Friday, December 28, 2007

Movie: I am Legend

Watched movie with the title: I am Legend, with ML and A (My uni friends) in Sunway Pyramid GSC. When it was at the climax of the movie, the show was stopped. WTH...?!

We were told that we can get 100% refund from the counter. Alternatively, we can switch to watch other show once again. We chose to get the refund because A indeed had watched that movie before but he did not tell us, saying that since we wanna watch that show, so just accompanied us. The show is kinda boring as the main character is always going solo...-.-

It was only an hour show, we did not go back straight, instead A recommended us to eat J Co Donut. is delicious. It is as tasty as Big Apple Donut (in The Curve). Their donuts are so soft and fresh. Yummy...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

After the Prudential training programme, I had interviews in a row within one week. I had an interview with BDO Binder on Monday (17/12). I did not know where is the office, so I got the map from website and I able to search for the location. I went in on time and I was asked to fill up the application form and answer an essay question. There are 3 questions and I was required to choose one to answer. After I had done, I waited for the interviewer to come.

How was the interviewer? hmm...he is kinda busy I would say as he kept holding his hp and replied messages while talking to me. He also asked me question even before I finished answering his question. I couldn't complete my last sentence always. It is not a tough interview I think. I don't think I get the offer from BDO as I have waited until now, there is no reply from them. The interviewer told me about his expectations towards his subordinates and indeed he has high expectation (as high as Mr F.? :P).

Indeed, Monday morning I called KPMG to inform them that I had applied online and they arranged an interview for me on Wednesday. Later on, in the afternoon, PwC called me and told me that she had arranged an interview for me on Tuesday (which is next day) since I'm keen to start working in January. Soon after that, EY called me and told me again that she had arranged an interview for me. At that moment, I was thinking in my heart: Please do not arrange it on Tues and Wed. Fortunately, it was arranged on Friday. lol... (Thursday is a public holiday, Hari Raya Haji). day, I went to PwC for an interview. First I have to go through the assessments before the interview. The assessment consists of essay writing, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Essay writing was OKAY!!! Numerical reasoning sucks. Why? Because I do not have time to complete all the questions. I tried my best to answer the question to make sure I got the correct answers. Since I realised the time constraint, I did my best when I was taking verbal reasoning and I able to finish all questions.

After that, it was an interview with a senior manager. The manager is friendly and he asked me a lot of questions. Even after he asked me to ask him questions and I did, he asked me further questions which are technical questions. I tried my best to answer as in at least say something (must be logical definitely). My answers are not perfect and he gave me feedback and suggestions to me for his questions.

What's the result? Yea, I got a call from PwC in the evening that I got an offer. Yippie...I'm so happy that I got it...

Anyway, since I had promised to attend the interview with KPMG on Wednesday, I just gave it a try. In fact, I wished work in KPMG as well. So...Yea, I have to go through the assessments (the same three tests) and then face-to-face interview. Again, I was interviewed by a senior manager. He told me he has only worked for 3 years ++ (and he is now senior manager. wow!!!). We had a good chat and I told him that I have got an offer from PwC and I need his reply asap because I'm keen to work in KPMG. He said: if you REALLY interested, I can give you a direct offer now!!! Wow...really? I'm happy, but I'm worried that I may make up my mind too fast and I sort of stepped back and told him to contact me back when to start working.

Well, I have been waiting for many days, no reply. I even called to KPMG and asked whether I can collect my offer letter, HR people told me that they have to contact the manager and will get back to me in 1 hour. But, I do not get it. Do I consider as being offer a job now? I'm wondering. Anyway, yesterday the interviewer himself called me up, telling me that offer letter is not ready yet because it requires partner's signature. But, he guarantees that I can get the offer.

Indeed, I'm happy once the KPMG senior manager told me that he can give me a direct offer right now. Once I got home, I almost gave up to attend the interview with EY. I did not ultimately. I attended it. The interviewer is from HR department. There is no assessment. After this interview, I will have to attend another interview with Partner. hmm...the conversation was smooth as well. I have not much worried on that.

I got reply from EY on Monday (24/12) morning that I have to attend second interview with the partner. She was wondering whether I'm still interested. I rejected it to save both of our time. Yea, I'm so happy that I got call from EY as it means I'm one step closer to get the offer from EY. hee...

How about BDO? O well, they called me yesterday and requested for my transcripts and everything. I ended up emailing her that I have got a job offer from one of the big four accounting firm.

Huh...I'm now under dilemma for which company to work with. PwC? KPMG? hmm...I'm not sure when I will start working if I choose KPMG, but I will start working on 2/1/08 if I choose PwC. One of my best friends from A-Levels wishes me to go PwC as she is working there. hmm...How?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Every Christmas eve, I will be going out with my secondary school buddies without miss (so far). This year i went out with them as well, hoping to join some celebrations and have fun. We indeed run out of idea where to go for celebration...

Anyway, since many of us are facing financial problems, we decided to have dinner in a chinese restaurant. yea, it sounds weird to have dinner in a chinese restaurant where no turkey will be served, but we are happy to gather together...

After dinner, we went to Hartamas. We thought Hartamas would be very crowded which indeed not. Soda club (the only club in Hartamas) is CLOSED. Souled Out is a pub and did not look like it was going to have a party. We also found that there are not many people and parking space is empty everywhere. You can park anywhere of the parking space you want. We found it strange and we decided to change our destination.

We ended up in The Curve. Well, just looking at people sprayed on each other, and people running around. That is our celebration. Sound sad? idea. We left there at about 12:10am, which is quite early to SS2 to eat something. We all talked craps there and created a lot of jokes. I like those relaxing conversations with them. Went back home afterwards and I'm tired!!!

Once I reached home, I got back into my bedroom and I found a small bear sitting in a plastic bag on my bed. It is my christmas present!!! It is so sweet of my mom giving me christmas present. Love you so much...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I would say this is a wonderful programme that I had ever joined. It really brings a lot of benefits to me in the mean time it costs me nothing. Except for the fact that we get to stay in a 5 star hotel in Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya, the seminars that were conducted are very useful for us. No doubt, the bedroom is sooooooo... comfortable and the foods are sooooooooooo....delicious. Additionally, you won't feel any hunger throughout the 5 days training. This is because they provided us 3 meals and 2 tea-break a day. I would say too that I'm really fortunate that I was chosen to be part of them to attend such a beneficial programme. There are only 18 of us were chosen for this programme which consists of 6 boys and 12 girls. I would say that Prudential is kinda strict in selection, somehow I'm in. I feel very glad.

Seminar on the first day was about Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) where we can understand and recognise ourselves. This test is broken up into self-estimate and reported type. Self-estimate result indicates that I'm an introvert person, but the reported type indicates that I'm an extrovert person. Am I? Well, I think I should be an introvert.

Second and third day, we learnt about 7 Habits for highly effective youths. As the title suggests, it is known that if you were to pick up the 7 Habits, you would be a highly effective youth. It can be useful for our future employment. I feel glad too to meet the CEO of Prudential, Mr. Tan Kar Hor. He is very friendly and kind enough to share with us of his experience. I would say he is a very smart boy as he scored very well in his academic. He even broke people's record where there was somebody completed the actuarial science papers (which is 10 papers there) within 1 1/2 years, but he took up the challenge to finish all papers within 1 year and scored with flying colors results. He also shared with us what are some key features in order to be a successful man like him. His experience is really precious. I do not describe it in such a way it is so exaggerated, but somehow I just feel very grateful that I able to attend this programme and what I was provided.

On the forth day, we do a lot of practices on presentation. The seminar is about how to present well. Through this training, it gives me a lot of opportunities to practice my presentation skills and I received criticisms and got feedback about my weaknesses. During the practices, I tried to improve on my wrongs and tried to present again to be better. After I had gone through so many practices, I have relatively higher confidence level to speak up.

Except for the seminars, we played some games too which involves some team work skills. Those team work games that we played really taught us a lot of things. As the organiser explained to us, I do learn from there that in order to work as a team, what is the role as a team player should be played. In other words, from the games we played, I can understand much better.

Friday would be the most memorable day for us. This is because that day is the day where we gave feedback to the organisers. We shared what we have learnt from this programme and sent a message to all of our dear friends. We were sitting on chairs that formed a circle and we started sharing lessons that we have picked up.

After the sharing, we were asked to sing a song named "You raise me up" to close this programme. We all holding hands together and sang the song. When it came to the part where we sang "you raise me up", we all put up our hands and swung our body left and right. Half way through the singing, few of us were actually dropping tears. The environment is just so touching as we know that we are going to be separated soon. We are all so close to each other as we stayed together under the same roof and work so hard together. We all really appreciate the friendship that has been built up here.

On Friday night, it is our "Graduation dinner" and we have to wear the graduation robe. Yay...this is the first time I experience to wear the graduation robe. It is a very wonderful feeling wearing the graduation robe. It was a very memorable night to me. Half of the total of our parents did not come and we were arranged to sit together at the last table. We actually took a lot of photos together at the back of the room. We really had very good time. We are genuinely making friends and being sincere to everyone. I really like the time being together with them, working hard together with them.

We were also given a project to do where we have to shoot for a commercial for the product that we were assigned. There were 4 groups of us and each group pick different product. The products are Curry soap, fish and chip toothpaste, petai flavoured drink, and product that my group did is durian perfume. Such a project is kinda challenging and we need a lot of brainstorming. And, because of this project, we need to stay up late until 1-2am while we have to wake up by 7am on next day.

On the forth day's night, we had a lil party gathering where 17 of us gathered in one's room and we played truth or dare game. Well, I have to keep everything and everything stays there as everybody has promised to each other, so I cannot write it out here describing what had happened. Anyway, it is really an unforgettable night for me.

Compared to last some other similar programmes that I had attended, I reckon that this programme will be the best as I really have fun in there and learnt a lot of lessons which help me a lot. Perhaps this programme has indeed increased my confidence level to be able to speak up in the public. However, I still need to be well-prepared in order to give a good presentation.

Indeed, everyday is memorable for me. I will miss all you guys. We shall keep in touch.

Song that cause our tears drop!!!

I have added some effects and the titles in.
* I don't know how to put the titles at the bottom.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Graduated but unemployed

Woohoo... I can finally graduate. I was so worried that I could not because of the auditing paper as I knew I truly screwed it up. Fortunately, I passed it. I really only get a PASS for it at 56%. sad case. Since I aimed for only pass, I should feel satisfied with it. This is my worst subject and grades that I ever obtained in my whole degree.

Other subjects are quite okay as all are credit and above.

Though results released on the 3rd December 2007, I updated my blog so late because I'm not free. lol...

Since I'm graduated, I'm no longer a student. Phew...student life is finally leaving me. I reckon that i enjoyed my student life during the whole degree course though sometimes I'd face some difficulties. I'm no longer a Sunway student....wait!!! But I can be an alumni. does that work for us? I have never been an alumni of any of my schools that I had attended.

I wish I can still further my study without any obstruction. hee...I wish I can overcome all the coming stress in terms of working and study!!!

By the way, just found that I'm officially unemployed though I'm officially graduated!!! O no, another worry for me. I wish I can get into one of the Big 4 accounting firms. But somehow I lack of confidence in getting the job offer as it is so competitive now. Especially I worry that I may fail the assessment which requires me to write a KARANGAN. That would be my big weakness. I did not practice my Malay since 2002. It is about 5 years ago. help...!!!

Anyway, as long as I can graduate, I'm satisfied and also get a job offer from one of the Big4 accounting firms. I wanna get move on in my life. :P Perhaps I need to thanks to all my friends' wishes and encouragement :D


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