Sunday, December 28, 2008

worst customer service

I had a facial appointment with CITISPA in this afternoon at 230pm. After my lunch, I came all the way from Damansara Damai, passby toll, paid RM1.60 to reach the centre.

Once I entered the centre, the beautician, who usually wash my face, asked me what appointment you have made? I was confused absolutely, I said: facial!!! She opened her log book and told me that couldn't find my appointment.

I explained that I made it last week. I called them and I wanted to make it at 2pm, and the receptionist asked if 230pm can or not. I said: okay. I thought it would be marked there.

What kind of customer services they are offering, telling me sorry and asked me to come back next week. I was seriously pissed!!! !@#$%^&*!!! Damn sucks!!! I didn't say much and turn away once they marked down my appointment.

I drove away and kept thinking of it. I should have asked them to compensate me a free treatment for WASTING my time to come all over, paid toll and got nuts!!! My time is precious. It is not easy to set aside my PRECIOUS time. I got lot more things to do. There are more beauty centres that can serve me much better out there!!! I got an offer from another centre recently which is much nearer and does not need to pay any toll to reach!!! It is also quite well-known!!!

Guess I will request for free treatment if there is second time. I think I entitle for the compensation. i wanted to request, but too late, I was driving already.

Anyway, this is only my 3rd time to visit them for facial, they are giving me such sucks customer service!!! After this package, I'll never sign any package with them ANYMORE!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I was in k room to count down for Christmas on the eve with TL only. This is mainly due to I still need to work on the eve and it was hard to anticipate whether I can go back early or not, so I couldn't go far.

Anyway, on the eve, most clients are on leave, and I just did follow up for previous jobs.

Unfortunately I couldn't leave at sharp 530pm. Anyway, left at 6pm.

On 25th, I made sushi as lunch for me and TL.

Sushi I made with TL's help:

Look tempting or not?! =p Just with 2 cups (500ml) of rice, can make so much sushi. I didn't eat much, as we were going for buffet dinner in KL Tower.

:: Camwhoring in KL Tower obsercation deck ::

:: Camwhoring in the lift ::

:: At the entrance of the restaurant in KL Tower ::

:: Nice view? ::

:: Dine-in in the restaurant ::

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Annual dinner 2008

After time flies post, it is followed by annual dinner post for the closure of the year. =p

Joined the firm almost 1 year. I did not realise it until I count it.

The theme of this year annual dinner is "Masquerade". hmm..when I received the email informing us the theme, I find it interesting and excited as this is my first time to participate in a masquerade dinner.

Despite my preparation for my exams, I went shopping to shop for my dress and accessories just for that night. Well, anyway I only dressed normal with a mask.

I reached hotel around 7pm,whereby it was intended to start at 630pm. Anyway, nobody cares when it starts. Even with an email sent out by partner asking us to be punctual, but who cares? All my friends were late =p. Guess I'm the earliest =p

Once I arrived, everybody looked strange to me, as they are from another departments.

The dinner started at 8pm. Out of thousands people there, there must be people who dressed up typically to attend a masquerade dinner. Some of them wore costumes like pirates costume, costume of Japan, ghost costume and bla bla bla... Those who followed theme, won RM1k. hey...not bad. Just rent the costume for few hundreds, and you won a thousand as compared to me I bought long dress worth hundreds and with accessories, but I got nothing. hahaha...

It was a great night to me. We all dressed up prettily and took photos everywhere despite the foods were served, we did not really eat much.

:: =P temporary tatoo on my back, guess what? Many people thought it was real one ::

:: With mask on ::

:: Pretty babes ::

My sister suggested me to wear long dress. I thought wearing long dress I would look even shorter. But this black long dress indeed makes me look taller (a bit). lol... Paiseh. Hey, I love this dress...

:: Group picture of our department ::

Monday, December 01, 2008

Time flies

No doubt time flies. Up to today, I almost graduated 1 year, I worked for almost 1 year, I have partially become financially independent as some of the expenses are still on my parents. haa...

My lifestyle changes completely within 1 year.

My lifestyle is no more free like I used to be. Free from pressure (except stress from study), free from commitments (chose classes fell between 10am to 3pm, did whatever I like at any time), lots of FREE time. During my free time, I could go shopping (pyramid is just behind our university), drive out to eat, play sports (badminton), lots of fun fun events I had. If we were meeting tight deadlines, me and classmates would gather to study either in library or concourse and had our discussions. We always chit chat at concourse. Life is really easy. What we need to worry is only STUDY. Nothing else. I really miss my uni time... the reality of life. It is just began. I'm now trying to get myself used to the reality. Not sure if I'm lucky, my colleagues are generally nice to people, no ego, willing to teach with patient and experienced. That's why I respect them.

Work pressure is seriously a huge burden for me. I just broke down the other day. I don't wish that I can climb the corporate ladder high, but I only wish I can earn enough for me to have a good and comfortable balanced life. (Does it already sound like I need to climb as high as I can to get that kind of quality of life?)

Work wise, I still have a lot to learn. I just feel that sometimes I still don't know much thing and feel useless, that's where my pressure come from. After one year, will I be promoted? That's really a concern to me as my salary matters very much to me right now. :P

My lifestyle is now busier than ever. I need to commit to work, meanwhile study. Worst case, I'm in relationship. There is no way that I can give up any of these right now. Well, I'm lucky as there is no pressure from my relationship currently as he is considerate enough to understand my commitments right now and he makes no noise to me SO FAR. :P

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leaves study leave is approaching. Anyway, I need to study.

I had this silly thinking. Can I study hard hard before my leaves start, then when my leaves come, I just relax and perhaps go for trips :P

Would this be an ideal idea? lol...I guess my failing rate for the subject will be as high as 90%.

Peak period is coming. aiks...a bit scared. Lately I have been working late too; as late as 11pm. Probably it could be a practice for me to get used it to overcome the coming peak period. phew...nightmare for me.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tung's Sports Day

It was a fun day to attend my brother's sports day. My lil baby brother (although he is 6 now, we still like to call him baby as he is just so adorable) is a super active boy, definitely he likes sports day.

:: The schedule of activities for the day ::

:: Giving Tung some encourage ::

We were captured by the photographer by holding this card. lol...

:: Everyone is cheering for their team mates::

:: These are age of 4 participants ::

:: Tung is Blue house ::

:: Tung is so adorable ::

:: Children were ready to compete ::

:: ohh? why is he putting the ball into opponent's basket? ::

Everyone is required to participate in dancing, so does my brother. Enjoy the show below. Seriously cute.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have just done with my third online test (NOT my final yet :P). This is the only test I got high marks, where I got 2 questions wrong out of 9. I reckon this is still bad because my marks is not even at average. I feel so sad. At the mean time happy that I have some improvement. This could show that I slowly get used to the online test. The questions are tricky though...I am damned happy and went shopping to reward myself.

Anyway, Next year, I would have 3 papers to take and just realise that next year I'd be suffering more as I only have 14 days of AL to be spread over the 3 sittings of my papers. (I'm wondering, is this the correct way to enrol the subject, or should I rest for a semester?) Normally, for each paper we will take 5 days of study leave and 5 days of AL. But then how am I going to seperate 14 days into 3 sittings of papers, which also means that I won't have any personal holidays UNLESS I got to claim OT as 8 hours of OT means 1 day leave.

Unfortunately, I've worked for so long, only 1 day of OT I got to claim. Absolutely sad right? sigh...

I want more OT so that I can rest...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Assignment submitted

3.11.2008, 515am marks the time I completed my assignment.

It is due at aussie time 11.55pm 3.11.2008. It is really a nightmare for me.

I have been planning well to complete my assignment as I don't like to do last minutes work and rushing at the end. I hate that suffering feeling.

I planned to complete my assignment 10 days in advance so that I can ask somebody to review for me. I approached my line manager to review for me. I did complete my assignment in 10 days in advance and sent to my line manager to review. After few days of waiting, I started to doubt that there won't be any reply from my line manager. I don't feel like asking him whether he has reviewed as is like I'm chasing him.

I tried to approach another manager, she suggested me to refer to our firm's guidance. So, I tried. Indeed, I kept amending my assignment. This is because there is this online discussion forum maintaining by ICAA so that all candidates can interact with each other. In the discussion, certainly there are suggested ideas given and I took them as reference. Thus, I changed my answers.

On the last day before the submission date, I got training on Sunday -.-

Spent WHOLE DAY (9am-7pm) there. At the end of the training, I approached another senior to double confirm on my answers. Due to he was in a rush too, I did not get to ask much. I don't want to leave things last minutes, but...accident does happen. I have been trying my best.

I was quite disappointed. During my dinner, suddenly I received a message from MY. MY is SLin's friend. She is also taking same subject with me. After my dinner, I shot back home and exchanged answers with her. That made me feel much more comfortable. Perhaps, all the while I have been working it alone and I feel helpless. Suddenly there is someone close to me to discuss with me, I feel much better. lol...

Feel like taking MC to rest la. But then, I have been taking few days of MC last week as I really fell sick. :( Tired and sleepy.

Good night. Another 2 hours for me to sleep. Hope I don't oversleep.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunway Lagoon

It's been sometime I didn't go to Sunway and it is even longer that I did not go into Lagoon.

My firm gave me this opportunity on Saturday (17/10). It was Family day. Most of them bring their family (only immediate) to play games there. We were allowed to play full park. Wait a minute!!! Full park means dry and water park ONLY excluding whatever scream park, xtreme park...bla bla bla...
Need to pay extra for that though.

Sad to say, people who registered to join this family day only few of us. I'm lucky enough to have another 5 from same department to accompany me. DD came too with her boy boy. They both joined us and we were 8 in a group. It's quite convenient for us to sit all the rides with even number of us. We played only mostly dry park. We only sat for about 5 rides, we were tired and went for lunch.

At the third ride, one of my colleagues, G, injured his toe. His toe nail came out. Iew...I felt pain for him and it kept bleeding. We went first aid to wrap his toe. Anyway, that did not stop him from sitting for another few rides.

Guess none of us are interested in the water park games, we left after lunch.
*disappointed* nothing facinating.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh gosh!!! Deadlines really kill me.

Last week friday (10/10) *I think*, I got an email from my Head of Department saying that our Dialogue is due on 17/10. Shit!!! 1 week how to complete? I have job commitment, and study.

Anyway, I still need to work on it.

For your information, Dialogue in my firm is something that records your performance during the year. Early of the year, we need to set a goal for the year, then there will be interim review (which is on March), then final review is now lo. We need to do self assessment, then need to see performance manager to discuss on it. UNFORTUNATELY, my performance manager is on leave for a week and I got that email like on monday (13/10). I cannot finish my Dialogue on time already!!! Even I can finish the self assessment, but the meeting manager part.........sigh...

Since monday, (13/10) I have a reporting job, which we are expected to finish in 1 week time. At first I thought I couldn't make it. After 13/10, I think it was quite okay. So this should be fine.

Another deadlines is my study. Another online test is coming but I have not studied. I have not got time to study. In order to meet my job commitment deadline, I need to bring work back do, which resulted me cannot study at night!!!

Besides on line test, I got my project/assignment which will due on 3/11. Before I submit, I need to get somebody to read through. So I need to finish it early.
Phew...I just feel that deadlines is really killing. There are just too near to each other.

Nevertheless, coming friday (17/10), although it is a deadline for my Dialogue, my firm is treating us dinner for Deeparaya. yippie...I don't know where is it. haha...senior promised to guide me there. Good!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First module commences

After went through a deep thought on whether to take ICAA or CPA, I finally registered for ICAA. My first module is Auditing and Assurance which has now commenced. I'm excited at the same time worry myself cannot cope with it. *Helpless*

Throughout my tertiary education, the worst subject I scored is Auditing, which I just got a PASS. phew...*worrying*

The funniest thing is that the text book for this module is the thick Auditing handbook. My friends who study in accounting field certainly know how thick is the handbook and how small is the font size printed on the handbook. grr...I really don't like the handbook :(

Another thing is that the optional reference texts are actually my text book and a case studies book I used in my university time. hee...can save some money and not to purchase those expensive reference books which have useful life as short as 4 months.

But then, I need latest auditing handbook :( I only have 2007 version handbook, not the most current one, 2008. Anybody has it?

Friday, September 05, 2008

A huge THANKS to all my buddies. The surprises you guys had given are unforgettable and not willing to forget it as well. Such a touched moment I ever had.

Not to forget to friends who had sent me messages for wishing me. Thank you very much. You guys are so lovely.

Few celebrations for my birthday which fell on different days due to different groups of my buddies are celebrating for me. :P

23 August 2008

First celebration this year with my university buddies. We first gathered and met everybody in front of the main entrance in Pyramid. Then I decided to go Shabu Shabu to eat our lunch. Well, this is known birthday celebration for me. No surprise element. I’m still glad that they celebrate for me. After lunch, we caught up with each other and then cut cake. SC brought her cousin’s home baked cheese cake. It is so delicious. No doubt. I got a lot of present from them. Yippie…

Presents got from university buddies:

Sincerely thanks to SC, Eric, SX, YY, YF, LW, LY, E, and SL. Thanks to TL for being my driver!!! :P

28 August 2008

Sweet celebration with TL. He took half day leave just to fetch me right after I finished working. He took me home to get showered, then celebrated my birthday with my family. Right after that, he took me to Jogoya for “supper”. From 930pm to 12am It is my first time being there, eating such delicious and fresh shashimi, haagen-Daz ice-cream, and lots unlimitedly.

Presents received from my family:

:: Supper in Jogoya ::

:: Present from TL ::

After the supper, it was 12 am. He gave me even more surprises, such as hand-made birthday card with music and invisible words on the card, and a present to me.

29 August 2008

Due to it is a working day for me, to be more accurate, it is my training day, which I need to attend, and couldn’t take any MC, or EL, I spent my whole day in office. TL took one day leave just to fetch me to office in the morning and fetch me back home in the evening. So that we won’t waste much time as were rushing to attend Avril Lavigne’s concert in Merdeka Stadium which started at 8pm.

We had dinner at home before going to the concert. It was supposed to be one of the surprises, but he broke it himself. Lol…

No matter what, surprise or not, I do appreciate what you had done for my birthday.

I really like Avril and I enjoyed the concert too. Sincerely thanks for everything.

:: Avril concert tickets a

31 August 2008

For TL: Thanks for the fireworks. There are really beautiful.

1 September 2008

Celebrating my birthday with my secondary school friends. It was a surprise birthday celebration for me. I’m so touched.

This day, we came back from Cherating and they purposely delayed the journey to go back home till 8pm by driving 80KM/Hour. JC told me that this is the safest drive ever he had. I agreed with him some more. Lol…

They also purposely stopped at every stops on the highway to delay the time. I did not realize that also. I thought they just need rest and therefore stop frequently.

We had dinner in McD near Genting Sempah (hopefully get the place right:P). After dinner, guys went out for fresh air and girls staying there chit chat. I wanted to go find guys, but girls suggested not as they were still puffing. Well, I waited. I did not realize the unusual also.

Finally we reached a petrol station to share the petrol expenses among ourselves, and afterwards, I heard they said: ok, go back respectively now and said bye to each other.

JC later on asked me in the car, are you okay if I fetch you along to Uptown to get something, spare part, before sending you home? I looked at the time, it wasn’t even 9pm, so I followed.

However, we wasn’t “lucky”. The person who was meeting him wasn’t there yet and we need to wait. So We waited. I then played around and camworing with them.

At least half an hour waited, JC told me that we need to get a cup of tea to wait and he brought me to “Tree House”. As I walked up, and suddenly I saw KC. I was surprised. Hmmm? Why is he here? I still blur and did not know what happen until I continued to walk and see SK and YH sitting on a long table. I then started to think I know what is happening. Then KC said: listen. Why got birthday song one? And I saw a birthday cake is pushing to me.

At that moment, I couldn’t hold my tears anymore and it dropped. Then everyone started telling me: We did not forget your birthday, we just want to give you a surprise. Wow… that statement is enough for me to cry again.

I really thought they have remembered the wrong date and therefore did not celebrate for me. I even thought they would celebrate in the Cherating trip, but no. When everyone was going back, and I thought our trip would just end there.

Presents received from secondary school buddies:

For the celebration and presents, I sincerely thanks to KK, SK, YH, YH’s bf, Loy, JC, JX, KC, WP, and KH. Love you all.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cherating trip

Since 1 September 2008 is a public holiday due to 31 August 2008 fell on Sunday which was originally a public holiday, therefore 1 September 2008 was a replacement for the public holiday we are entitled to enjoy, my secondary school friends suggested to go Cherating for trip during the 3-day off.

There are only 6 of us went for the trip, departing on Saturday morning and reached our destination, Beach Chalet, by 3pm.

Indeed nothing much can we do there. We watched drama series in the room once we had checked in. lol…

When evening came, we went to seaside to play. What else can we do? Throw sand to each other, splash water to each other, taking photo, and buried somebody.

After the fun moment, we started to put on fire for our dinner, BBQ. Guys had bought all the frozen foods from supermarket, such as few packets of hot dogs, bacons, chicken meats and definitely some drinks, soft drinks.

Enjoying our BBQ for hours till about 11pm I guess, we all then showered and gathered in the room again to drink alcohol. I couldn’t even finish one whole glass, and I feel uncomfortable, but continued to watch the drama series until we all felt tired, only we went to bed.

The next day, after brunch, we went snorkeling. I’m sorry guys, I need to complain a bit. I’m not blaming anybody of my friends but the package provided by the chalet. Guess what? Paying RM50 for the snorkeling and what did we see? Dead corals, only 2-3 fishes I could see, and the sea level is so shallow until we kept hitting the dead corals. For your information, dead corals are damn hard. Even you don’t swim, but you would move because of the current will cause you accidentally hit the dead corals and it will give you a big red dot. Slightly harder hit will result in bleeding. Never mind, there are jelly fishes some more. Argh…

No more mood to snorkel. We then went up to the island and sun bathing there till evening.

We left Cherating on the 1 September 2008, starting our journey at 12pm after we checked out the chalet.

Though the snorkeling trip wasn’t that fascinating, but it was a good trip because we had fun together. I love the first day most. :D

Some photos of us:

:: Love this picture so much ::

:: Flying kite ::

:: Lonely back::

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malacca trip

Yea, this time the destination is Malacca. It was well-planned in about 1 month ago. 8 of us sat in a Toyota Unser which was just nice to fit all of us.

:: 8 of us in Unser ::

Supposedly to start our journey at 9am, but I was late (paiseh, Stupid accident created the JAM LA!!! =P) and caused the journey to delay so we started our journey at about 10am.

Took about 2 hours to reach our destination. We first went to Jonker walk. Anyway, all the while we walked and spent our time around there. The purpose of our this trip is to EAT EAT EAT!!! Organiser called it as 'makan trip'.

We first went to a chicken rice shop to eat the popular chicken rice ball. After trying, personally feel the taste of rice has no difference between the rice balls and a normal bowl of rice. They don't taste any special despite the outlook is in ball shape. Still a good try in once in a while. They are not cheap either...we ordered in small portion and shared among of us, thus we got to taste more foods by going places.

:: See the plate of balls - Chicken rice balls ::

Directly after tasting chicken rice balls, we went Donald & Lily's to taste Nyonya cendol, curry laksa, and Pongteh (I am not sure what does that mean also, but that dish is not bad la).

:: The most bottom dish is the Pongteh as mentioned ::

After that, we felt kinda full and walked around the Jonker walk. We walked one big round around Jonker walk. We also went to eat cendol again.

Indeed, last sunday I came to the same place and my friend recommended me Durian Cendol. I love it after tasting it. I could not forget it after I came back. This time we went to the same shop and eat the same thing again, but then, I found that the durian was a bit out of taste =P somehow la...don't know how to describe.

:: Durian cendol ::

Our next round eating place was somewhere we can eat Sate Celup. While waiting for the restaurant to open at 530pm, we wanted to go shopping centre (either Pahlawan or Mahkota Parade) to chill ourselves as it was really hot weather. We ended did not go because it was just too jammed at the entrance. We stopped by at one of the free parking area at road side and CAMWHORING in the car. lol...It is unbelievable we could camwhore in the car for half an hour. Attention: It's group camwhoring. See below:

:: Group camwhoring ::

There were so many people passing by us and looking at us doing the stupid faces. Pai seh...

:: Sate celup ::

:: Another group picture ::

When the day got dark, we walked along the Jonker walk again, there was night market along the 'walk'. After that, we went back KL and reached home by about 1am.

A tiring but full (stomach) and absolutely a fun trip.

By the way, let's see how Sungai Melaka looks like.

For more information, may refer to my friend's blog.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Wondering why do I feel guilty when I go back home at sharp 530pm or before the sky turns into dark.
There was one day I left office by 545pm, to be accurate. I was holding my handbag and ready to walk out from office, my colleagues saw me and she said bye bye to me (kinda loud), I then turned and put my finger on my mouth: Shh... and she laughed. I felt absolutely guilty by leaving so "early". By right, I can leave that time right, but why I felt so?
That's not the end. When I walked far, she called my name again and I turned back, she said again: Bye bye (pretend to be loud). lol...
Well, fine! Yesterday she went back earlier than me. She asked me: can I go back now? I replied: Why not? when you can go back early, go back la. This is the only time you can do so." She agreed. I added: I won't say bye bye to you loudly one. She then looked at me said: You made me feel even guilty. lol...because she teased me before.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

5 Erat Gathering

O yea. First of all, I would like to thanks all the comers for making the effort being present in the gathering. Yea, I know most of you might be busy with your own work, I really appreciate that you guys are willing to spare your few hours for joining this gathering.

I would like to thanks to YKH also. She is constantly asking me about the gathering progress since the month of July. She gave me a lot of support to move on on my plan.

It was initially decided to go k room for gathering, eating buffet dinner and enjoy singing in a party room, which may cost us about RM40++ per pax. Obviously, the response did not turn out as good one, so I decided to change plan to have dinner in restaurant which may cost cheaper. The date of gathering had been postponed too.

Apparently the date of gathering fell on 2 August 2008 at 730pm in Fusion Restaurant. I'm glad that this year the number of comers shot up to 24 as compared to last year, the number of people who being present was just as nice as 20 of us usually. It was supposed to be 28 this year but one of my dear friends fell sick and could not make it. Then YH's bf fell sick and she needs to take care of him as well as SE marked the wrong date of gathering. Too bad our form teacher and those who are unable to attend could not make it. Hopefully they will join us in coming years. Definitely i wish everyone can attend though..

:: All girls who attended ::

Finished our dinner doesn't mean the end of our gathering. We went to Gasoline in Metroprima "yam cha". Slowly some of them went back. Still there were about 16 of us. Some of those who were unable to join the dinner, they joined us "yam cha" and then third round in Neway, 1 Utama from 1am till 4am.

:: In Gasoline ::

Another crazy and fun night to me!!! Have a fantastic gathering this year. Really!!!

:: my best friends ::

Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to Penang

After department trip, I went to Penang with my primary school friends.

I took Friday one day leave as we departed our journey to Penang on Friday morning 4am (from my house). After 3 hours of journey, we stopped by Ipoh to eat Dim Sum and continued approximately another 3 hours of journey, so we reached George town.

Well, we couldn't check in hotel until 3pm. We went around to eat and shopping in Queensbay.

In this trip, we only able to go for some places only, such as shopping centre i.e. Queensbay and Gurney Plaza, and Kek Lok Si. This is mainly due to our laziness to wake up early in the morning resulted us could not go more places.

Anyway, I had great time spent together with other 6 ex-classmates and Chloe (gf of one of our ex-classmates). Happy moment always passes very fast. I will be missing it. I'm looking forward for more trips coming up to go with you guys regardless it is still within Malaysia region.

I could still remember during our last dinner in Tanjung Malim (I guess is there), we all were tired and felt so unwilling to end the trip. One of them said let's go Jinjang to have a happy ending dinner. But then it was kinda late, and we decided to go back respectively.

:: All primary school classmates ::

:: At Persiaran Gurney ::

:: Kek Lok Si cable car ::

:: How lucky is him ::

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still surviving

Attended a training course which I have been looking forward since I enrolled myself into the course because that could be the time whereby I can go back home sharp 530pm.

Definitely I made it today, reached home by around 645pm due to slow traffic on the road.

In this training class, I met back few same batch colleagues with me from other audit departments when we were still new and attended our first training. We got to know each other from our first training course. One of the colleagues was assigned to be same group with me, then we got to talk more, kinda update each other about everything.

When we met back each other, is like: eh...still surviving? Then reply: yah...trying my best to survive here. And then got to know some had left after joining like for about 3 months.

Some people just couldn't take it, long hours of working. I'm just bearing with it as long as it is still within my capability. There are the least responsibility borne by an AA2 as compared to seniors and superiors, so I'm appreciating and taking advantage being an AA2, asking all sort of stupid questions when I can.

So far I'm feeling okay with my job, although sometimes I will feel stress or rather worry with the heavy workload I have as soon I'll have more things to worry like my study. Anyway, thats great that I'm still surviving, right? lol...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost a month no update here...

Been busy with work as well as my vacation.

Just came back from Redang Island, department trip. This is my second time being there. We stayed in Laguna Resort, which is a 5 stars hotel?!! (I guess so) We only need to pay RM180 for the package because our dearest partners had subsidised us. Yuhoo...Initial plan was to go Phuket, however, due to budget is too expensive, we ended up spending our time in Redang Island. Glad to gain another great memory from this trip.

We departed on the night of 3rd July and it took us about 7 hours to reach Terengganu's jetty and another 2 hours in ferry to arrive our destination, Laguna resort in Redang.

:: Laguna Resort ::

:: More More Tea Inn at night view ::

Laguna resort is very comfortable. Me and my roommates stayed at second floor.

:: The highest level at second floor ::

As usual, we had 3 snorkeling, but I only participated in 2 snorkeling. Spent the time to go for swimming pool in Laguna. It has been long time I did not swim in pool. lol...

:: nice pool right? ::
:: I almost wanted to jump in when I saw it ::

The coach, Mi, who brought me and WLK around during snorkeling is a very nice guy. He kept suggesting us to visit some nice spots that are not included in our trip package. He brought us to see baby shark, and blue sand. At the last night, he suggested to bring us to see shooting star on top of the hill. Unfortunately, I did not confirm with him a time and we missed him when we were trying to look for him. His colleagues said he went back home already. sigh...

Meet my colleagues:

:: Juniors and partner's secretary, Iris, a funny colleague although we seems to have age gap ::

:: All super nice and humorous seniors ::

:: Seniors, managers, and I ::

:: Majority here are juniors, AA2 ::

:: Me and the friendly HOD ::

:: Pretty babes seniors and I ::

:: Love all my colleagues ::


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