Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ending soon

Another about 2 weeks, I will leave MR lo. Time flies and soon I will end my internship programme. So far, I have gone to 2 companies for auditing. The second company is the longest I have stayed on, even until now where it is in Kajang.

Look at the photo below. This is the table I sit in front of and work everyday. Full of papers, files, and stationeries. There should be more files which have been put on floor.

Somehow I don't feel like leaving MR though it is a tiring job. Perhaps I have learnt something from this training and I enjoy it. Also, I make friends.

Today, my senior told me that the Building Manager met her in lift and he asked when are we leaving? (Since we have been there for about 1 1/2 months, and in fact, we almost finished our work there) My senior answered him that we may stay for about another week. Then he suggested that before we leave, we shall have lunch together once. happy to hear this good news. I wonder where are they going to treat us le... :P update soon when I get the news. I was imaging that I will have lunch with one group of professionals and high designation people. hehe...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Saturday, 13/1/07, I gotta work OT. I went back to office to work then. As usual I went there by train.

I was told that office usually does not on the air-conditional. Perhaps it does, but around afternoon, it will be off. Therefore, I wore really casual, just a T-shirt and short pants.

Around 6pm, I left office. I went back by train as well. On my way back home, I was sitting and I felt my right leg was very itch. Then I saw there were mosquitoes flying around. I thought my leg was bitten by mosquitoes. So, once went into my dad's car, I applied some medicated oil on my leg.

The next day, my leg was a bit swollen. I thought it was just small matter. I went to work as usual though it was sunday.

It doesn't seem any recovery and I told my dad. Dad scolded me why I did not tell him earlier. I did not say a word. He wanted to bring me to see doctor but it was at night around 11pm and was raining, so I told my dad that I will see doctor tomorrow morning.

Next day morning, I went to see doctor. After the doctor had seen my leg's condition, he suggested me to get injections. I was scared. I seldom get injection anyway. Some more the doctor said must get injection daily. phew...I almost fainted at that time. Anyway, I still got one injection on that day as it can reduce the swollen faster.

It is believed that my leg was bitten by some kind of insects because it totally does not look like being bitten by mosquitoes.

The injection took about 5 minutes. It was injected on my left hand since I used my right hand to work most of the time. However, doctor did not take out the needle and left it under my skin. So that tomorrow can inject again.

That was a painful feeling for me to suffer whole day. Some more, I accidently knocked my left hand. It added more pain for me.

My parents did not know that there was a needle under my skin. When they knew it at night, they were shocked and told me to ask doctor to take it out.

However, my dad saw my leg has much improvement, at least it is not swelling anymore in next day. I went to see doctor again and requested to take out the needle.

After taking out the needle, it leaves a small but obvious hole there. Anyway, it will still recover la...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Auditing for INTERIM period recently. Senior S told me that we have to start on FINAL next week. She told me that we will start to claim OT already. As a trainee, I cannot claim OT wages, BUT I can claim transport expense and lunch as well as dinner expense if I work until 930pm on weekends. yeah... I have asked. I was told that I can claim RM68 for one day if I work until evening in weekend. Is that worth? haha...Absolutely la!!!

It is from my house to office, I can claim taxi fare maximum for RM30. So, go and back is already RM60. Then lunch, I can claim RM8. This drives me willing to work OT already. cannot wait for that, :P.

I worked until 6pm yesterday as there was a farewell for my group senior who is leaving MR next week. It is just a fare well for him and we had dinner in SS2. It should be started at 7pm but everyone was late and 8pm++ only started. Malaysia's culture? Actually, there is reason as it was raining cats and dogs outside, so it was jammed badly. We got no choice and stucked in the jam.

There were 3 tables of us. Everyone of us was so noisy. We took a lot of photos also. Everyone was really crazy to take photos. We all stayed up to around 10pm and I followed one of my colleague who stays near my house as well to go home. It was 1130pm when I reached home. I was exhausted...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of working in year 2007 is stock take again. Yeah...

Early morning, I woke up and when I was on my way to my destination, KL Central, at 645am, my senior, LC, called me just to ensure that I can reach LRT, Taman Jaya station at sharp 830am. However, she changed time to 8am later. I did not think I can make it and she told me to go back office first. Definitely I can reach office before 8am.

I missed the environment in office so much. I felt happy to step in again. :P

I waited for everyone to arrive and went to client place, company AC. We took taxi to get there, PJ, and reached there by sharp 9am.

LC told me to follow her for stock taking. Once again, we just need to observe. However, it is kinda tiring feeling to stand and observe them for hours.

I don't think this time is a good experience for me. I was bite by mosquitoes on all over my hands. Damn itch...Got no choice but to continue to work. People work there even told me that there are two persons got DENGGI already. huh...really scary...I hope I don't get.

The factory has a big space and therefore their stocks are all over warehouses. There is distances to go from one warehouse to another. Our transport was FOLKLIFT, ferried us from one warehouse to another one. It saves time. It is kinda fun standing on forklift.

Additionally, they store their stocks so high up and they also use folklift to raise them up to check and count the stocks. LC asked to go up, but other advised me not to follow as it is a bit dangerous. However, my other colleagues just followed. Dangerous but it's kinda fun.

During lunch time, GM there bought us lunch, KFC. Each of us got Dinner Plate Set as our lunch. Such a big portion lunch for me. Anyway, I ate all. I was really really full. So kind of them treating us for KFC and one bottle of mineral water.

After lunch, 130pm. We chit-chat there as senior did not assign any work for us. Soon, she told us that we can go back home. It was only 230pm. Yeah...

I reached home by 330pm. I can sleep. Sleep as much as I can as tomorrow I will be busy again and work until 730pm and reach home by 9pm. NO!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Just finished bathing, feeling so comfortable!!! :P

Just came back from yam cha and before this I went to count down in 1Utama with my secondary school friends.

Around 630pm I went out from my house to fetch my friends, YH and YT, and went to 1Utama to find parking. I was really lucky. I went in for not enough 5 minutes and I found 1 parking space which was also in front of the door at the cinema, GSC, floor. While I heard that K used about half hour to find parking space. To make it worse, K found a space but someone went in quickly and K couldn't get it.

It was around 730pm after I parked my car. We bought movie tickets yesterday as we wanted to watch "Curse of The Golden Flower" desperately in which Jay Chow was acting. The show started at 740pm but tickets were held by KK and KK hadn't reached as guys fetched her.

So I was with YT and YH, so we just shopped around while waiting them to arrive. Around 820pm KK finally called me. Then we went into cinema to watch the remaining show.

The show ended at around 10pm. We went to have dinner in McDonalds. KK and I were walking together. Before we entered McD restaurant, I saw a familiar back. She is BW. She was standing in front of McD. Was thinking whether to eat there. She was with her bf. We were almost losing contact with each other.

1130pm we went to Central Park of 1Utama. Once we reached there, we saw there were many people selling the sprays. We then bought 4 bottles for RM10.

Before it was 12am, people around had started to spray each other there. My friends somehow led to somewhere, and on my way walking, suddenly I felt cold. I really did not know what happen. When I realised, I found that I was sprayed as well as my friends were KENA.

Those are so sticky. blek...They did not care, just sprayed even you had tried to run away, they would just spray...

Soon, it was counted 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 WAAAaaaa.................

Everyone was screaming and there was firework. so beautiful le...Absolutely, everyone was spraying each other. We could even see the firework that is at The Curve.

Basically once the firework was finished, everyone left. Then we were trying to find BD and K. They went missing during the counting down. Then KK and I purposely saved the spray so that we can sprayed them.

I met another old secondary school classmate, CY. She came with her bf as well.

Finally we met them both and just about to spray them, BD came in front and asked me: How many do you still have (Spray)? I stupidly answered: one bottle. He was so fast and took away my spray and started to spray on me. Really bad!!! Then, K even bad. Though he finished his spray, he opened one bottle of water and was trying to splash on us. Huh...

Later, they both even bad!!! Nothing for them to play anymore, they tried to mess my hair. hair was messed!!! I clipped my hair so nicely, just because of one time of hand to mess on my hair, my hair ... argh... they kept doing that. Then, they started to mess KK's hair also...

Perhaps I'm shorter than them so it is easier for them to mess on my hair...=.=

1am we decided to leave 1Utama to go Murni, SS2 to yam cha. But there were too many people, so we went to "Gei Dak Sek" to yam cha until around 345am. This is my first time to hang out with my friends until this time, 3am++.

First day of 2007 I finally stayed up to 3am++ with my friends outside and my dad has no longer waited for my return.

Feel a bit no used to it as my dad usually will wait for my return.

Well, gotta sleep now. Happy new year to you.


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