Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cameron Highlands trip

Trip to Cameron Highlands with my primary school classmates from Kung Min. 8 persons of us, 3 guys and 5 girls.

First day
I stayed far away from them, so they gathered and had breakfast before meeting me. I did not join them because nobody can fetch me to Cheras so early. After their breakfast, they started their journey to meet me, but they went the wrong way. I waited at the agreed place for 1 hour. hahaha...therefore, when we all reached Cameron Highlands, it was afternoon.

All of us were starving. We then had our lunch before we checked in (my first lunch with this group of people) our rented apartment.

After we had settled down, some took nap, some of them watched TV (there is Astro) as it was raining and we couldn't go out. When it was drizzle we all went to night market to buy some vegetables (for our dinner, steamboat) and also bought some other stuffs. It was raining though when we were in night market.

We all happily had our dinner, steamboat, once we got back to apartment. When it was near late night, we all played card game (I believed most people will do) and loser will have to drink alcohol, Black Label. JYong brought it to share with us. We bought 3 bottles of 1.5 litre coca-cola to mix with.

We drank until we finished the 3 bottles of coke and only half bottle of Black Label is drunk, perhaps less than half bottle. Everyone is looked drunk. Some of us do not get used to drink alcohol so frequently tend to have red on face. I'm one of them. =p Luckily there are few rounds where they drank for me. Otherwise, I maybe ended up thrown out before I slept that night.

When everyone is ready to sleep (we played game in living area), everyone just sat on sofa ready to fell asleep. As a result, everyone squeezed in living area for 1 night. I did not sleep well...:(

The next day, went to tea garden for a walk before we left there. We lack of time to go to strawberry park still we bought strawberries, and sweet corns...Later we thought of going to Ipoh to have chicken rice so we left Cameron to Ipoh. When we reached the entrance of highway, we realised that time is not early anymore, so decided to go back KL. There we skipped our lunch. Everyone starved like hell. When we reached KL, it is time for us to have dinner...

Seriously, I had fun in this trip. I'm glad to meet my primary school friends back and able to go for a trip with them too...Love you guys for bringing me good memory and happy moment...

:: Night market in Cameron Highlands, it was raining though ::

:: Steamboat as our dinner ::

:: Lots of foods...yummy ::

:: All 8 of us ::

::When just arrived tea garden ::

:: Nice view in tea garden ::

:: Yea, all of us standing in the tea garden ::

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hopefully it will be my last sem if I don't fail any subject at the end of the day and I will graduate finally after 3 years of studying my degree. This could be a boring post I reckon and can just ignore it without reading the whole post...=p

First day back to Sun-U, Sun-U is so empty after Monash Uni has moved to their newly built campus. I think there will be more parking spaces, less people in the foyer and cafeteria, but it wasn't really. Cafeteria is still crowded but may not be as crowded as used to be.

There are so many changes in Sun-U. Sunway Information center is shifted to former Monash information center. We used to attend lectures in auditoriums in Sunway block, but now have all shifted to Monash block's lecture theaters. Used to attend tutorials in Sunway block's classrooms have also switched to Monash block's classroom. There are also many areas are under constructions. Not only our classes venue change, lecture's also move room. hahaha...

Now it is much easier to locate them because all VU lecturers are all now moved to the same floor staff rooms, where used to be used by Monash lecturers. Last time, all VU lecturers were all over in different floors and different blocks. When I went to see lecturers, I can see every single lecturer who I knew are there and greet them.

Every lecturer is sharing the room. I guess they are temporarily using the rooms because I told Dr. C (My finance lecturer) who used to have a private room with 1 air-cond and comfortably seated, that previous room would be more comfortable rather than now is sharing. He replied that he will have future even better room to sit in. haha...I don't know how...I hope I can see it, since I maybe graduating soon. Mr. J shares the room with Dr. C said that he can see what he (Dr. C) is doing usually in front of the computer. hahahah...

Today, when I walked into the campus, while walking I was thinking...this would be my last half year having student life, last half year to hold books on hand, carry a bag, play a student role and walk in this campus. *sad* There would be end of my student life.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just came back from...yam cha. Before this, I had a gathering with secondary school friends in The Ship, Damansara Utama. Indeed, attendance of this year has deteriorated as compared to last few years. There were above 20 people in the gathering in the past. This year, there are only 19, cannot even hit my target at 20. aiks...just that some of them are not in Malaysia or at outstation on gathering date and some are just cannot make it because of having something to busy with. Also, my form teacher cannot make it to attend. *sad*

I'm the organiser of the gathering. I told everyone to be there at 7pm sharp. For those who cannot make it, I told them: try to make it. On the other hand, I told The Ship's manager that my dinner starts at 730pm. the end, everyone looked 'punctual' as they came before 730pm but after 7pm. Me came at the earliest with KK and YH. (I don't cheat you all purposely, just that I wish all of you can be punctual by allowing you all to be late for half hour, isn't that good for you? =p)

Slowly everyone was arriving. WJ is the last one who came after 730pm. Even our main course is served, he wasn't there yet.

I hope everyone enjoyed the meal though it is expensive. I thought it is quite worth for RM40 nett to have a soup, main course, drink and desert. The first two are still acceptable and quite satisfied, but the drink is just fruit drink and the desert was just 6 small pieces of fruit. OMG...I thought it would be something like ice-cream and/or banana...(when the manager discuss the menu with me was like that, I assume he forgot about it, plus I did not remind him when I got the menu) I feel like he cheated me.

I don't care whether he forgot or cheated me, I don't feel satisfied with his service attitude. He expected me to give him the order in advance at least one day before, but he sent me the menu just on this Wednesday (which is 3 days before). I was thinking that if he did not give me the menu on Wednesday, I wouldn't want to have gathering there, I would just shift the venue of gathering (as I did ask for other restaurant).

I know everyone is not satisfied with the drink and desert. sigh... Because of the fruit drink is not so suitable for them, they ordered sky juice to replace it. We thought it is it is just sky juice. Some of them said it is free in KL's The Ship. When the bill is presented, I saw they charged us on the sky juice for 19 people at RM10. WTH???

After dinner, we took photos obviously and celebrated JX's birthday there. We all stayed there until about 10pm++, someone said: abandon ship (means leave The Ship). Earlier while we were waiting for WJ, MK told him on phone that "The Ship" had left. hahaha..damn funny...

BW left us after dinner in The Ship. We all went to second round in TTDI's mamak. YC ordered Roti Tisu and was served, but the waiter heard Roti Susu. YC hates milk the most and she asked if anyone wanted to eat it for her. But no one dared to eat it. KK came out an idea that why not we play a game and those who lose will have to eat a portion of the Roti Susu...Great idea!!!

Game we played is called: Bing Bang Wa. sounds funny, it is very challenging though, as it tests on how fast you can react. Thus, the roti is not wasted and everyone had fun!!!

Third round at somewhere near my house. Went to a mamak stall again. This time, there are only the gang of us. chit chatting there for hour and back home to rest as guys have plan to go to durian hill to get durians at very early in the morning.

Please comment on the food you just eaten or any other suggestion you have if you are my secondary school classmate after reading this. Thank you so much...I need comment from all...

:: All of us who came for gathering ::

Friday, July 20, 2007

New sem, new hair cut

After I signed up for tutorials, I went to Pyramid alone to get the right setting on my modem and 2pm went to trim my hair as I made an appointment with A Cut Above Academy. My hair is cut by an apprenticeship, Reese Pu, with less than 4 months experience.

I paid only RM5 for shampoo, cut and blowdry, which actual is RM12 since I have a voucher got from VU nite 2007. Desperate to see my new look? haha...In fact, I just cut it short, THAT'S ALL. Not much different compared with my previous hair style. See...!!!

:: How is my new hair cut? ::

Don't worry, those apprenticeships are looked after. Those so-called 'sifu' will guide them and teach them. Before it is done, the 'sifu' will trim it him/herself to make it better.

Anyway, it is not comparable to those professional obviously. One thing I don't like is that she cut my hair until so short...:'( no more long long hair...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

When I first time went Titiwangsa (not as in first time being there, is my first time visit the 'Eye on Malaysia') with J, we unable to board on the ferris wheel because the queue was just too long.

I went there for second time with LY, LY's fren, Sa, DD, and Sh (DD's bf) in the afternoon. It was raining and it stopped when we just arrived there. The queue is so short or no queue at all. When we just to prepare to buy tickets, the people that were in front of us were boarding the 'car' of ferris wheel.

What's the feeling sitting in there? To tell the truth, no much excitement it gives me. Just go up and down for about 4 rounds, RM15 is gone. Of course, I took some photos lo...see!!!

:: Ferris wheel, Eye on Malaysia ::

:: Ticket booth ::

:: About to board ::

:: Inside the 'car' of ferris wheel ::

:: DD, I, and Sa's half body ::

:: LY, I, and Sa's hand ::

:: Taman Tasek Titiwangsa ::

Will be updated again when I get other photos from DD.


A cool movie I ever watched!!!

I like... no, love it very much...

That's all I wanna comment about it. =p

Nobody should miss the chance to catch this movie!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early in the morning, my sis and I went to Neway in 1U to sing k at 11am. We were arranged into room 18. Initially, I booked room for only 4 people (YY, SX, LY and I). There were 6 at the end, because my sis decided to follow after I booked the room and LY brought her friend along, S, so number of people increased.

When everyone was there, the staffs there saw that we were squeezing in the room and decided to allow us to change a bigger room, which is really a huge room with 4 mics le...I believe there can fit 10 people.

We had good lunch and enjoyed ourselves there. Then we went shopping a while and later went to play pool for one hour. hahahaha...

:: I'm pool-ing ::

After pool-ing, we all went to The Curve as we decided to go to Sanctuary's Ice Bar since we planned. However, we were there and told Ice Bar is opened at 8pm and we will have to drink Vodka in the room. We were erm....(nobody wants to drink alcohol) and left there.

Then we walked around (shopping), LY and I bought a tube from MNG. We had no where to go and decided to have dinner. We then started searching where to eat....searching, searching, searching...finally, we settled down in Vivo. favourite, because there serves pizzas, pastas, cheesy foods...

Yummy...mushroom soup, garlic breads, and cheese baked rice with ham, and cheese cake, are really tasty...we had eaten so much of cheese as we even asked for Parmesan cheese. hahaha...

:: In Vivo restaurant waiting for dinner to be served::

After dinner at 8pm, we went back to Santuary and asked whether we can go into the Ice bar or not without drinking any alcohol. The staff suggested that we can go in to have a look and then come out to have a drink in their bar (outside of the Ice bar). We happily went in and told a bartender so that he could bring us in.

We were allowed to go in for 2 minutes where indeed we spent longer than that in the Ice bar. We kept taking photos in the Ice bar. It is really a cool place. The Ice bar is actually a quite small room and can only fit about 10 people will be considered crowded and the room is not allowed for more than 10 people to go in. Therefore, cannot go in group at at least 10 people. The room has running temperature at -15 degree celcius. It is DAMN FREEZING COLD inside. We all just went in without wearing the jacket provided as we thought we will go in for a while only.

Just a while, we were freezing like mad. After ''visiting'' Ice bar, we left without drinking any their drinks there as we were still full. Therefore, we shopped around again only we left The Curve.


:: Alcohol bottles inside ice bar ::

:: Bar tender in ice bar ::

:: Ice cubes on wall ::

:: LY, SX, YY ::

:: My sis and I ::

:: LY is freezing ::

:: Five of us in ice bar ::

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Only work part time for 1-week, thought it would be 2-week. LY and I finished our job already, therefore we are not needed anymore and were told: no need to come tomorrow.

We happily went back home. Planning with LY to go Sanctuary in The Curve, where there is an Ice bar. hahaha...feel like going there very long already. But seem like not everyone is free and not so interested...anyone interested? If it can be successfully planned, then I will try to take as much photo as possible to share...hahahahha...wait ya...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

SL's wedding

Early in the morning, I gotta wake up because today is my primary school best friend's wedding. I'm chosen to be her 'ji mui' (sister). I have to reach there by 830am. Since these few days I tend to overslept, I tried not to sleep late, still I ended up slept at almost 1am. I'm just too busy =p I even woke up few times because of too worrying that I might oversleep.

Yesterday, I was outside whole day because I worked part time and then had dinner with SC and SX to discuss a case study until early night time at about 930pm.

Anyway, I reached there by 845am. 3 other 'ji mui' were there preparing something to 'hing dai' (brother). There is a lot of 'ji mui' will ask for angpow and if it is too little, we will ask for more until we are satisfied only we opened the door to allow them to come in. We also made the 'hing dai' gang to drink something that is mixed with different things matter is chilies, pepper, lime...bla bla bla...must be tasting weird...hahaha...However, they are not gentleman they threw it away...

I got to know some friends there, but we did not exchange phone number because thought will meet and talk with each other during the dinner. However, I was sitting too far from them, so I did not talk to them. I sat with one of my primary classmate, YM and SL's secondary school best friend, D and SL's relatives (they are all uncles and aunties)...

:: Sie Wee and See Li ::

:: me dressing up normal for the wedding dinner ::

Wish SL and SW have a good marriage and together forever...

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Thursday, July 05, 2007


holidays...? yea, suppose to be enjoying my holidays...

LY smsed me one day asked me whether interested in working for 2-week part time for RM50 per day from 9am to 5pm. Since I don't have much things to do, so I decided to work.

Therefore, I would start to work in next day. Unfortunately, I overslept. phew...850am, SC called me asked whether I reached the company already or not. Then only I realised that I overslept. I then told LY that I wanted to start another next day. What an embarrassment to bet be late to work at the first day. Hopefully, they won't find out from here...=p

Anyway, I went to work on another next day, the boss did not question me on my absenteeism. Anyhow, we were paid daily. The day you go to work, you will get paid. Otherwise, no.

My job is as simple as typing only. I'm in charge on the database which will be bored in short while. hahaha...On the other hand, LY and SC are working on telemarketing, calling real estate agents and valuers to join a seminar...

Today, is the second day I worked. After working (get paid), three sakai(s) went to 1U intended to catch a movie, but did not because the movie is not shown. Then we SHOPPED. hahaha...I bought few things because I got the CASH now...hahaha...At the end, I used up all my pay today. hahaha...including my dinner expense.

Indeed, today I overslept again. I just don't know why I overslept. Last time, I would still be able to wake up regardless how late I slept. All my friends said that I'm pig. :( It was 820am and I woke up suddenly and realised that I overslept, I quickly brushed teeth, simply grabbed something to fill my stomach and drove at F1 speed (jk la...impossible) heading to DU (my work place). Luckily all the way I went there wasn't jammed badly. I'm lucky again, I reached there at SHARP 9am. hee...=p

O ya...on the first day I worked, I parked legally but got summon because I paid only for 1hour parking and was caught. =.= worked for RM50, RM30 is gone for the fine. Shit...Unlucky...:(

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SCSC launch talk video

One and the only one club I joined and actively participated in is SCSC, Sunway CPA Student Charter. Below is the link to watch our launch talk video, uploaded by VP of SCSC, F...
Click this link to watch:


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