Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Been busy since I start working. Let me update my status here. Basically, I'm absolutely exhausted.

There has been email spreading over the department saying that peak period is over so more outings and outdoor or indoor games are organised. I did not join any anyway.

Games like basketball and futsal are not the right games for me to play. Thank you...I prefer badminton.

Even it is said that peak is over, I have jobs on hand and is quite rush too...

My current client is in Menara TM, Level 47. Looking down at Level 47, the view is so nice...it reminds me of Eureka Tower in Australia. haha...I only snapped few photos. I went back at night today, the view is even nicer...too bad I did not bring my camera :(

Anyway, today is my last day to be allowed to stay in client place for audit. The finance manager had sort of warned us that today must be the last day because her girls will be busy to do closing.

The MD is so kind and knowing that we are last day to do audit there, he invited us and all other colleagues for lunch in Secret Recipe downstairs. He said this will be the best place. lol...This is because inside the Menara TM, the most expensive restaurant would be Secret Recipe. Does San Franscisco count? I had my dinner there just now...sad to say, the spaghetti is tasteless.

Indeed, I get bored of eating in Secret Recipe because not as if they have varieties of meals to choose (perhaps this maybe personal preference) and in such a short time of audit there (about 7 days), I have been having my lunch there for 3 times. hmm...4 times will be correct, as I had my tea there once. hee...

Current senior is kinda relax type, not so stressful.

Another kind thing about current client is, before the MD left, he gave us a plastic bag which contains a thumb drive (although it is only 128mb) and an umbrella. Feel so kind of them...Thanks a lot for the lunch and gifts.

Well, soon I hope I can complete this job asap, so that I can concentrate in my coming job on the beginning of April. My client will be in Bangi. Gosh...damn far!!! But it is worth to claim if I drive. Anyway, I don't think I will drive as there are so many seniors are going to drive. Being a passenger may be the good choice.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My BIG day, Graduation

My big day, graduation day fell on the 13 march 2008. This is the day that I have been awaited for. I believed my parents do as well. After this ceremony, I can declared that I'm an official graduate. hahahahaha...

My family members all (except my 2 brothers) attended this ceremony. Although this ceremony is not as grand as some other universities', but it is good enough for me to enjoy my graduation day. Anyway, the graduation ceremony was held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

2pm we could collect our graduation dress. However, my family and I were a bit late. Once we had taken my dress, we went to nearest studio to take those studio photos. There was a long queue because that is the nearest studio and it is way cheaper than the price charge by the photographer from Australia that was employed by my uni. Anyhow, he is the professional photographer la... let me show you.

:: The Chancellor ::

Please forgive me as I don't have a scanner to scan it. Instead, I use my camera to re-take it.

Well, I understand most of my friends could not make it to attend because it is a weekday and everyone needs to work. I'm now sharing with you my photos. Enjoy the photo session...

:: This is hand-made by LY. Thanks a lot. So sweet ::

:: I cannot even find myself in the sea of people::
:: yay...GRADUATED!!! ::

Needless to say, this day is really a memorable day for me. My most happiest moment I had ever.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My baby brother

As most of you may know that I have a cute baby brother named Tung (we always call him "B", short form of baby). He is really adorable. I'm not praising over him or what...I'm serious. I just love him.

He is just a 6 years old little boy, but he doesn't act like a 6 years old boy.Why do I say so? He is really a well-behaved person. Always offer himself to help the family out, especially helping my mom doing the house chores, listen to his mother. If the mother doesn't allow him to do something, he will just give it up.

At his 6, his thought is not as naive as a 6 years old boy. He misses his eldest brother who is in UK furthering his studies now.
Baby always tell us that he misses brother and even dream about him that he has come back and able to hug him. That's really touched!!! That shows how much he misses his brother who is studying at the another side.

During last christmas, my mom bought each of us a christmas bear. Baby keeps the christmas bear for his brother. Then whenever he sees the bear, it reminds him his dear brother, and he will start crying, saying that he is missing his brother again...

I can still remember, when I just came back from Aussie with a penguin doll, he likes the doll so much and wants to hug it to sleep. I let him possesses it for about 1 week. After I came back from the PRUyoung talents programme, I heard from my mom that he cried the day before because he knew that he is going to lose the possession of the doll. And when I came back, he really return it back to me with red eyes...I feel pity and allow him to own it again.

He also told his mother, he is in happiness because he has everything. He said: "I have mom and dad, 2 sisters and 2 brothers, so many people accompany me. I love everyone." That's what he really said...

Everyone loves him definitely. He deserves the love...

Since year 2002, he came into our life, our life have become so different. With his existence, our days are lighten up because of him, and he has brought so much of fun to our family. He always look for us to play with him, if I'm not free, he will go to another siblings. Unfortunately, he may fail to find his companion as we all maybe busy doing our own things...TV will be his companion, or my laptop.

He is really lovely. Every night, he will come into my room and say good night before going into his bedroom. This is because my room is just next to his bedroom. He must pass by my bedroom before he reaches his bedroom. how sweet he is...

This is my adorable brother...

:: He likes posing ONLY when he has mood to take photo ::

:: My laptop will be his companion ::

:: His brother is teaching him how to do magic ::


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