Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to Penang

After department trip, I went to Penang with my primary school friends.

I took Friday one day leave as we departed our journey to Penang on Friday morning 4am (from my house). After 3 hours of journey, we stopped by Ipoh to eat Dim Sum and continued approximately another 3 hours of journey, so we reached George town.

Well, we couldn't check in hotel until 3pm. We went around to eat and shopping in Queensbay.

In this trip, we only able to go for some places only, such as shopping centre i.e. Queensbay and Gurney Plaza, and Kek Lok Si. This is mainly due to our laziness to wake up early in the morning resulted us could not go more places.

Anyway, I had great time spent together with other 6 ex-classmates and Chloe (gf of one of our ex-classmates). Happy moment always passes very fast. I will be missing it. I'm looking forward for more trips coming up to go with you guys regardless it is still within Malaysia region.

I could still remember during our last dinner in Tanjung Malim (I guess is there), we all were tired and felt so unwilling to end the trip. One of them said let's go Jinjang to have a happy ending dinner. But then it was kinda late, and we decided to go back respectively.

:: All primary school classmates ::

:: At Persiaran Gurney ::

:: Kek Lok Si cable car ::

:: How lucky is him ::

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still surviving

Attended a training course which I have been looking forward since I enrolled myself into the course because that could be the time whereby I can go back home sharp 530pm.

Definitely I made it today, reached home by around 645pm due to slow traffic on the road.

In this training class, I met back few same batch colleagues with me from other audit departments when we were still new and attended our first training. We got to know each other from our first training course. One of the colleagues was assigned to be same group with me, then we got to talk more, kinda update each other about everything.

When we met back each other, is like: eh...still surviving? Then reply: yah...trying my best to survive here. And then got to know some had left after joining like for about 3 months.

Some people just couldn't take it, long hours of working. I'm just bearing with it as long as it is still within my capability. There are the least responsibility borne by an AA2 as compared to seniors and superiors, so I'm appreciating and taking advantage being an AA2, asking all sort of stupid questions when I can.

So far I'm feeling okay with my job, although sometimes I will feel stress or rather worry with the heavy workload I have as soon I'll have more things to worry like my study. Anyway, thats great that I'm still surviving, right? lol...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost a month no update here...

Been busy with work as well as my vacation.

Just came back from Redang Island, department trip. This is my second time being there. We stayed in Laguna Resort, which is a 5 stars hotel?!! (I guess so) We only need to pay RM180 for the package because our dearest partners had subsidised us. Yuhoo...Initial plan was to go Phuket, however, due to budget is too expensive, we ended up spending our time in Redang Island. Glad to gain another great memory from this trip.

We departed on the night of 3rd July and it took us about 7 hours to reach Terengganu's jetty and another 2 hours in ferry to arrive our destination, Laguna resort in Redang.

:: Laguna Resort ::

:: More More Tea Inn at night view ::

Laguna resort is very comfortable. Me and my roommates stayed at second floor.

:: The highest level at second floor ::

As usual, we had 3 snorkeling, but I only participated in 2 snorkeling. Spent the time to go for swimming pool in Laguna. It has been long time I did not swim in pool. lol...

:: nice pool right? ::
:: I almost wanted to jump in when I saw it ::

The coach, Mi, who brought me and WLK around during snorkeling is a very nice guy. He kept suggesting us to visit some nice spots that are not included in our trip package. He brought us to see baby shark, and blue sand. At the last night, he suggested to bring us to see shooting star on top of the hill. Unfortunately, I did not confirm with him a time and we missed him when we were trying to look for him. His colleagues said he went back home already. sigh...

Meet my colleagues:

:: Juniors and partner's secretary, Iris, a funny colleague although we seems to have age gap ::

:: All super nice and humorous seniors ::

:: Seniors, managers, and I ::

:: Majority here are juniors, AA2 ::

:: Me and the friendly HOD ::

:: Pretty babes seniors and I ::

:: Love all my colleagues ::


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