Sunday, December 28, 2008

worst customer service

I had a facial appointment with CITISPA in this afternoon at 230pm. After my lunch, I came all the way from Damansara Damai, passby toll, paid RM1.60 to reach the centre.

Once I entered the centre, the beautician, who usually wash my face, asked me what appointment you have made? I was confused absolutely, I said: facial!!! She opened her log book and told me that couldn't find my appointment.

I explained that I made it last week. I called them and I wanted to make it at 2pm, and the receptionist asked if 230pm can or not. I said: okay. I thought it would be marked there.

What kind of customer services they are offering, telling me sorry and asked me to come back next week. I was seriously pissed!!! !@#$%^&*!!! Damn sucks!!! I didn't say much and turn away once they marked down my appointment.

I drove away and kept thinking of it. I should have asked them to compensate me a free treatment for WASTING my time to come all over, paid toll and got nuts!!! My time is precious. It is not easy to set aside my PRECIOUS time. I got lot more things to do. There are more beauty centres that can serve me much better out there!!! I got an offer from another centre recently which is much nearer and does not need to pay any toll to reach!!! It is also quite well-known!!!

Guess I will request for free treatment if there is second time. I think I entitle for the compensation. i wanted to request, but too late, I was driving already.

Anyway, this is only my 3rd time to visit them for facial, they are giving me such sucks customer service!!! After this package, I'll never sign any package with them ANYMORE!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I was in k room to count down for Christmas on the eve with TL only. This is mainly due to I still need to work on the eve and it was hard to anticipate whether I can go back early or not, so I couldn't go far.

Anyway, on the eve, most clients are on leave, and I just did follow up for previous jobs.

Unfortunately I couldn't leave at sharp 530pm. Anyway, left at 6pm.

On 25th, I made sushi as lunch for me and TL.

Sushi I made with TL's help:

Look tempting or not?! =p Just with 2 cups (500ml) of rice, can make so much sushi. I didn't eat much, as we were going for buffet dinner in KL Tower.

:: Camwhoring in KL Tower obsercation deck ::

:: Camwhoring in the lift ::

:: At the entrance of the restaurant in KL Tower ::

:: Nice view? ::

:: Dine-in in the restaurant ::

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Annual dinner 2008

After time flies post, it is followed by annual dinner post for the closure of the year. =p

Joined the firm almost 1 year. I did not realise it until I count it.

The theme of this year annual dinner is "Masquerade". hmm..when I received the email informing us the theme, I find it interesting and excited as this is my first time to participate in a masquerade dinner.

Despite my preparation for my exams, I went shopping to shop for my dress and accessories just for that night. Well, anyway I only dressed normal with a mask.

I reached hotel around 7pm,whereby it was intended to start at 630pm. Anyway, nobody cares when it starts. Even with an email sent out by partner asking us to be punctual, but who cares? All my friends were late =p. Guess I'm the earliest =p

Once I arrived, everybody looked strange to me, as they are from another departments.

The dinner started at 8pm. Out of thousands people there, there must be people who dressed up typically to attend a masquerade dinner. Some of them wore costumes like pirates costume, costume of Japan, ghost costume and bla bla bla... Those who followed theme, won RM1k. hey...not bad. Just rent the costume for few hundreds, and you won a thousand as compared to me I bought long dress worth hundreds and with accessories, but I got nothing. hahaha...

It was a great night to me. We all dressed up prettily and took photos everywhere despite the foods were served, we did not really eat much.

:: =P temporary tatoo on my back, guess what? Many people thought it was real one ::

:: With mask on ::

:: Pretty babes ::

My sister suggested me to wear long dress. I thought wearing long dress I would look even shorter. But this black long dress indeed makes me look taller (a bit). lol... Paiseh. Hey, I love this dress...

:: Group picture of our department ::

Monday, December 01, 2008

Time flies

No doubt time flies. Up to today, I almost graduated 1 year, I worked for almost 1 year, I have partially become financially independent as some of the expenses are still on my parents. haa...

My lifestyle changes completely within 1 year.

My lifestyle is no more free like I used to be. Free from pressure (except stress from study), free from commitments (chose classes fell between 10am to 3pm, did whatever I like at any time), lots of FREE time. During my free time, I could go shopping (pyramid is just behind our university), drive out to eat, play sports (badminton), lots of fun fun events I had. If we were meeting tight deadlines, me and classmates would gather to study either in library or concourse and had our discussions. We always chit chat at concourse. Life is really easy. What we need to worry is only STUDY. Nothing else. I really miss my uni time... the reality of life. It is just began. I'm now trying to get myself used to the reality. Not sure if I'm lucky, my colleagues are generally nice to people, no ego, willing to teach with patient and experienced. That's why I respect them.

Work pressure is seriously a huge burden for me. I just broke down the other day. I don't wish that I can climb the corporate ladder high, but I only wish I can earn enough for me to have a good and comfortable balanced life. (Does it already sound like I need to climb as high as I can to get that kind of quality of life?)

Work wise, I still have a lot to learn. I just feel that sometimes I still don't know much thing and feel useless, that's where my pressure come from. After one year, will I be promoted? That's really a concern to me as my salary matters very much to me right now. :P

My lifestyle is now busier than ever. I need to commit to work, meanwhile study. Worst case, I'm in relationship. There is no way that I can give up any of these right now. Well, I'm lucky as there is no pressure from my relationship currently as he is considerate enough to understand my commitments right now and he makes no noise to me SO FAR. :P


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