Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malacca trip

Yea, this time the destination is Malacca. It was well-planned in about 1 month ago. 8 of us sat in a Toyota Unser which was just nice to fit all of us.

:: 8 of us in Unser ::

Supposedly to start our journey at 9am, but I was late (paiseh, Stupid accident created the JAM LA!!! =P) and caused the journey to delay so we started our journey at about 10am.

Took about 2 hours to reach our destination. We first went to Jonker walk. Anyway, all the while we walked and spent our time around there. The purpose of our this trip is to EAT EAT EAT!!! Organiser called it as 'makan trip'.

We first went to a chicken rice shop to eat the popular chicken rice ball. After trying, personally feel the taste of rice has no difference between the rice balls and a normal bowl of rice. They don't taste any special despite the outlook is in ball shape. Still a good try in once in a while. They are not cheap either...we ordered in small portion and shared among of us, thus we got to taste more foods by going places.

:: See the plate of balls - Chicken rice balls ::

Directly after tasting chicken rice balls, we went Donald & Lily's to taste Nyonya cendol, curry laksa, and Pongteh (I am not sure what does that mean also, but that dish is not bad la).

:: The most bottom dish is the Pongteh as mentioned ::

After that, we felt kinda full and walked around the Jonker walk. We walked one big round around Jonker walk. We also went to eat cendol again.

Indeed, last sunday I came to the same place and my friend recommended me Durian Cendol. I love it after tasting it. I could not forget it after I came back. This time we went to the same shop and eat the same thing again, but then, I found that the durian was a bit out of taste =P somehow la...don't know how to describe.

:: Durian cendol ::

Our next round eating place was somewhere we can eat Sate Celup. While waiting for the restaurant to open at 530pm, we wanted to go shopping centre (either Pahlawan or Mahkota Parade) to chill ourselves as it was really hot weather. We ended did not go because it was just too jammed at the entrance. We stopped by at one of the free parking area at road side and CAMWHORING in the car. lol...It is unbelievable we could camwhore in the car for half an hour. Attention: It's group camwhoring. See below:

:: Group camwhoring ::

There were so many people passing by us and looking at us doing the stupid faces. Pai seh...

:: Sate celup ::

:: Another group picture ::

When the day got dark, we walked along the Jonker walk again, there was night market along the 'walk'. After that, we went back KL and reached home by about 1am.

A tiring but full (stomach) and absolutely a fun trip.

By the way, let's see how Sungai Melaka looks like.

For more information, may refer to my friend's blog.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Wondering why do I feel guilty when I go back home at sharp 530pm or before the sky turns into dark.
There was one day I left office by 545pm, to be accurate. I was holding my handbag and ready to walk out from office, my colleagues saw me and she said bye bye to me (kinda loud), I then turned and put my finger on my mouth: Shh... and she laughed. I felt absolutely guilty by leaving so "early". By right, I can leave that time right, but why I felt so?
That's not the end. When I walked far, she called my name again and I turned back, she said again: Bye bye (pretend to be loud). lol...
Well, fine! Yesterday she went back earlier than me. She asked me: can I go back now? I replied: Why not? when you can go back early, go back la. This is the only time you can do so." She agreed. I added: I won't say bye bye to you loudly one. She then looked at me said: You made me feel even guilty. lol...because she teased me before.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

5 Erat Gathering

O yea. First of all, I would like to thanks all the comers for making the effort being present in the gathering. Yea, I know most of you might be busy with your own work, I really appreciate that you guys are willing to spare your few hours for joining this gathering.

I would like to thanks to YKH also. She is constantly asking me about the gathering progress since the month of July. She gave me a lot of support to move on on my plan.

It was initially decided to go k room for gathering, eating buffet dinner and enjoy singing in a party room, which may cost us about RM40++ per pax. Obviously, the response did not turn out as good one, so I decided to change plan to have dinner in restaurant which may cost cheaper. The date of gathering had been postponed too.

Apparently the date of gathering fell on 2 August 2008 at 730pm in Fusion Restaurant. I'm glad that this year the number of comers shot up to 24 as compared to last year, the number of people who being present was just as nice as 20 of us usually. It was supposed to be 28 this year but one of my dear friends fell sick and could not make it. Then YH's bf fell sick and she needs to take care of him as well as SE marked the wrong date of gathering. Too bad our form teacher and those who are unable to attend could not make it. Hopefully they will join us in coming years. Definitely i wish everyone can attend though..

:: All girls who attended ::

Finished our dinner doesn't mean the end of our gathering. We went to Gasoline in Metroprima "yam cha". Slowly some of them went back. Still there were about 16 of us. Some of those who were unable to join the dinner, they joined us "yam cha" and then third round in Neway, 1 Utama from 1am till 4am.

:: In Gasoline ::

Another crazy and fun night to me!!! Have a fantastic gathering this year. Really!!!

:: my best friends ::


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