Sunday, September 28, 2008

First module commences

After went through a deep thought on whether to take ICAA or CPA, I finally registered for ICAA. My first module is Auditing and Assurance which has now commenced. I'm excited at the same time worry myself cannot cope with it. *Helpless*

Throughout my tertiary education, the worst subject I scored is Auditing, which I just got a PASS. phew...*worrying*

The funniest thing is that the text book for this module is the thick Auditing handbook. My friends who study in accounting field certainly know how thick is the handbook and how small is the font size printed on the handbook. grr...I really don't like the handbook :(

Another thing is that the optional reference texts are actually my text book and a case studies book I used in my university time. hee...can save some money and not to purchase those expensive reference books which have useful life as short as 4 months.

But then, I need latest auditing handbook :( I only have 2007 version handbook, not the most current one, 2008. Anybody has it?

Friday, September 05, 2008

A huge THANKS to all my buddies. The surprises you guys had given are unforgettable and not willing to forget it as well. Such a touched moment I ever had.

Not to forget to friends who had sent me messages for wishing me. Thank you very much. You guys are so lovely.

Few celebrations for my birthday which fell on different days due to different groups of my buddies are celebrating for me. :P

23 August 2008

First celebration this year with my university buddies. We first gathered and met everybody in front of the main entrance in Pyramid. Then I decided to go Shabu Shabu to eat our lunch. Well, this is known birthday celebration for me. No surprise element. I’m still glad that they celebrate for me. After lunch, we caught up with each other and then cut cake. SC brought her cousin’s home baked cheese cake. It is so delicious. No doubt. I got a lot of present from them. Yippie…

Presents got from university buddies:

Sincerely thanks to SC, Eric, SX, YY, YF, LW, LY, E, and SL. Thanks to TL for being my driver!!! :P

28 August 2008

Sweet celebration with TL. He took half day leave just to fetch me right after I finished working. He took me home to get showered, then celebrated my birthday with my family. Right after that, he took me to Jogoya for “supper”. From 930pm to 12am It is my first time being there, eating such delicious and fresh shashimi, haagen-Daz ice-cream, and lots unlimitedly.

Presents received from my family:

:: Supper in Jogoya ::

:: Present from TL ::

After the supper, it was 12 am. He gave me even more surprises, such as hand-made birthday card with music and invisible words on the card, and a present to me.

29 August 2008

Due to it is a working day for me, to be more accurate, it is my training day, which I need to attend, and couldn’t take any MC, or EL, I spent my whole day in office. TL took one day leave just to fetch me to office in the morning and fetch me back home in the evening. So that we won’t waste much time as were rushing to attend Avril Lavigne’s concert in Merdeka Stadium which started at 8pm.

We had dinner at home before going to the concert. It was supposed to be one of the surprises, but he broke it himself. Lol…

No matter what, surprise or not, I do appreciate what you had done for my birthday.

I really like Avril and I enjoyed the concert too. Sincerely thanks for everything.

:: Avril concert tickets a

31 August 2008

For TL: Thanks for the fireworks. There are really beautiful.

1 September 2008

Celebrating my birthday with my secondary school friends. It was a surprise birthday celebration for me. I’m so touched.

This day, we came back from Cherating and they purposely delayed the journey to go back home till 8pm by driving 80KM/Hour. JC told me that this is the safest drive ever he had. I agreed with him some more. Lol…

They also purposely stopped at every stops on the highway to delay the time. I did not realize that also. I thought they just need rest and therefore stop frequently.

We had dinner in McD near Genting Sempah (hopefully get the place right:P). After dinner, guys went out for fresh air and girls staying there chit chat. I wanted to go find guys, but girls suggested not as they were still puffing. Well, I waited. I did not realize the unusual also.

Finally we reached a petrol station to share the petrol expenses among ourselves, and afterwards, I heard they said: ok, go back respectively now and said bye to each other.

JC later on asked me in the car, are you okay if I fetch you along to Uptown to get something, spare part, before sending you home? I looked at the time, it wasn’t even 9pm, so I followed.

However, we wasn’t “lucky”. The person who was meeting him wasn’t there yet and we need to wait. So We waited. I then played around and camworing with them.

At least half an hour waited, JC told me that we need to get a cup of tea to wait and he brought me to “Tree House”. As I walked up, and suddenly I saw KC. I was surprised. Hmmm? Why is he here? I still blur and did not know what happen until I continued to walk and see SK and YH sitting on a long table. I then started to think I know what is happening. Then KC said: listen. Why got birthday song one? And I saw a birthday cake is pushing to me.

At that moment, I couldn’t hold my tears anymore and it dropped. Then everyone started telling me: We did not forget your birthday, we just want to give you a surprise. Wow… that statement is enough for me to cry again.

I really thought they have remembered the wrong date and therefore did not celebrate for me. I even thought they would celebrate in the Cherating trip, but no. When everyone was going back, and I thought our trip would just end there.

Presents received from secondary school buddies:

For the celebration and presents, I sincerely thanks to KK, SK, YH, YH’s bf, Loy, JC, JX, KC, WP, and KH. Love you all.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cherating trip

Since 1 September 2008 is a public holiday due to 31 August 2008 fell on Sunday which was originally a public holiday, therefore 1 September 2008 was a replacement for the public holiday we are entitled to enjoy, my secondary school friends suggested to go Cherating for trip during the 3-day off.

There are only 6 of us went for the trip, departing on Saturday morning and reached our destination, Beach Chalet, by 3pm.

Indeed nothing much can we do there. We watched drama series in the room once we had checked in. lol…

When evening came, we went to seaside to play. What else can we do? Throw sand to each other, splash water to each other, taking photo, and buried somebody.

After the fun moment, we started to put on fire for our dinner, BBQ. Guys had bought all the frozen foods from supermarket, such as few packets of hot dogs, bacons, chicken meats and definitely some drinks, soft drinks.

Enjoying our BBQ for hours till about 11pm I guess, we all then showered and gathered in the room again to drink alcohol. I couldn’t even finish one whole glass, and I feel uncomfortable, but continued to watch the drama series until we all felt tired, only we went to bed.

The next day, after brunch, we went snorkeling. I’m sorry guys, I need to complain a bit. I’m not blaming anybody of my friends but the package provided by the chalet. Guess what? Paying RM50 for the snorkeling and what did we see? Dead corals, only 2-3 fishes I could see, and the sea level is so shallow until we kept hitting the dead corals. For your information, dead corals are damn hard. Even you don’t swim, but you would move because of the current will cause you accidentally hit the dead corals and it will give you a big red dot. Slightly harder hit will result in bleeding. Never mind, there are jelly fishes some more. Argh…

No more mood to snorkel. We then went up to the island and sun bathing there till evening.

We left Cherating on the 1 September 2008, starting our journey at 12pm after we checked out the chalet.

Though the snorkeling trip wasn’t that fascinating, but it was a good trip because we had fun together. I love the first day most. :D

Some photos of us:

:: Love this picture so much ::

:: Flying kite ::

:: Lonely back::


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