Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunway Lagoon

It's been sometime I didn't go to Sunway and it is even longer that I did not go into Lagoon.

My firm gave me this opportunity on Saturday (17/10). It was Family day. Most of them bring their family (only immediate) to play games there. We were allowed to play full park. Wait a minute!!! Full park means dry and water park ONLY excluding whatever scream park, xtreme park...bla bla bla...
Need to pay extra for that though.

Sad to say, people who registered to join this family day only few of us. I'm lucky enough to have another 5 from same department to accompany me. DD came too with her boy boy. They both joined us and we were 8 in a group. It's quite convenient for us to sit all the rides with even number of us. We played only mostly dry park. We only sat for about 5 rides, we were tired and went for lunch.

At the third ride, one of my colleagues, G, injured his toe. His toe nail came out. Iew...I felt pain for him and it kept bleeding. We went first aid to wrap his toe. Anyway, that did not stop him from sitting for another few rides.

Guess none of us are interested in the water park games, we left after lunch.
*disappointed* nothing facinating.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh gosh!!! Deadlines really kill me.

Last week friday (10/10) *I think*, I got an email from my Head of Department saying that our Dialogue is due on 17/10. Shit!!! 1 week how to complete? I have job commitment, and study.

Anyway, I still need to work on it.

For your information, Dialogue in my firm is something that records your performance during the year. Early of the year, we need to set a goal for the year, then there will be interim review (which is on March), then final review is now lo. We need to do self assessment, then need to see performance manager to discuss on it. UNFORTUNATELY, my performance manager is on leave for a week and I got that email like on monday (13/10). I cannot finish my Dialogue on time already!!! Even I can finish the self assessment, but the meeting manager part.........sigh...

Since monday, (13/10) I have a reporting job, which we are expected to finish in 1 week time. At first I thought I couldn't make it. After 13/10, I think it was quite okay. So this should be fine.

Another deadlines is my study. Another online test is coming but I have not studied. I have not got time to study. In order to meet my job commitment deadline, I need to bring work back do, which resulted me cannot study at night!!!

Besides on line test, I got my project/assignment which will due on 3/11. Before I submit, I need to get somebody to read through. So I need to finish it early.
Phew...I just feel that deadlines is really killing. There are just too near to each other.

Nevertheless, coming friday (17/10), although it is a deadline for my Dialogue, my firm is treating us dinner for Deeparaya. yippie...I don't know where is it. haha...senior promised to guide me there. Good!!!


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