Saturday, April 28, 2007

VU Nite 2007

Wonderful night spent on 27 April 2007 in Sheraton Hotel, Subang.

Before the prom night I attended a talk by The Body Shop with title, Make me fabulous. They taught us girls how to make up. haha... However, I left in the middle of the talk because DD and I had made an appointment to set up our hair and make up for later prom night.

It costs me RM 95 for everything to set up my hair and make up. It should be RM 80 where additional RM 15 is charged for the stylish clip they put on my hair. =.=

We reached sharp 7pm in Ballroom Selangor 1 & 2, Sheraton Hotel. When we reached, I have the feelings that we had gone to the wrong ballrooms because all the people gathered there are unknown to me. Perhaps all of them are juniors. It has indeed proven as I saw few of my sister's friends were there and my sister told me that they are studying in VU now.

It started with speeches by VUBC's president, Director of programme, Mrs. L, and Puan Sri Datin Dr. Susan Cheah. The opening ceremony is cool as well. It was opened by Mrs. L and Puan Sri Datin Dr. Susan Cheah where they put in a key look 'key' to a box on the stage and on top of the box, there was a crystal ball. When both of them just touched the crystal ball, pop..pop..pop...wah...those colorful paper strated dropping from nice le!!!

Then there were performances of various bands from VU. I heard that last year many lecturers were dancing on stage. However, this year, there are none of the lecturers are presenting. so sad...

We all took photos everywhere regardless with lecturers or this is memorable...Additionally, this will be my LAST time to attend VU nite. (Hopefully I don't fail any subject and able to graduate successfully end of 2007)

There was lucky draw session where I told DD that I may not be that lucky to win the lucky draw out of about 300 people in this ball. This is because I had been attending so much of balls but I never got any lucky draw so far. :P

Anyway, all of us were still pay attention on it see whether the number announced matched with our ticket number or not. In the forth lucky draw, it announced 0218. SW straight away told me that it is my number. I then looked at my ticket matched!!!

I then went on stage to get my present!!! haha...happy!!!

Wanna know what's that? It is only a kettle la. Nothing much!!! haha...

Photo session:

:: This is the stage, theme of that night was RETRO ::

:: My hair was set like this on that night ::

:: Guess where is it? In TOILET le... ::

:: In the ballroom before the nite started ::

:: Again, in toilet ::

:: Posing ::

:: 4 sexy babes ::

:: Kiss kiss ::

:: Cheers ::

:: Me, D, LY, S ::

:: Mrs. L, Director of AUP ::

:: Puan Sri Datin Dr Susan Cheah and Ms. E, executive director of Sun-U ::

:: My most admired and respected accounting lecturer, Mr. F ::

:: Ms. L, Admin director of AUP and Ms. C, most leng lui charming lecturer ::

:: Dr. C, my kind and helpful banking subject lecturer ::

:: Ms. J, my first year microeconomics lecturer ::

:: Smile ::

:: Beloved seniors, H, M, and R (from left to right)::

:: D and I ::

:: M and I ::

Monday, April 23, 2007

Last day in CA block teaching on Sunday. When SC and I reached the classroom that we were going to attend our lectures there, there were people inside and we thought they would finish class by the time when we wanted to use it.

However, it was not. By that time, more and more of our classmates reached already. We reported it to Mr. F that our classroom was being occupied. I guess this is the maintenance department's fault. Mr. F had actually booked the room for our class but it is now occupied by others.

Later on, one guy from that class asked us questions which showed all his arrogance with his tone. They claimed that they always used this room for their class. I guess this should be ACCA student as this program always has weekends classes.

He knew Mr. F is our lecturer and he asked us how long has he been teaching here? What program are we from? What is Mr. F teaching? bla bla bla...Excuse me, Mr. F is a senior lecturer. There is a rumor that Mr. F is going to take over Ms. I position, assistant director, once she retires, ok? Such a rude student and never seem to respect others. Not qualified to be a professional at all if he is from ACCA.

Of course we found another Audi for our classes then...

Friday, April 20, 2007

CA block teaching

Suppose I finished classes by 1230pm and attended a talk by Contact Sinagpore until 3pm, I had CA block teaching to attend from 330pm to 530pm.

Dr. N, CA Australian subject coordinator, is a nice person. He looks professional. Somehow I heard from senior the day before that he was not really good but got no idea in what aspect. I should have asked. How nice is he?

I ever see any lecturer still using secondary or even primary school style to give lecture. Before he started, he said that he realised his students would prefer him to put transparencies on projector and he will write important notes on the transparencies rather than showing us only the power point.

I thought it was a good idea because in that circumstances, we won't be missing any important points. He taught us slowly and waited us to copy his notes on transparencies. This teaching method does not make me feel comfortable as it was becoming boring.

Usually, foreign lecturer's classes are always quiet in Malaysia. It is the same in my evening class. I started yawning after 1/2 hour of the lecture. :P I forced myself to listen his lecture.

It is rarely to find any lecturer who still using this kind of method in tertiary education level.

Haha...I know E must be complaining that his lectures are boring always...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I joined Sunway CPA Student Charter, SCSC, basically is an accounting club, just that it is backed by CPA Australia. We just create a fantastic name rather than a normal name as accounting club. It sounds boring though.

Today is the first day we started to recruit members to join our club. Early morning, I helped out in setting up booth. 930am to 1030am was my duty shift.

Basically, another busy day for me. Whenever is my break, I was at the booth there trying to help out. And asked many of my classmates to join our club. We able to recruit quite a number of members. So happy...

After dinner at night, I got a lot of things to do, writing cover letter for proposal, starting my IPM assignment and to amend my CA assignment. Are 2 hours enough for me to do all these?

I really lack of time...

Spare tyre was stolen

This morning after I opened the front gate to reverse my car preparing to go to university, I saw my dad's car's spare tyre is missing. OMG...
In fact, before this, it happened once that there were some cheap pigs trying to steal my dad's car spare tyre. You know? CRV's spare tyre is hung behind the car. They just open my front gate and trying to steal but was realised by my dad. Therefore they failed to steal it.
I guess this time were the same persons. I wonder why those cheap pigs wanna steal the spare tyre. So uneducated as if stealing is an legal action to do.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skipped my lunch

I wore formal to uni today as there is a mock up networking with employers and we were asked to wear our formal attire.

First class started at 930am. Early in the morning, it was CLD tute. There is only 1 question to discuss this week and then NL started his life experience some more. I guess by the end of this semester, we will know about him very details even when he born? how old is he? how many children he has? what is his wife name? who is she? stay where? bla bla bla...

After the tute was CLD lecture. After the lecture, I need to photostat other lecture notes for this week. There were only half hour for me to do this because 12pm there is one networking session or workshop until 1pm. It was fun in the workshop.

After the workshop at 1pm, I need to submit the absence form for verification true copies as if we absent for particular day, we need to fill up the absence form. I will be skipping for today's CA lecture and next week lecture for the 'networking with employers'. After that, 130pm was IBF lecture and somehow NL was late for more than half hour and some more dismissed the lecture 5 minutes earlier. Right after the lecture was IBF tute.

After IBF tute was CA lecture. I in fact did not skip CA lecture and turned up late for the mock up networking with employers organised by SSD. There were refreshment.

After a short talk on tips of meeting employers, it was a trial of metting up employers. Lecturers, and SSD staffs acted as employers and we tried to approach them to ask whatever is necessary.

One of my friend, after talking to Mr. F, acted as PWC, hands were shaking when holding her foods. pity her...She felt nervous I guess.

I performed badly certainly. I did not do any preparation before this. I was commented that I have not done enough research on the company that I intend to enter. Too bad. Luckily there is such training so that I know what are expected from employers. The mock up ended at about 630pm.

There goes my whole day. I skipped my lunch obviously. I am exhausted again...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

IPM Block teaching

Hah…after the IPM block teaching for 2 days, comparison can be made!!! Australian IPM lecturer, M, is absolutely much better than NL. Within the same 2 hours, M managed to finish the whole lecture notes for one topic and explained details on each slides. M had never shared any experience with us, but a bit of his life…he has not wasted much time on telling us grandma story during lecture time.

From the first look at M, wow…he has an almost perfect body shape, very fit body, we wondered whether is this our Australian subject coordinator? Am I right, E? :P On the first day, he wore a shirt which was just fit his body and showed his body shape apparently.

When he was giving lecture in front, some of his movement was a bit look like gay movement. I thought of that perhaps, his waist is just really fit, he doesn’t look like any old fat man, though he is not considered as old folk yet. Indeed, many of the Australian subject coordinators that we have met before are not as fit as him…

He looks very healthy. Some Australian subject coordinators are just fat, or too thin. I like his lectures, but if it was too long, it will be boring then…especially after he finished all lectures, and was discussing some PYQs with us. After we had tried few, we started to feel boring because those quantitative questions are repeated, just different figures were used. We in fact, were released early.

There is a funny part!!!

He claimed himself has come here for the 11th visits here. Later on, he could not find the USB port on the CPU and told us that there is no USB port and could not show us something that is in his thumb drive. SL then laughed that he had paid for 10 visits here, still do not know where the USB port is. The USB is actually hidden under a cover which is not so obvious.


I had 1030am class to attend but my mom asked me to buy some medicines for her. I then went to the nearest hospital to buy the medicine. Due to it is Sunday, none of the pharmacy shop is opened.

I firstly registered and told the nurse what medicine I wanted. I saw around there are a lot of people in the hospital. Most of parents are bringing their babies to hospital for some check-up thingy I guess. I asked the nurse how long I have to wait. She said a while. So I sat aside and waited.

After I waited for 10 minutes, I wonder what is so difficult to just get medicines to me. The nurse said again for a while. I waited again. Eventually, I waited for 20 minutes just to buy medicine. It is a bit ridiculous for just getting medicine will take 20 minutes. There are sufficient nurses, some were even just standing there…I just don’t know why…

As a result, I was almost late for class. It was about 10am, how possible I can reach university within 30 minutes for 30 km. Strangely, I can, just because of it is Sunday, there are less cars driving on the roads. Therefore, I speeded all the way to university. Wah…break record, 20 minutes I reached university. I did not speed until over the limit anyway. :P I won’t speed unnecessarily.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bye... mid-sem break

It is time to say goodbye to my mid-sem break. It is so short... I have not gone anywhere to 'wet' or fool around...

Unfortunately, I managed to finish my CA and CLD assignments only during this 1 week holidays. I did not do any revisions, tutorial works.

Yes, I know tomorrow is weekend. It is so unlucky I have IPM block teaching to attend. grr...It is from 1030am to 430pm on Saturday and Sunday. It has absolutely spoil my weekends mood.

Besides that, perhaps, I wanna visit one of my ex-colleague's house. I have been promising her that I want to visit her, I have not done that. So, yes, I will visit her tomorrow after my class..

My weekends will just be gone like that. No time to do tutorial works, and revisions for mid-sem tests. Some more, I have to start on other subjects' assignments as well. There are few more le...anyone can share my burden?

I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day. Who can spare time to me?

My friends all have 9-10days of holidays. Friends from Australia have 2 weeks envy on them...because they consider it as Easter break.

I keep promising to myself that I wanna work hard in this semester (basically, every semesters), I always fail to do so. I just don't know why I sometimes is just too busy on something and ended up I did not do revision for tests, rush for assignments last minutes and even burn midnight oil one day before the exams...

I think I may still fail to do so because I have joined few clubs for the purposes of beautifying my resume. haha...:P Basically I join accounting club which has planned a lot of events to be done throughout the year. I join yoga class for my health purposes. This does not indicate that I have health problem la. Indeed, just to keep my body shape only, I don't want to grow horizontally... haha...

I also join swimming club just because I like to swim. Without joining the club, I cannot swim in Sunway pool. Since I have to pay, I won't just join as member, but spare some time to swim in the pool. That's why I will lack of time for my study.

O ya, some more, my uni keeps organising some career fairs and company presentations to meet up with employers, which is a golden opportunity not to miss. Again, spare another portion of my time to do all these... anyone can spare precious time to me?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Westports is a harbor located in Port Klang.

This morning, 40 of students, 2 lecturers, and Ms. Lee from AUP gathered at foyer at 830am. 9am sharp we departed to our destination in Port Klang. Within one hour, we reached there.

It is really a huge space the port has it. The scenery of the whole port is so attractive to me. I like it so much. Perhaps I am so sakai (come out from kampung) and never see a port before, therefore feel so excited. :P

Firstly, we were briefed about the company. Later, we had our so-called refreshment as lunch. After lunch, we board on bus and the bus driver drove us one round of the port area. It took us about 20 minutes for the journey.

I find this is interesting because this is the first time being in the port area. Definitely we got no chance to stand on the port area, but at least we can see how do they work? In fact, everything there is computerised and technology there is so enhanced.

There were few huge vessels stop at the side of the port, they were loading or unloading the containers. The containers that were transferred are a lot in quantity. Everything there is huge.

The depth of the sea is about 15.5 meter so that huge vessel able to park there to load or unload containers.

The equipments should be very high tech for loading and unloading. There is not only container operations, but also for liquid bulk, dry bulk, break bulk, and marine terminal...

Indeed, garden of the Westports is beautiful and many of us were taking photos there...

:: outside of Westport, nice garden ::

:: me and SC ::
:: see the port? so big space ::

:: Scenery is too nice, everyone cannot wait to take photo ::

:: This is our so-called refreshment, delicious though ::

:: SX, Ms. J and myself ::
:: She is leaving, so better take 1 photo with her :P ::

:: see!!! Front entrance of Westport. Nice dolphines there ::

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mid-sem break

It is one-week break now.

However, it is not really a break for me just like few semesters ago. This kind of break is for me to finish my assignments, and brush up on subjects.

After this break, I will have many due dates to meet for assignments and tests. NL puts our 2 tests, though different subjects, in one day. They are mid-sem tests which contain a lot of marks there.

This is the worst semester I ever had. Let me count...

There are about 10 tests and 6 assignments for total 4 subjects I take now. Previously, even I took 4 subjects, there must be 1 or 2 subjects without any assignments with only tests based.

CLD is the most insane subject. Sole subject has 7 tests and 3 assignments. According to NL, previously, seniors had 4 assignments. Aren't we lucky?

There are too many things to do. I hope I can utilise this break to do as many as I can. I worry that I may fail this time...sigh...

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Swam today, which is my second times to get myself into Sunway's Olympic size swimming pool.

It is a bit ridiculous since I have been studied there for few years, but this is my second times to swim there. :P

I swam with PY at about 4pm for about half hour. I have not been swimming for long time, so feel tiring to swim more. Additionally, I practiced yoga yesterday. I'm exhausted.

Nevertheless, tomorrow I will swim again. haha...because today DD is not free to join us as she has dancing class. Perhaps, LY and SC will join as well next time. By then, I can now imagine how noisy the pool will be when few of us are down there. haha...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yoga class

Today is the first day of joining yoga class in university.

SC and I are the earliest went to the class. Slowly, more and more people came. There were about 15 of us I guess. There, I met my sister's friend and my brother's friend.

He is a male who teaches us yoga. I don't know what is his name as he never introduces himself since most people there knew him well.

He was late and we only learnt for about 45 minutes?! We have to stretch and bend our hands and legs. Wow...for first timer is hard lo just like me and SC. We are so "old" to stretch and bend...

After the class, I could feel the tiredness and painfulness of my whole body especially my hands and legs. When I was bending my legs, I was so worried that I would twist my foot and could not drive back home. Hmm...anyway, my sister can drive...

Though it is a bit hard, it is good for health ma. I will learn continuously...haha...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Banking subjects

What is the difference between house and home?

This is a question asked by NL during one of his lectures. He was talking about the housing loan or home loan. In fact, there is no difference between them. I do not know whether I should say whether is he telling us something that is good for us or bad in the sense of not lecturing.

Sharing experience with us is good but not in lectures. Well, no matter how still have to bear with him for about 7 weeks i guess.

Anyway, recently have been very busy with assignments and test as well as tutorial works. There are like indefinite tutorial questions for me to do. I will never finish them, especially for IBF.

One of my friend from UK called me and complained to me that international banking is hard which I think is the similar subject with IBF.

O ya, mentioned about this, reminds me about NL's tutorial classes. Let me describe my feelings of attending his tutorial classes.

Indeed, I hate to attend his tutorial class. I don't like to do presentation. But out of three subjects, almost all subjects he expects us to present our answers in front of the whole tutorial class.

He will first mark attendance, then called names to assign questions to student to do presentation. For IBF and IPM, since sometimes questions involve some calculations, he requires us to write on white board and then explain in front of the class, why did I do that.

For CLD which is the worst feeling I have so far. The first time I attended the class, of course I prepared my answers but that week I had one question left undone because I did not know how to do. Unfortunately, he assigned that question to me. argh...what a nightmare for me...

I was so nervous throughout the whole tute. When it was my turn, luckily NL said that we should continue next week as time was up. haha... Definitely I still have to do my presentation, at least I was given second chance to look for the answer once and be more prepared.

Today, in CLD class, I was assigned again one question. Again, I was nervous though I have the answer. My presentation was bad I guess. In fact, I did not tell everything as I tend to forget some of the points so I just summarise it. haha...


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