Thursday, January 24, 2008

New home for KPMG

Since I joined KPMG, my topics have all been about KPMG, relating to my work and life experience in KPMG (not much experience yet though). I guess in the coming at least 4 years, I'll talk about the firm I joined currently, KPMG.

At the first place, why do I choose KPMG instead of PwC? of the reasons is that KPMG is moving to Bander Utama where it is nearer to my house. I only need to travel shorter distance as compared to PwC in KL Central. Many people said that I shouldn't make my decison based on that. Well, I have other reasons too...

KPMG has an intranet website where it is a very resourceful website. It contains a lot of helpful information to enhance our knowledge, including summarised latest news (of course only news relating to KPMG's clients, or news that may be helpful to employees in KPMG. Definitely, not politics news!!!). There are people will read early news and then summarise it and put it on intranet, so that we can download it and read the summarised news. It really saves our time. And a lot more...

Whenever I connected to local network, I certainly surf the intranet. Perhaps I'm still new, and I have not familiarised myself with the intranet. Therefore, for me, the intranet looks so interesting to me.

As usual I surfed the intranet once I reached office today. On the first page, there is always a banner publishing the latest news or event happens within the firm. This is the one I saw this morning...

:: Print screen from the KPMG intranet ::
:: New Home ::

Indeed, 2 days ago, we were sent an email telling that we are 100days away to our new home. :P

Today, I realised that we indeed counting down that is indicated by the blue color numbers below the announcement about the new arrivals of books in the library.

I was told by my team leader that we won't have own table in "new home" as there will be many big tables and then everyone will be sharing it. Somehow he said there will be some kind of system where you can book the station electronically. Not very sure...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Orientation in KPMG

Argh...what I can say is TIRED.

Have been working for 3 days in client's place until at night only went back home. Although I'm slightly more lucky than my senior, R, (I heard he worked until 11pm in office) as I can go back home early, I'm still tired. Perhaps I lack of sleep. I should have slept early.

On the fourth of my working day, it is my orientation and I do not need to go to client's place ( OT!!! yay...). We were required to go to the training room and were briefed about KPMG for whole day. I finally got my own laptop ("second hand" laptop, because it was previously used by somebody who has resigned from KPMG).

Today's orientation is important for me and it is informative as all functional departments came over and gave us a small talk about each of their specific functions. So that whenever we have any problems, we know where and who to look for.

We could go back early as the training ended earlier than expected. Since I got my own laptop, I went back to the office and tried out my intranet access. lol... only then, we found out that we have training for 6 days starting from tomorrow. Gosh...are we expected to be seated in the same place for WHOLE DAY again? My ass is so pain today as sitting down in the same place (same chair, without changing position), made me feel so sleepy and tired. The talks were just kept coming. All the information is just thrown to us. Luckily, we do not necessary to pay attention to it (:P) as we can get it from our intranet. hmm...of course, if listen to it now, then I do not have to read it later on.

Anyway, this is my tired fourth day... *Sleepy*

Monday, January 14, 2008

11/1/2008 is my first day stepping into my permanent employment life with KPMG. First day in, I was not briefed well about the company operations and everything, I was asked to follow a senior to go out to client's place to assist them in their audit job.

Indeed, it wasn't so bad because the senior is very friendly and approachable. And I worked more than office hours on the first day. It is very TIRED. Really...

I was told that I have been assigned to an audit job on the first day, but since I was asked to help out another senior, I did not start working on the job that I was suppose to work. Then my team member attempted to ask me to come back on Saturday. lol...I don't mind actually as my main aim is to LEARN. Anyway, they did not ask me to go back on weekends. It is good for me also :P I can relax at home.

My manager, SS, concerns about his subordinates. On my second day of working, he came over asking me about my progression. I just said: I have not done anything so far :P He then told me that I will be following R (my senior) to an audit job soon and wished I enjoy the trip as well as the workloads. -.- lol...

Btw, one of my seniors, L, told me today that the manager said that I'm a bright candidate. SS told him before I came to work. I was surprised to hear that but Oops...I feel shy to say this indeed. I at first did not get what he meant. L then explained that I scored well in my degree. Oooo? really? But I feel bad for doing badly in my auditing paper though. Indeed, L and SS are another 2 kind persons I heard from other colleague. The other colleague told me that they are smart, hardworking, willing to teach and very patient.

Wow..feel lucky to have them in my groupie. At least, I will be working with people who are patient enough to teach me and bear with me this block head :P

By the way, I want a laptop... I have not got my laptop yet. It is a bit troublesome if I don't have a laptop to do audit. They have computerised their audit work. Me without laptop, I have to WRITE or rather COPY the format and proceed with my audit job :(

Wish I enjoy my this long working hours life (anticipate at least 4 years of life like this, working as an auditor). Anyway, at least I don't hate my job yet. :P

Monday, January 07, 2008

Medical check-up

Before I start working, I was required by KPMG to go for medical check-up. I collected the letter issued by KPMG and went to the KPMG's panel doctor's clinic.

I have to filled in my details on some forms and passed it back to the counter. Then the nurse gave me a small bottle and said: go and get your urine. I stood there a while and was thinking: urine?.... Ooo..ok... Then she told me the direction to the wash room. I was still thinking how? I don't feel like pee-ing.

Anyway, this is my first time going for medical check-up. I totally clueless what will be done. Indeed, I thought will just take away my blood, never thought of getting my urine :P

I was early (I'm the second. yay...). There were so many people (at least 5-6 people waiting after I had done) who are going to work in KPMG and also going for medical check-up. I knew it because when the doctor was pumping my blood using the syringe, she asked the nurse when she saw so many cards were placed on her table.

Before she pumped my blood, she checked my body as well, like high blood pressure, heart beat rate, my breath (not too sure...:P). She asked me a lot of questions as well like are you wearing contact lens? had any operation before? taking any flu medicine or pain killers lately? allergic to any medicine? my first day period? ( and lots of other questions....

alright, pumping my blood!! is so painful!!! Although it is just a needle, it is REALLY painful. After that, I felt that my hand is so numb and couldn't carry my handbag. What is sad was, when the doctor was trying to put the needle under my skin on my right hand, she asked me to hold my fist. Then soon when she intended to pump my blood, I loosen up my fist. She was scolding me: why didn't you hold your fist? I was like: Oh!oo... :P

Then she took out the needle, got a new needle and try to put on my left hand. No matter how pain, I have to bear with it, hold my fist. argh....PAIN!!!

She even told me: See! you have to suffer from unnecessary pain!!! I can just give her this look: =.="

Friday, January 04, 2008



Finally...KPMG called me to offer me a job. first 2008 resolution came true finally.

I'm expected to go for medical check up on the 7th January and will start working on the 11th January. is a Friday though.

Am happy now at least I'm working soon. hee...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new year 2008

Time really flies. Year of 2007 ended, it is now 2008. New year, new resolution? What's mine? I just completed my degree course, certainly now I wish to work in KPMG. but hell, KPMG has not given me the offer letter yet. It makes me worried all the days.

Since I decided to accept KPMG's offer, I should reject PWC offer. PWC called me up early in the morning at 745am, telling me that they are departing to Port Dickson for the "1st experience" training. They thought I'm joining, but...I did not submit my offer letter nor reply to them. In the afternoon, PWC HR called me again asking me why didn't I join? Then I was asked to send an email to PWC telling that I reject the offer. I have some sort of regret feelings not joining PWC. I have been worried for so many days waiting for KPMG's offer letter. Whenever I received a stranger call, I would wish it is calling from KPMG, telling me that the offer letter is ready to collect. Hell, when will it be?

That's my main and first resolution for the year 2008!!! Second resolution? I won't face any financial problems. lol...I can anticipate that I will face a PK life in year 2008. Will I become money-minded later on? realistic!!!

Anyway, back to how did I celebrate to welcome year of 2008!!!

As usual, celebrated with my secondary school buddies. After dinner at 730pm, dad fetched me to meet up my secondary school friends. My dad was wondering why did I have to go so early. Daddy, this is the day where EVERYBODY will come out and celebrate. Our worry is on the availability of parking spaces. We knew that The Curve is kinda a lot of people would be there, so we have to go there early to secure a parking space. Anyway, it was useless even we reached there by 9pm. It was full in all restaurants, and cafes. It was jammed badly as well.

O yea, we bought the sprays and sprayed each other even before 12am. There were fireworks. The timing in One Utama and The Curve are different. One Utama's time is faster than The Curve. So we could see the fireworks from One Utama. lol...

Afterwards, we went to sing karaoke in Big Echo from 2am till 6am. first time being so late to go back home. My dad unexpectedly allowed me to go back at 6am. yay...I had fun!!!

Happy new year 2008 to you all!!!


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