Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leaves study leave is approaching. Anyway, I need to study.

I had this silly thinking. Can I study hard hard before my leaves start, then when my leaves come, I just relax and perhaps go for trips :P

Would this be an ideal idea? lol...I guess my failing rate for the subject will be as high as 90%.

Peak period is coming. aiks...a bit scared. Lately I have been working late too; as late as 11pm. Probably it could be a practice for me to get used it to overcome the coming peak period. phew...nightmare for me.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tung's Sports Day

It was a fun day to attend my brother's sports day. My lil baby brother (although he is 6 now, we still like to call him baby as he is just so adorable) is a super active boy, definitely he likes sports day.

:: The schedule of activities for the day ::

:: Giving Tung some encourage ::

We were captured by the photographer by holding this card. lol...

:: Everyone is cheering for their team mates::

:: These are age of 4 participants ::

:: Tung is Blue house ::

:: Tung is so adorable ::

:: Children were ready to compete ::

:: ohh? why is he putting the ball into opponent's basket? ::

Everyone is required to participate in dancing, so does my brother. Enjoy the show below. Seriously cute.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have just done with my third online test (NOT my final yet :P). This is the only test I got high marks, where I got 2 questions wrong out of 9. I reckon this is still bad because my marks is not even at average. I feel so sad. At the mean time happy that I have some improvement. This could show that I slowly get used to the online test. The questions are tricky though...I am damned happy and went shopping to reward myself.

Anyway, Next year, I would have 3 papers to take and just realise that next year I'd be suffering more as I only have 14 days of AL to be spread over the 3 sittings of my papers. (I'm wondering, is this the correct way to enrol the subject, or should I rest for a semester?) Normally, for each paper we will take 5 days of study leave and 5 days of AL. But then how am I going to seperate 14 days into 3 sittings of papers, which also means that I won't have any personal holidays UNLESS I got to claim OT as 8 hours of OT means 1 day leave.

Unfortunately, I've worked for so long, only 1 day of OT I got to claim. Absolutely sad right? sigh...

I want more OT so that I can rest...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Assignment submitted

3.11.2008, 515am marks the time I completed my assignment.

It is due at aussie time 11.55pm 3.11.2008. It is really a nightmare for me.

I have been planning well to complete my assignment as I don't like to do last minutes work and rushing at the end. I hate that suffering feeling.

I planned to complete my assignment 10 days in advance so that I can ask somebody to review for me. I approached my line manager to review for me. I did complete my assignment in 10 days in advance and sent to my line manager to review. After few days of waiting, I started to doubt that there won't be any reply from my line manager. I don't feel like asking him whether he has reviewed as is like I'm chasing him.

I tried to approach another manager, she suggested me to refer to our firm's guidance. So, I tried. Indeed, I kept amending my assignment. This is because there is this online discussion forum maintaining by ICAA so that all candidates can interact with each other. In the discussion, certainly there are suggested ideas given and I took them as reference. Thus, I changed my answers.

On the last day before the submission date, I got training on Sunday -.-

Spent WHOLE DAY (9am-7pm) there. At the end of the training, I approached another senior to double confirm on my answers. Due to he was in a rush too, I did not get to ask much. I don't want to leave things last minutes, but...accident does happen. I have been trying my best.

I was quite disappointed. During my dinner, suddenly I received a message from MY. MY is SLin's friend. She is also taking same subject with me. After my dinner, I shot back home and exchanged answers with her. That made me feel much more comfortable. Perhaps, all the while I have been working it alone and I feel helpless. Suddenly there is someone close to me to discuss with me, I feel much better. lol...

Feel like taking MC to rest la. But then, I have been taking few days of MC last week as I really fell sick. :( Tired and sleepy.

Good night. Another 2 hours for me to sleep. Hope I don't oversleep.


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