Saturday, March 31, 2007

Have been busy for weeks for tests, assignments and tutorial works.

Nevertheless, we had planned to celebrate LY, SX, and YY. We went to Chili's, 1U, to celebrate their birthday though their birthday was over when we celebrated for them.

I thought celebrated birthday for three of them, but after dinner in Chili's, we started to sing birthday song when the cake was served, I saw there were five people there in front of the cake. Then only I realised A's, and SK's birthday are on March.

There were 16 of us gathered with seating 8 ppl one table, so we had dominated 2 tables. The cheese cake was baked by SC's cousin. It was really tasty and delicious. It was almost 100% of the ingredients are cheeses...yummy, my favourite!!! Not only I like it, all the people like it as well.

I must buy one from SC's cousin again to share with my family.


:: S and I ::

:: myself and M ::

:: PY, myself , SLing ::

:: LW, myself again, YY ::

:: This is one of the tables we have dominated ::

:: LY, Me, SK, A ::

:: Me, S, LY, DD ::

:: S and I ::

:: LY and I ::

:: DD and I ::

:: SC, me, SX ::

:: Birthday gang ::

:: Here is the nicest cheese cake I ever eaten, made by SC's cousin ::
:: Much better than cake from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe... ::

:: All SC's lovely "WIVES" ::

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank you

Had CA test in the evening. With the tips from E, we managed to do our paper better. Hopefully. Thanks to E ooo. Anyway, what a sad case was, even the first question I also did not know how to do.

Thanks to M as well. Otherwise, I don't know what should I do with my car parked beside the road. M fetched me back home to get the card to scan for the security sensor of my car. In fact, I'm sorry to bother him. Other than that, I don't know how. Of course, I paid back M the petrol because driving from Subang back to my house has some distances.

Fortunately, I did not cause M late for class as well. It was just the right time to reach university.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ms. J

Recently, got a bad news from Mr. F. hmm…not so recent, it was actually told on last week when I was in accounting club meeting. Ms. J is one of the club advisors and Mr. F announced that she is leaving us in next semester. We were all surprised and wonder why she leaves.

Yesterday, we were in auditorium waiting for our lecturer to come and meanwhile, Mr. T, who taught me MA, AMA, and AIS last time was there and we asked him why Ms. J is leaving us. Then, Mr. T SECRETLY told us that she is going to marry and stay in Australia. We gave him a very big surprise response and he quickly stopped us: ‘Don’t tell her that I tell you.’ Wahaha…This lecturer is funny.

We are sad that she is leaving us because she was going to teach us Auditing in our next semester if she did not leave us. We all like her very much because she is such a cute, nice, friendly, and helpful lecturer. I only attended her lectures for 1 semester only. Indeed, I have been looking forward to attend her Auditing class. But… *sigh* Feel so regret...

Anyway, wish her gets a happy marriage. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

My nightmare

One lecturer teaches us for 3 subjects is a nightmare!!! unless he was a handsome guy, it might be different story.:P However, he always "did not" finish the lecture and dismiss the class early.

Yea, sometimes, he able to finish the whole lecture slides within given hours.

In the first week, he used 80% of one hour to explain only one slide. Additionally, there are not many words on the slides and he can talk so much on that slide. The remaining 20% was just sliding down the lecture slides on his power point and said: All these you can go back and read yourself. argh...what's the purpose of attending lectures?

Just like yesterday, he used most of the time to share his working experience in banking sector with us. Well, I hope it relates to our subject. Indeed, I hope he explains lecture slides rather than sharing his experience.

That ends up we have to go back and study the whole text book of three subjects. Luckily, two of the subjects are OK only!!! The other one of the text book, the english structures and vocabularies are so deep until I can hardly understand them and cause I need to read few times. All my time will be wasted solely for that subject!!! grr... *CRY*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Assignment with game

I'm taking 3 finance subjects in this semester. One of the subjects, it requires us to play game online and write our reports in weekly basis and summarise it into one report for 11 weeks at the end of the semester as an assignment. Sounds interesting? haha...

It is a forex game at the website, Register and start to play with the forex game. The market is the real market but the money given and saved in our account is not real definitely.

At first, I thought that it will be a very interesting game instead of assignment for me to do. After I have tried to do few transactions, sometimes I earned, sometimes is the other way. Unfortunately, I always make losses. It discourages my confidence in investing in forex though it is just a game.

Anyway, the assignment requires us to make profit of 30%, which is $30k as we were given $100k in account, otherwise we will get only 2% out of 5%. Nevertheless, major marks are allocated for our analysis and strategies.

So far, I have made a terribly losses and it totally has discouraged my confidence to make any transaction anymore. I just don't feel like continue...argh...

J said that I'm not so suitable in investing. Well, I think probably I have not learnt all the tools that can help in investing. Haha...:P which is what will be explained in lectures throughout the whole semester...

I hope I will have learnt at the end of the semester and improve my investment skills. :P

Monday, March 12, 2007

!!! HOT !!!


The weather in Malaysia is extremely hot. There is no rain at all for weeks...

Everyday I will just sweat a lot!!! Thought that I have a lot of breaks and can have so-called "honey moon" to relax at home.

I cannot stand for the hot weather arr....Help!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wonderful break

In this new semester, I have only two lecturers though I'm taking 4 subjects. I have one lecturer, NL, who lectures us for 3 subjects out of my 4 subjects.

It will be a good news once he is taking holidays off. This is what happen to us this week. He is off this week and initially we suppose to have 12 hours of classes each week, now we only have 3 hours this week which is spreaded into three days, Tue, Wed, and Thurs.

Wed is a tutorial class. We asked permission to switch and join tue's tutorial class and we are permitted. Yea...then we don't have to come on wed just for that one class. So kind of Mr. F.

However, thurs is a lecture which cannot be altered.

Anyway, I'm happy as I need to come only for two days in this week. I shall fully utilise this break. What can I do? Not much la...

It is only second week. We have not learnt much and how to do assignment? Yes, I can do research for one of the assignment that was explained to us. Never mind la, at least something that I can work on.

In fact, this is honey moon for us as what NL said. haha...It is great!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It was unlucky when we twice wanna go for outing.

Two days ago, we planned to go for a movie, Norbit, since we had three hours break in between our classes. We did not check the time of the showing movie so LY, M, and S, went to buy tickets first. Unfortunately, Norbit did not have any show that suit our time table. The show started late so we did not have enough time to go for the movie.

We ended up having our lunch in Pyramid in Pizza Hut. We had the express lunch set. Three sets of our lunch were served later than 15 minutes and we can obtain RM5 off for our next purchase. Common sense told us that, one set can get one RM 5 off voucher where the express lunch was served later than 15 minutes. But, we were only given one voucher for no matter how many sets were served late. Voucher is given based on the bill. We might as well sit seperately, so that seperate bill is written, hoping they serve it late. haha...:P

Yesterday, after class at 1230pm, we wanted to play badminton. We thought that 1pm, there won't be anyone is playing badminton. We were wrong. Since we did not book the court, we could not play in that stadium. We then went to A&W that is beside the stadium for lunch first.

Later, we went to Taman Megah to play badminton. There definitely no one will be playing there as we were told before that no booking is required if wanna play in the afternoon.

Today, I can feel that my whole body is really pain because I did not do exercise for long time and before playing badminton I did not warm up my body. This is the consequences...*sigh*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Week One

New semester starts finally on tuesday (27/2) which I was waiting for but not really be prepared to welcome it as study does create pressure on me!!! Anyway, pressure from work even burden!!! :P

I got my new timetable and I like it very much as I do not need to attend any class on monday. Thus, except weekends, monday is also my holiday. yea... But I heard my friend in Australia, he can edit his own timetable and he only needs to go for classes on wed and thu. Envy? Nope!!! He said his classes are like continuous with only one break in between for 8 hours of classes in one day (i guess so).

Anyway, though my timetable is really nice, in terms of classes start late at about 1030am and end in the afternoon, there is no difference for me as I need to go to university with my siblings who have classes start at 8am and 830am since we car pool. phew...

In the first week, lecturers introduced the subjects to us and explained the assignments to us. Hmm...I'm in third year now, expectation from lecturers are much higher compared to first and second year especially regarding the assignments. :( too bad!!! First week, I can feel the stress already. Pressure comes back to me already!!! Please leave me alone...

Somehow, I know that I'm going to graduate soon in less than a year time, I just don't feel to end my student life so soon!!! My friends and I have planned to do a lot of things, such as joining clubs, VU nite, enjoying student life such as hanging out with friends once we have long breaks.



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