Monday, February 25, 2008


In the ONLY month of February, there are 5 birthday boys and girls from our group, 3 boys and 2 girls. K and YH shared the same date of birth, on the 13 Feb. Then, followed by CS, on 20 Feb then SK, on 26 Feb. Last but not least, my "AiYa" brother's birthday is on 12 Feb.

We LIKE to give SURPRISE to regardless birthday boys or girls!!! For K and YH, the surprise is not the celebration as it had been known as a birthday celebration. The surprise was the birthday present they received. They never expected that we would buy it for them. For YH, we bought cosmetic stuffs for her. It is branded and surprisingly very useful for her, she is so happy. Followed by K, we bought him a pair of sport lights for his car.

He was so surprised to see his present is such a bulky present. He became so excited and smile until can only see his teeth, not his eyes (as per Chinese say). lol...

:: 23rd birthday celebration for them ::

Everyone gathered in my house from 12am till next morning at 5am to discuss our next plan for SK and CS, to give them a surprise birthday party.

Our plan was as follows:
ME!!!, is going to Mongolia for my audit job. I may stay there for a year? (not sure the duration already :P)

KK is going to inform SK about this on Tuesday assuming that I received the job allocation on Monday. Then KK will pretend and suggest to have a farewell party for me. KK would suggest a bbq gathering in my house, then SK is responsible to inform everyone.

Guys will prepare for the bbq, so they will buy foods and drinks. They will come earlier to setup everything before we can enjoy our bbq-ed foods.

Once SK reaches, KK will want SK to go to my room as KK has something to show SK (where this is the real part). While, we are in the room, guys will bring up the cake, open the door, and sing birthday song together. So...SURPRISE!!!

The worry part is...THEY ALL DOUBTED ON MY ACTING SKILLS!!! Which I admit as well that I cannot act.

Anyway, this is the plan. How about the real story?

Well, it did not go smooth firstly. As we predicted, SK will come with KK at around 7pm. At the last minute, SK wanted to have dinner before coming for the "farewell" and she would come separately with KK. Somehow, KK able to persuade SK and they both came together. old plan, "attract" SK to go into my room. While KK was using my laptop to show SK something, I realised my entrance tickets for my graduation ceremony on my table. I said: graduation is on 13 March 2008.." I wanted to continue by saying: Do you guys want to come?" I stopped for 2 to 3 seconds and said: But I cannot go!!! :( as I would have flied to Mongolia for my audit assignments." KK then quickly responded: yayaya...!!! I then started complaining that I have paid so much to attend such ceremony, but I couldn't attend....bla bla bla...

Soon, guys brought in cake and sang birthday song. SK stun there and wondering what was happening. lol...we said:" Got cha!!!"

Certainly, we need feedback from "victim". She really felt surprised as she did "RECONFIRM" about the truthfulness of the event held. How she did?

hahaha...when I was telling that I couldn't attend my graduation ceremony. She said after she listened to me, she then confirmed that this is really a farewell for me as I'm REALLY leaving.

Guys said they should present me the "Best Acting Award". lol...where they simply grab something and present to me.

:: See what's on my hand? That's my "trophy" ::

:: Cupcakes replaces normal round cake ::

:: Preparing for the bbq ::

:: CS and SK ::

:: BBQ-ing ::

:: Practising Tai-Chi? ::

:: See how "big" is our bbq equipment? ::


:: Shall we drunk? ::
Anyway, I know most of them can drink!!!

:: Cheers !!! ::

:: hey, my cute baby brother, I love him so much ::

He posed when KC wanted to take his photo. [usually he will refuse to take photo] Perhaps he was in good mood...

Happy birthday to YH, K, SK, and CS. Not to forget my "AiYa" brother: Happy birthday to you too.

CNY dinner

As I had promised earlier to update about my office's cny dinner, I'm sorry for the late update due to I'm busy lately.

Well, on the 20th Feb, it was my last day working in my client's place. it is very tiring to travel such a far distance for almost everyday. Anyway, I still need to work. Those are just follow up stuffs only.

As had planned, the dinner started at 8pm. Guess what? Malaysian culture, at 8pm, we only left client's place to go back office to unload all our "audit equipments" (such as laptops, and files) before heading to the restaurant.

As I heard, there were 10 tables, which means there were about 100 people attended this dinner. OMG..only about 10% people from our office attended.

Anyway, the fact that now is peak period perhaps had caused the low "record".

The dinner is definitely chinese style. Since it is cny, there is "lou sang" as the first dish. Then, followed by typical chinese menu. The sequence is usually start with shark fin soup (err...not sure the quality), fishes, prawns, vege, fried rice...and so on. There were about 8 or 9 dishes served. The dinner was ended with desserts.

Without realising it, I sat on the table that are majority are guys (only 3 girls, including me). I sat there because I saw my senior was there, I wanted to sit beside her, but it was reserved by one of the managers. Fortunately, there was another empty seat for me, otherwise I have no idea where should I sit.

Before I went for the dinner, one of my team members said he did not want to go for the dinner even though he had put his name on the list. I then told my senior that I may not go if she did not go too. My reason is that I knew nobody there (basically, I knew my team members only as I was outside for most of the time). My kind senior then went for the dinner although I'm not sure whether she really had the intention to company me. She was very tired indeed and she had fallen sick too.

Around 1030pm, the dinner was over, those who are hardworking and rushing for deadlines went back to work (sound very stress...). I rushed home to take rest as I really need it...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My first time

My first time to work until MIDNIGHT that is 2am.

I was told that auditors are expected to work more than office hours and I expect this will happen to me since I wanna work in an accounting firm especially in the audit department.

Since I worked, the latest I stayed up was before 12am. Yesterday, I stayed up to 2am which had broken my record. How did I feel?

TIRING!!! MY EYES ARE HEAVY!!! ** Don't be surprise to see my dark circles are getting serious ** sigh...can't help it...

I worked late because manager would want to review our files and manager also stayed up with us but not as late as we stayed. I couldn't wake up on the next day though...

Fortunately, my manager allowed me to go back early today. ya...

He said: you can go back to have dinner with your family. Suddenly my day is like being brighten up as I have been missing dinner with my family for weeks. I feel pain whenever I think of that I cannot have dinner with them especially I have not eat lou sang with them.

Anyway, once the peak period is over, I can have normal life back, work 5 days a week in office hours I GUESS... We'll see...

Btw, my office or rather my department is having a chinese new year dinner in this coming wednesday. Our dinner is paid, so we do not even have to pay a penny.yay, free dinner..will update again...stay tune :P

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lunar New Year 2008

My most favourite festive is the Lunar new year as I get to collect angpow, as long as I'm still young (sounds like I'm old now, OoO..NO!!!). I can't believe that I'm 2x now! It is a norm that girls like to make their age as a secret. Now I can understand why they do so as I used to tell people proudly about my REAL age. This is because based on my physical, people tend to under-guess my age; people don't believe my real age, that makes me feel proud. :P Now it is no longer so...

Some people (my friends) may not like this festive because they need to follow their parents to go back home town, which is somewhere far from KL, for FEW DAYS. That is not an issue. The issue is that they feel bored being in home town as there is nothing much that they can do. Some unfortunate one, their homes have no Astro. Anyway, I heard that people said even without Astro, they are still able to watch latest shows. I'm not a watching TV lover, I don't know about it.

For me, as usual, our journey for every lunar year is the same for the first 2 days. Needless to say, on the eve, we will have reunion dinner with own family. On the first day, we will go to my dad's closest friend's house. On the first day, I woke up at about 2pm. This is mainly because I was exhausted due to my work and the reunion dinner (we gathered till 3am, only got to go back home and SLEEP). Second day, my family will definitely go to my uncle's house (the eldest uncle ONG), where all the ONG family will be there. Just go to 1 place and we being categorised as unmarried group get to collect many angpows O!!! Thanks to my grandpa and grandma to give birth for about 10 siblings.

On the third day, is my relatives' turn to come visit us!!!

And fourth day, I went out with my secondary school buddies to sing K and watch movie.
This available enjoyable time for cny is limited because of my work. I get to enjoy for 4 days only. I'll start working on monday again which is the 5th day of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of my chinese friends...

Monday, February 04, 2008

PRU gathering

There was a gathering with my PRU friends in CW's house in Kota Kemuning. We organised a potluck. Some PRU staffs are invited but none of them are free to attend.

I baked a cheese cake and brought over. Supposedly I should bake it the day before, I realised I did not have enough icing sugar when I wanted to start to make the cake. I then postponed it to yesterday morning. 9am sharp I drove out and looked for icing sugar. The bakery I always go wasn't opened at 9am, I got no choice and tried the convenient store and indeed they do sell icing sugar (I did not know before this).

I then rushed...

When it is done for mixing, I put it into the oven, and I turned the temperature to 170 celcius for 1 hour (supposed is 1/2 hour) and then lower down the temperature to 140 to bake for 1/2 hour. Once it is done, the top part of the cheese cake turns chocolate color. I thought it won't taste good and felt worry. I felt the failure...

Surprisingly, they said it tastes good, I felt much better. phew...

There are mashed potatoes, pizzas (5-6 pans), fruits, mee hoon, ice cream (!!! I didn't get to eat ice cream!!!), nuggets, fried chicken wings, as well as alcohol. All the foods were served on the table fully. Then 15 of us squeezed together around the table and start using our meal. I do not know that is our lunch or whatever as we start to eat at....3pm?

I came late and lost in kota kemuning, need to trouble CW to guide me to his house. When I reached his house, it was about 230pm...

We celebrated JL's and K's birthday.

I like all the foods there...especially mashed potatoes made by K. She taught me how to do it. hahaha...Before I left CW's house, I still wanna scoop for a cup of mash potatoes to home, for my family to taste it. hahahaha...

O ya, thanks for CW's parents' ang pow. It is not cny yet, his parents are so kind to give us ang pow already. hahahaha...million thanks...

On the last monday, it was FCE (my previous working company) gathering. I was late. When I reached there, everyone was about to leave. I only got to meet them but did not chat much.

Today is SL's daughter 1 month old, she invited me to her house. Unfortunately, after I worked until about 730pm, I felt exhausted. I felt lazy to drive all the way to cheras, and I had absent. I apologise to her by promising her to attend her open house. I'm seriously tired...

Tomorrow...another gathering with primary school friends. I wish to go, but my tiredness on my soul makes me feel reluctant to go. argh...somemore my transportation is also another problem...



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