Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 22nd Birthday

:: With secondary school buddies ::

KK told me that she is employed by a Dubai company and will be leaving in 1 month time. Therefore, we shall gather on 25 August, before she leaves. This is the reason to ask me out to celebrate my birthday hoping giving me a surprise celebration. I believed it at the first stage. When she told me that she got instant reply to offer her a job, I was hesitating then.

The day before the celebration, KY smsed me that she wanted to follow my car to join the celebration. There I confirmed that they were preparing me a birthday celebration. hahaha...Well, anyway, I did not drive and it is usually I DON'T have to drive (every year also like that, lolx).

We went to shabu shabu steamboat restaurant in Kepong to have dinner. Yea, foods are fresh and delicious. There were 11 of us. Yea, we had good time there, happily enjoyed our dinner...

We took some photos there.

Yea, guys, I love the present, thanks...!!!

:: Birthday card custom made by YH ::

:: Front page ::

:: Second and third page ::

:: Best Buddies (Guys) ::

:: Best buddies (Gals) ::

:: Total presents I got this year ::

:: Video taken by TL while celebrating with my secondary school buddies ::

:: With Family ::

Though it is simple, I like it. My mom bought Marble Cheese cake from Secret Recipe. favourite!!! (O ya, my secondary school buddies also bought me Cheese cake from King's)

:: Present from J ::

On 29 August, early morning, before I went out to university, someone gave me a call to ensure that I wasn't out before 11am. Later on, when I walked to downstairs, I saw a boutique of roses was near the entrance of our main door. Someone delivered it to my house and my mom signed it as I was still upstairs. Thanks for J for the surprise present for my birthday. I like the fresh roses. They are beautiful.

:: This is also another present, from J ::

:: With primary school friends ::

KE is a girl whose birthday is just next day of my birthday. She decided to celebrate together at 29 August night in Low Yat's Red Box. KG came to fetch me to KL. There are about 10 people in the room. They are all crazy. They are unable to sit and sing. All of them must stand in front of the big screen TV to sing and dance. Especially after they had selected English pop songs, they couldn't even stop making loud loud voice.

I did not stay too late, I left at about 1130pm as I have 930am class in next day. I know that they all really crazy playing until next morning at 4am. Most of them have to work some more...I salute them!!!

Not to forget, thanks JY and KG for the birthday presents.

:: KE and I The birthday girls ::

:: My lovely primary school friends ::

:: All guys and girls ::

:: Everyone cheers ::

Yea, I had had fun in the week of my birthday. I appreciate that my family and my friends celebrated my birthday. Thanks again for all the birthday present as well as wishes through sms-es, and calls.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


hahahahaha...advertise here a bit. :P

Lately, there is a new innovation, a portable oral care kit, is introduced into the market. This portable oral care kit is suitable for people who frequently travel as it is convenient to carry around. It is a small compact case contains with tooth brush, tooth pick and tooth gel. It looks cool though!!!

There are 5 different colors: blue, green, white, pink and black.

Visit the website for more details by clicking here. There will be free gifts giving out buying from Daren.

(Done by Daren)

Note: I don't get even a penny by promoting this!!! :P

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mid-Sem break

yea, so fast it is mid-sem break lo. It is time to rest. hahaha...

Well, to tell the truth I have been very LAZY over the 4 weeks since the semester started. I still did my tutorial works though...Anyway, those are very incompleted le...hahaha...just lucky that lecturers discussed questions that I did. hahaha...if they went beyond, and I was the one who was asked to answer, I would be dead!!!

I have delayed a lot of my work. Well, talking about my delayed work, reminds me of my assignments. year assignments are truly different from first and second year. In auditing subject, we are required to do critique. Who are we to critic anyway? It is very tough though...I guess with the help from my kind and helpful lecturer should have no problem. hahaha...

Still remember yesterday went to see him to present our first draft, our work is damn bad!!! A lot of areas need to be improved. Please understand that this is the first time I do critique...

Additionally, final subject is not EASY at all. So far, the perception I got from AFA (Advanced financial accounting) is a subject study accounting standards while auditing is a subject study auditing standards.

Gosh..I hate accounting and auditing standards. They are totally different. There are 2 different handbooks. Each handbook is about 5cm++ thick. joke!!! What is worse is that we are not allowed to bring handbooks into the exam hall. How are we going to memorise a damn thick book?

Another subject, taxation law, is closed-book exam. Anyway, we are allowed to bring in 20 pages of papers or notes. Or else, many people may fail the paper (including me). How the hell we can remember all cases and legislations? We are not lawyer though...hahahah...really salute those future lawyers...

Seem like I have to spend my holidays in my study. There will be few tests coming up after holidays too...*going insane*

My "honey moon" ends!!! Start working now!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yea, there was a house warming held yesterday (11/8) whereby we all siblings invited all our friends to come and visit our house. At the same time, it is also celebrating my first younger brother’s 21st birthday.

My uni buddies (4 people) are the earliest one to arrive my house!!! It supposed to start at 7pm, but they reached half hour earlier. Unfortunately, M couldn’t join us as he kept turing to the wrong place and ended up going to the direction to his home. *Sigh*

Second group of people (3 People) are my ex-colleagues from FCE. In fact, one of my ex-colleague from MR, K, also came early.

I asked them to get their foods to eat and chit-chat with them. Soon, my third group of friends, secondary school buddies (9 gentlemen) came and when I planned to have my dinner at their table, (after I got my foods), I saw my primary school’s (KM) buddies came again (10 people) and I have to give up my foods and find a table for them to sit.

After I got table for them, I ended up having my dinner with my primary school friends. I was with them for longer time, then I have to accompany my uni buddies, ex-colleagues, and secondary school buddies…I was busy walking (or even running) here and there (everywhere!!!).

I feel sorry that I spent quite little time with all of them. Such small numbers of people are sufficient to cause me to run around…whereby there are also some people cancelled it last minutes, I would be much busier…!!!

About 10pm++ only my best friends (2 lasses) came. I feel sad that YH (one of my best friends in secondary school) did not join my house warming without giving a reasonable reason. Well, it is not that I need a solid reason from her, it is just the matter of what has happened to her lately…she does not seem to join us anymore…and she refuses to share with us…

I did not expect that I received so many gifts and greetings cards from all my dear friends. Thank you so much, all buddies and I appreciate that you all spared your free time in my house warming, coming all the way from Cheras, Kepong, and Subang. Hope that you all enjoyed the dinner…and thanks for all the gifts and greetings cards…

However, I have not done my tutorial work at all, shit. Have been busy for whole day and later I have to give tuition to my cousin on accounting. There go my whole weekends. I did not do any of the tutorial work for coming week.

Anyway, I have been very reluctant to do my work as it was still early semester which made me tend to feel I’m in honey period so I relax my self.

Gosh…gotta rush for it now…

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The other day I was telling my friend, JY, that I unable to identify my non-academic achievement for the purposes of applying job. In order to join Sunway SMART programme (one of the management training program), I need to fill an application form and at the last part there asks for my non-academic achievement.

Then he volunteered himself to think for me. I thought he was just joking. After one day, I was chit-chatting with him, we mentioned about Genting. Then I realised that since I have reached my legal age to go into casino, I have not been there still. Later, I told him the story about how I sneaked into the casino while I was under age.

This is the story I told him: It was 2 years ago. I went there with my ex-colleagues. They are all adults except myself. As they wanna go into casino and impossible to leave me outside, therefore think of a way for me to sneak in. One of the ex-colleague's gf took out her IC and lent me. Then they asked me to hold the guy's hand to pretend as my bf to bring me in.

When passing by the guard, DEFINITELY I looked under age and stopped me, asked: IC please? Then I took out the borrowed IC and showed. The STUPID guard took some time to 'verify' it and LET ME IN. 0.0

When I told until here, he stopped me and said: Neh!!!this is your non-academic achievement lo...hahahaha...He made me could not talk for a while...hahahaha...


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