Thursday, June 28, 2007

Previously, there was malfunction of their system in deducting credit for printing. It is corrected and we cannot 'cheat' already.

However, my sister's friend found another malfunction of the autopay machine in Sun-U. In Sun-U, their parking system is using that kind of similar type of machine that can be seen in shopping center parking. Whoever wants to park in Sun-U compound have to take a ticket and then go in the compound and park. It is fixed at RM2 per entry. You can pay whenever you want before you exit the car park area.

The malfunction of machine is the timing of the machine that gives out ticket is different from the timing of autopay machine. I think it is about 5 minutes difference. That day, after I got the ticket, I quickly find a parking space and then walked to the autopay machine immediately and insert the ticket. The autopay machine showed: Paid: RM 0.00. Then the ticket is returned and printed paid. I saw the timing difference is 3 minutes (I assume I used 2 minutes to find parking space). Then only walked slowly to car to take all my needed stuffs. haha...

This is the disadvantage of using machine for Sun-U...=p

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthdays and interview

27 June is E's birthday, it is also SH's birthday. E, there is someone has the same birth date with you. She is our classmate...

E is in Australia so cannot celebrate with him, but friends and I sent him wishes. This date is when E turns 21st and 22nd for SH i guess. =p

SH asked me out for lunch in Pyramid. Although I wasn't close to her, we were chatting like very close friend until we almost forgot about our interview time, our interview with ECM Libra Avenue at 2pm.

According to the list, there should be 11 people would attend the interview, but D cannot come. During the interview, he asked me to talk about my family and my education background. From there we have a relaxing chat. Then come to serious questions like: What do you know about ECM? What is the difference between a commercial bank and investment bank? Then from what you answer he will ask accordingly more. The interview ended with my questions and his answers.

After that, I have to sit for a 20 minutes of written test with title: What do you think about "TAK NAK CAMPAIGN". I wrote out whatever is in my mind.

Salary paid is relatively high though for the Management Associate Programme.

Last but not least, Happy birthday to E and SH.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today sat for the last paper, an open-book exam. During the exam, I went to washroom and on my way back to the hall, I saw NL as he was standing outside of the hall. I was just smiling to him, he suddenly asked: Sheau Ruh, how? I stood there and stun a while as I did not expect him to ask me any question. I then just said: so...*smile*. Then another lecturer who taught me "Introduction to Marketing", Ms. H, was beside him, and so... Feel kinda of insulting. :P

After exam, three of us, SC, DD and I rushed to 1U to catch a movie at 530pm while our exam ended at 445pm. We met up with LY, M, SX, my sis and her friend. We watched "Fantastic 4". was quite nice...

Then dinner together at Murni until about 930pm.

Once I reached home, I'm actually exhausted, but excited because I feel so relieve as I finished my exams. Anyway, got a lot of things to do like attending interview tomorrow, which I have to prepare cover letter by now, attending M's 21st birthday party in this coming sunday, and before going for his party, I will go sing k with 'ji mui' gang (yea yea...*excited*), attending my friend's wedding in another sunday (Fun, my first time le...), have to find time to plan for my secondary school gathering (gosh...annual thing for me to do), where I need to find a place for us to gather.

Somehow I become my cousin's tuition teacher for accounting. My aunty looked for me in last Sunday and asked me to teach her daughter accounting. Gosh...this is my first time teaching or giving tuition people. Can I handle?

My holidays is as short as 3-week. :(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lengthy exam period

Up to now, after two weeks of exam period, I only finished my third paper. It is very suffering having a three-week long of exam time table.

When I just got my exam time table, I was so fulfilled as the exam dates are really nicely arranged whereby I have time to do revision after each paper. Exam date between my first paper and second paper is one-week gap and there is one day gap to prepare my third paper. Then my last paper will be after 4 days of the third paper.

Nevertheless, I feel so suffering because of exam period is too long. How I wish the exam ended tomorrow. I'm tired doing revision everyday. Doing the same thing (revision) once I wake up, for whole day. Most of the universities' exam period is almost ending. Friends from Monash are all now enjoying their 1-month holidays.

Especially, on the exam day itself, I even feel like vomiting. Just like today. I totally refused and even had stopped my revision. I had my nap, later chit-chat with my sibling before I went to university. Just relax myself...

Anyway, having back-to-back 3-day of exam will be even a nightmare though so far I do not have such arrangement on my exam time table yet. I don't wish to have it though. =P

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Worry mode

I'm so worried...Indeed, I'm not worried so much on whether I do enough of my revision for my coming finance subjects exams or not, but I'm worried that NL, my finance subjects lecturer, taught us the wrong formulas. Somehow, I started to think like that. Anyway, it is unlikely la because he is already a senior lecturer and has so many years of experience in teaching finance subjects.

Just that I was practising on one question that NL had revised with us. But I had never seen that formula before at all from the entire subject, I was then wondering is that the correct way of doing it? How come when my Australian subject coordinator was here and never taught us that though he taught us that topic during the block teaching. Perhaps, the subject coordinator was using different question for explanation rather than the question that NL had revised with us during the revision week.

Hopefully that method of solving the question is correct!!! God bless me!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spiderman 3

As subject suggests, I watched this movie in this afternoon with TL, one of my secondary school ex-classmate, was my assistant too. haha...:P We are the left out persons who had not watched this movie. :( This sounds that we are so outdated as the movie has been showing for 1 month, only we watched it now.

Spent half a day outside as I reached home by evening, I was exhausted. In fact, we did not go anywhere, simply just watch a movie in 1U, I was exhausted. I'm old...:P I then got no energy to study anymore... =.=

Friday, June 01, 2007

Real marriage

I received a message from one of my primary school friend whom we were best friend during our primary school time.

In the message she mentioned that she is going to get married in next month. My first impression was that must be kidding because I have been receiving these kind of messages from many of my friends saying that they are going to get married on a particular date that is not exist at all, such as 29 Feb 2007, or 31 June 2007, bla bla bla...

However, when I read again the message, though she did not mention the time, it does not sound like a joking message. I then replied her to ask for confirmation. She was wondering why did I doubt? and saying that she won't make joke on these stuffs. (Who knows? Since I have been receiving such messages)

Then she asked me to be her 'ji mui' (sister). She is my good friend since young, so why not? I called her up to ask for more information because messaging is very troublesome!!! Need to wait, and soon my inbox maybe full!!! =.= By the way, her wedding will be held on either 7th or 8th July 2007. By that time, I will have finished my exams and can enjoy myself...

Anyway, I realised, she did not ask any other primary school ex-classmate go except me as she said she has lost contact with them for long. Then, I will be alone there, knowing nobody there. :( Scare will be bored. No companion.

This will be my first time attending my ex-classmate's wedding. yea...finally I got this chance. haha...:P Another problem is that I will be alone eating and sitting with one whole bunch unknown people around me in dinner. Should I go for the dinner?

Nevertheless, SL, here is my wish for you. Congrates, hope you have a good marriage forever and stay happy forever together.


Wow, first time had sushi as dinner at home.

Today is actually my second younger brother's birthday, therefore my dad bought a Tiramisu flavour cake from Bee's and sushi from Jusco as our dinner. My dad bought bread from King's which one roll costs RM18. huh...It is unbelievable that bread will cost RM18 each roll. Definitely, it tastes fantastic.

Once my parents came back, I arranged about 10 boxes of sushi on table. Wanted to take photos, but no camera!! :( My camera's charger is spoilt and not bought yet.

I like to have dinner at home because can feel the happiness being all together. We talk, eat, sharing stuffs...usually I will use this chance to ask 'permission' to do something like going out late, go for trip...This is what I used to do. Nowadays, if i wanna go out, just sort of inform them (also ask permission) and can just get out from the house. haha...

Before we started our dinner, we sang birthday song to my brother, then presented him the birthday present that my sister and I just bought yesterday. :P We ate the cake and sushi as our dinner.

We all can not finish everything (10 boxes of sushi), so put it in refrigerator. Someone will eat them later because my family members like to eat supper especially my brothers. haha...

My brother likes the T-Shirt we bought for him. yea...Happy Birthday to JC.


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