sports, even orphans can also win us.

After lunch (not really nice though), we taught the orphans to build kites/layang-layang/wau?

We did not know how to build until there were somebody demonstrating to us and one of our team members actually knew how to build. Lucky!!!

After we had built it, it was colouring time.

:: Before my hands got dirty ::

:: I coloured my hand; fun!!! ::

:: Production of tst; lol ::

Since the beginning of the year, I have been busy with my work and studies. Especially when I am involved in a specialised engagement, which requires me and my team members to go in to the client place 4 times in a year. Although it was stressed during the field work, we as a team still have some "outdoor" activities.

Farewell for twl and chhh:

:: We WERE in a team ::

Pot luck in yohl's house:

:: Our "Class" photo ::
*Everyone stands and sits straight*

:: This looks more natural ::

:: Our boss's production ::
*Don't know what is it called*

Lunch in Kampachi:

Another farewell, for atm:
Share with you some nice thai foods here *Yummy*:

:: 6 of us only ::

Relax session:

:: Our favourite activity, Sing k ::

:: The team members ::
*Oops, left out yohl*


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