Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I had miscommunication with client and caused the delivery of my work to manager and partner delayed. sigh...what an unhappy engagement to me. Hopefully I don't have to recur in this job. Meanwhile, their account seem to be quite complicated. With my limited technical knowledge, I hardly can understand what they were trying to tell me me please...

Previously, client emailed me the documents but I really did not receive, so I request again. They got mad and scolded me. Who is so free to keep requesting documents while he or she has received?!

Well, I keep my anger and keep the voice down trying to communicate with client.

The finance manager now started chasing me for accounts, but they don't seem like providing me for further explanations on outstanding matters. Client even promised me to give me this evening, and I purposely mentioned that I would have to clear file with manager, (indeed only senior) but they broke their promise. I did not receive anything. Even a simple schedule also cannot provide to me. What does this show, I don't have to elaborate...relationship between me and client doesn't seem to be good anymore, although we are still talking in polite way and laugh together.

Guess I will have tough time tomorrow...sigh...

I spoke everything to senior hoping that she understands me...



Finally...really finally, I have got my confirmation letter. I cannot runaway anymore if ever I decide to leave provided if I have served 1 month after submitting resignation letter. lol...

Suppose I should be confirmed by 11st April, but I'm not yet due to some delays.

I had tried alternative, but still did not work out whereby i re-do my performance evaluation (PE) sent directly to my manager to review. What a bad luck that he did not receive it. sienz...

As soon as I saw my senior is back, I asked for my PE. lol...She was so surprised. Later on, she found that she had not forwarded my PE to manager to review. Anyway, no fine imposes on me because that is not my fault also. I told myself earlier, if they do fine me, I rather leave as it is really an unfair and unreasonable treatment.

I had met partner for final approval. Just a half an hour chit chat in her room. I'm an introvert, so talked less. My colleague was talking to her for more than one hour. phew...

Lately, I have been receiving emails from training department, chasing us to sign bond to sign up for CPA program. I then quickly do my change of course from CPA to ICAA. I got approval from my HOD (Head of Department) and got my confirmation letter from HR to pass them to training department to sign up ICAA. People keep asking me why do I change my mind? My hesitation starts to attack me again. I tend to give I don't know as an answer.

Well, I tried to say: to take up the challenge. Then they will reply: that's a really big challenge you are taking.

My HOD also asked me the same question. When I told him that if I really cannot cope with it, I may change back to CPA. He said: knock your head! why do you give up so fast? phew..I feel stupid.

Now holding the bond and enrollment form into ICAA, deciding whether to join. I met my senior today, who was a secondee from advisory department and taking ICAA also, he is so kind to offer me lending his text book to me as he said we cannot get the text book in Malaysia, which means have to buy directly from Aussie.

Anyway he is completing his course. He has sat for his last paper, which is management accounting subject and he claimed that that is his toughest subject ever. I was like ... speechless for a while as this will be my first subject if I were to enroll in coming semester. Why like that one?!!!!

By the way, I have been working in office in this week. Sitting comfortably in office, I feel very good. hahaha...o yea, that day bumped into DD when I just came out from lift, and she was going in. We only able to say Hi to each other. so sad...shall find her for lunch soon.

My firm has implemented some kind of troublesome system whereby we have to tag in and tag out. If never tag in, cannot tag out which leads you cannot go out from office. This is okay. What is worse is once you tag out, cannot tag in so immediate. This is what happened to me.

Our new office is considered spacious, so one floor can be occupied by few departments. HR is just opposite of my department's door. So I tag out to come out from my department and heading to HR trying to tag in, but stupid reader didn't accept, and I couldn't open the door. I need to wait for some time, perhaps...1-2 minutes? like a so po standing and waiting there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New office

New place, new environment. It is definitely much more comfortable. It is quite spacious and the office is applying an open concept, whereby we can see everyone even if we are sitting, except for partners and directors as they are in their own rooms.

Some like their new assigned place, some not. I'm not assigned to a fixed place as I'm just an unimportant junior in the firm. What an unimportant and useless junior...therefore does not deserve a fixed place. What is fair, whereby EVERYONE will have, is a 2-door cabinet which can put about 15 files I guess. That is a good news to me as I always need a place for me to place my super duper heavy laptop.

New place, therefore new policy is applied. We have a new policy called Clean Desk Policy, whereby we need to clean our table before leaving, that's why each of us is given a cabinet to put files. Also, new place, new secretaries in my department also. They seem to be quite friendly, hopefully they are helpful enough though.

Lately also found out that since the implementation of new policy, our letters will be locked in a cabinet as well. At first, we were told that 2 staffs will be sharing a box. However, later on, it was announced that only seniors will have assigned mailbox. I wonder how about juniors? Need to read up further on the announcement.

By the way, just remembered that partners had promised us lunch and tea on the first day working in new office. I'm unsure is there any as I totally forgot about the FREE lunch and tea. I was in the client place anyway till evening, I did not get the chance to see also.

ANYWAY, I have to bear with it since I'm such a petite, playing an unimportant character in the firm.


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