Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Finally we are moving...

I reached office early at before 830am. My senior allowed us not to go to client place to work as we wanted to attend a farewell party specially organised for our fellow resignees who have their last day today.

It was decided to go to Friendster Cafe at 12pm, however, we all made our move at 1pm. That's our culture!!! lol... Anyway, everyone is just too busy doing their work at the mean time packing stuffs to prepare to move to new office.

There were at least 25 of us attending the farewell party. It was a happy moment for me as I got to have lunch for such a long time, about 2 hours ++ spent there. Definitely we took photos...

After we got back office, it was about 4pm, we had no more mood to work anymore. I just wasted my time there waiting for 530pm to come. lol...not that bad indeed. I helped to check out what were still left behind unpacked, I would take it along, especially my senior's "belongings", who has gone to UK for vacation.

I have not been home as early as 7pm long time.

Anyway, will have LONG holidays soon starting from tomorrow. Cool...

It is good time to rest!!! hee...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Current audit team

I love the current audit team now...

As I get to go out for lunch together as many as 10 of us...imagine, 2 cars (usually) or 3 cars heading to the same restaurant, sitting on a big round table, having lunch together, a lot of conversations will be going on.

This audit engagement involves a big team of us because the client has too many subsidiaries, almost countless (:P, cannot be countless la..), including an associate company, which is audited by my team.

The holding company is just next door. Although my audit team is small, which is about 4 of us, we join next door team (whereby usually about 8 of them are there) for lunch. That makes the team look even bigger.

Our total cost for lunch will be usually around RM100-RM200. Not cheap though eating in Kajang!!!

Soon, once the holding company's audit started, there will be even more people coming in, perhaps including managers?!

O yea, last weekends met up with my secondary school friends, I was told that I have grown fatter. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh...of course la. I have no time to exercise since I always work. I think I never stop since I started.

During weekdays, in the morning, after breakfast, SITTING DOWN and work. Soon, lunch. After lunch, SITTING DOWN and work again until dinner. My dinner is LATE dinner some more. Imagine, after my late dinner, I need to go to bed. Gosh...anybody can drag me to exercise? I wish I can swim than playing badminton...HELP AR...............................................................................


Saturday, April 19, 2008


18.4.2008, 2 important events were marked on my calender.

First of all, is my first job's account was to be signed. Early morning I reached office, I saw 1 thick stack of papers on the table, a note left there from manager to require me to complete some parts again. Anyway, manager was going out to get client as well as partner to sign the account.

I was busy updating the working papers, another activity was going on as well (which I did not mark on my calender). Everyone is packing!!! We are moving to our new home. The mover would be coming on 18.4.2008 to collect our boxes and move to our new home. I got no time to care about it, as i got nothing to pack. The only thing I need to pack is all my first job's current files, which I cannot pack yet, since it is not confirmed that the account is signed.

Anyway, it is SIGNED!!! Yippie...

SECONDLY, it is our promotion dinner. Hmm...first round of promotion dinner in 2008 was held in The Gardens' Italianese.

It is absolutely free dinner for me as I do not need to pay a penny to enjoy my dinner in ITALIANESE...yummy, my favourite!!!

Anyway, it is kinda disappointing because there are not much varieties of foods. There were only pastas, pizzas, salads, and cheese cakes (my most favourite desserts, which tastes super nice) as desserts. Those foods are quite filling though...I had enough after 1 round of main course and 1 round of desserts. I just could not eat anymore. enough for me...

WLK and I went around to take photos with colleagues, and got to know some new faces (actually they are partners, directors, and seniors).

After the dinner, most of them planned for second round to go clubbing if I'm not wrong. One of our beloved managers as well as partners even encouraged us to go, saying that: Hey come on youngsters, it is not 11pm yet. Well, we worked hard until no energy. What I need is rest. leave me alone please...

Meet some of my colleagues...

:: We are AA2 !!! ::

:: With a very nice senior at the side?! ::

:: Closest colleagues with me ::


Gosh...I'm under dilemma again!!!!


First and foremost, in order to enrol into ICAA first module, I need to have at least 6 months of working experience, which obviously I do not have yet.

If I were to wait to accumulate my working experience up to 6 months, next module will start in October 2008.

If I were to enrol into CPA, which has a much easier procedures to go ONLY. Just sign up, you will be enrolled, provided the degree held is accredited by CPA. Mine is definitely accredited :P so won't have problem in enrolling into CPA.

Anyway, new semester for CPA is coming up soon in June (if I'm not wrong), I need to register IF I decide to study CPA program.

I have time to decide up to June only. Once the registration date is closed, I should not regret for not signing up for the CPA course.

Why CPA?
- Because it is an easier program to get through to acquire the professional status, and will definitely have an easier life thereof.
- More people (especially most of my seniors) are enrolled into it, so I can always ask my seniors if ever I need help :P
- All my uni friends are going to take it, I would have friends to study with me
- I'm in audit. Auditor's life is absolutely busy, CPA is the best as it is type of distance study course.

- More recognised professional course.
- I wanna take up the challenges (do i look like?doubt so...) lol
- Less papers (total of 5, CPA is 6 papers)
- Because I'm ambitious to be a Chartered Accountant

What I want?
Indeed, I want easier life definitely, at the mean time, I wanna be a Chartered Accountant. Sometimes I think, I'm just a gal, need not so much or so recognised qualification (since I have a degree). However, the recognition of ICAA is attracting me now, which MAYBE useful for my future.

I put MAYBE because I may not be working IF I were to get married, I just wanna be an ordinary housewife, if the financial is allowed. Then, why waste my time to study such a hard course? lol..I may think too far...

I was also told that indeed ICAA and CPA are both the same, it depends on what kind of life you want to have. That's the answer that I got everytime I asked. This is my main problem cause...I don't know what I want. disappointing of myself.

Anybody can help?

Friday, April 11, 2008

New joiners

Lately, there are...I think 3 new joiners in our department.

Seeing them, I feel like I'm senior than them :P which indeed I only know nuts. lol...we are actually at the same position, same level at AA2. :P

I'm still learning...keep learning...

I would say I'm relatively lucky to meet my first client, who is so nice to me and helpful at the same time. I'm following up this job, they are quite cooperative to provide me all the information that I need. God bless me, nothing will go wrong on next week and account can be signed on time.

Soon, I need to follow up my second job as my senior has gone for study leave and also do my third job which I'm placed in Bangi. Good claim for this job. hee...

Today, I received message from KK. Thanks a lot for your support, it is so sweet to voice your concern to me. I'm really touched. I appreciate our friendship a lot. You too to add oil, and finish all your papers as soon as possible.


Well, this will be a long post I suppose as I have got so much things to say...hee...

It is exactly 3 months of my working life since I started to work as an auditor...I'm still surviving...

Suppose I should have done with my confirmation, which indeed I have not, because of my performance evaluation (PE) from my senior is still pending. The bad news is, delaying confirmation will end up paying for penalty of RM 50. Well, I had submitted my performance evaluation to my senior 2 weeks in advance, just that my senior is too busy to look at it and approve it by giving feedback.

The "good" news is, she has gone to UK now for her vacation. Meanwhile, manager is also away to outstation for his job. I also need to follow up for that job (do senior's part) as account will be signed on 18 April 2008. Good thing is I can learn more things...bad news is somehow I worry that I cannot make it. confidence at all!!!

On the same day (18.4.2008), there will be a promotion dinner for those who have been promoted in December, which obviously I'm not one of them. Those who are promoted will have to pay according to their time cost, we as the most juniors are the most advantageous. FREE dinner for us. We will be having dinner in favourite!!!

Anyway, I heard some complains that dinner in Italianese does not worth what they have paid. Compared to last year, they ate somewhere in the hotel. :P

Before announcing the place, our secretaries told us that we are going to Genting. Partner has booked 2 buses for us some more...which is crap when the place was announced today. lol...

By the way, time really flies, it is 3 months I have been working as an auditor (go through my first peak period). One more thing I'm excited about is that we are moving to new "HOME" in about 3 weeks time.

Head of department held a meeting with us giving us some information about moving our stuffs and the environment in our new home. Partners all said very good place, nice views from 8th floor, which we will be in for our department, and hope we will enjoy it.

Bad news is AA2 like me have no permanent work station, but an area where we can randomly sit to plug in our cable, and the telephone beside me, will automatically become my extension number. wow...didn't know that the technology now is so advance. We are given a cabinet to put our files, and a drawer to put our belongings. Cool...

O more good news, 2 May we can take off!!! is a free leave for me!!! I hope I can take this opportunity to rest. We can take leave because we will be homeless from 1-4 May to move and unpack our stuffs. Partners encourage us to take leave and mention that he doesn't like us to work late. Definitely...who likes to work late though...till the end, we are just a human, need a break, indeed a long break for us since we over work :P

One more one more...on Monday, 5 May (first day to new office), One of the partners will treat us lunch and another partner will treat us either tea or dinner. excitedly waiting for it...

The purpose of the meeting held today is to give feedback to managers or head of department or partners to improve their system in managing people. Well, my concern is...OT claim, which I dare not voice out. Even not full OT claim, at least partial OT claim or dinner reimbursement for me. I always need to pay for my dinner which indeed I can go back home to eat with my family (FREE dinner :P). My salary is low enough, still I have to pay for my dinner, and no savings for me at all.

How dare for me to voice it out? I'm always shy and keep quiet :P

C'est la vie

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yet to adapt...

I'm really tired...

Have been working for 7 days in a week for at least 15 hours, no OT can claim (even non-monetary claim). Falling sick soon too...due to lack of sleep and overwork :P

Seriously, I never thought that I would work in such manner. Anyway, I think I have to go through it...

I'm really busy until I have no time to reply friends' messages. Hereby, I would like to say sorry for late replying messages...I really no time to reply instantly. Only when I was driving (I can talk on phone), or during before I go to bed...or some short break, I able to reply. Bear with my slow reply...

I need a break to breath fresh air...

Somehow, my attitude is like I have no mood to eat with big gang of people as I just wish to have quick lunch or dinner, and go back to work. I wish to finish my work as soon as possible.

I have 2 jobs on hand now, unfortunately, i will be on my third job soon which is next week, whereby my first and second job are not finished yet. *sob sob*Anyway, my first job is at really final stage. On the 18 April, the account will be signed. YES!!! Quickly that I can move on and concentrate on other jobs.

I still think that I'm a slow learner and dumb. I have a lot of stupid questions, and cannot do my work independently. I wish I could though...:( Actually, sometimes I just wish to double confirm, so that I won't be asking stupid questions to client. I rather the listener is my senior than my client. Some difficult client may shot you on the spot...phew...

4 years...can I really stay that long?

I found one precious thing within my firm, all the seniors are very experienced and hardworking. I wish to learn skills from them, but then...they are leaving soon. so wasted...

Lately, I have been spending quite a big portion of my salary on my foods. I always think that I'm too stress, I need to eat something good to reward myself. Unfortunately, my salary is so limited to allow me to do so...what a sad case. If I can claim OT, huh...I will certainly eat well. Not so stress...

Since working as an auditor, there are not much to blog about. My life will be as simple as wake up, work, bath and sleep. In between, definitely I will have my normal meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Otherwise, I don't think I can blogging right now, I may be sleeping in a 6 faces box. lol...

Next week, my 3-month probation is due. Time flies...I have taken all my tests, what is left is seeing partner. Got no idea how will it be. My colleague told me it is just a conversation with the partner, telling them our current progress, our feelings working in the firm.

Indeed, not that I dislike this job, is just that the working hours is too long, and I have yet to adapt it while my 3-month probation comes to an end really soon. God bless me...


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