Tuesday, November 20, 2007


yay...everything is over now, I mean exams ONLY. Finally...

Anyway, I still need to face the most cruelest day, which is when my results come out. Pray pray pray veeeeeeery hard ... that I can pass all subjects and graduate "peacefully".

I'm absolutely sleepy. I started to yawn in the exams hall, really sleepy and tired. So bad. Mr F was looking at me. =.= phew...

Anyway, I still went to Pyramid for a while to relax my mood, I NEED FRESH AIR.

Finally, I'm here to blog. But I'm gonna sleep right now. I cannot stand anymore.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Proud of her

I always tried to read my friends' blogs to get to know the latest news from them.

From there, I just found out that one of my close friend in secondary school, A participated in Project Runway Malaysia. Out of 15 fashion designers, she able to be the top 3 designer. I feel so proud of her success.

Since secondary school I knew her, I could see she always sketch and draw her creativity on paper. She always wants to be a fashion designer. I think she is so successful now. Even she did not win in the competition, but I think she should be the one who deserve it. I really love her creativity. It is so amazing. If you doubt that, you can click here to see her collections. Below is the link:


My friend is the one who received flowers from her mother. :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I graduate?

I feel so down as I think I did not do well in my auditing paper. I wonder whether I can really graduate or not with what I had answered in the paper just now.

I did not manage to finish all questions, and I simply answered all the MCQs as well. I don't understand what each question is asking in MCQ part. The choices are so similar and made me so difficult to choose. I feel so helpless. By the way, I can't imagine that my university can issue such a tough paper to students. :P

Once the exam was over, SC came to me. I said: do not ask me anything!!! Not that I wanna be rude to her. I'm sorry to her... I totally lost control on my emotion. I'm REALLY WORRIED that I cannot graduate. I can do nothing to rescue it now!!! HELP!!!:'(

I do not want to see him next semester. I bet he doesn't want to see me anymore too. I do not want to have another semester. I can now pray to God only that I can PASS. I only aim for pass as I WANT TO GRADUATE, never hope for more than that.

*sigh*...why all my friends' wishes did not work for me one???

Monday, November 12, 2007


Had a discussion for auditing with friends yesterday. It was fun...

In addition, we basically exchanged TIPS for auditing. I got tips from a former group assignment partner who is now studying in Australia. He got it from his TUTOR. Then I shared it with all my friends. Unexpectedly, A gave us tips for other parts of the auditing papers. There are few parts in the exams. The tips I got is just one part. Yippie...Tips Tips Tips...I love you!!!

Well, I hope it helps as in accurate tips... I have to pass all subjects!!! Can't afford to fail!!! Still I wanna complain!!! AUDITING is so tough as I can't answer the case studies...:(

By the way, our results is coming out on the 3rd December 2007. Exams is not over, but we know when the results is going to be announced. =.=

Yesterday is Mr F's birthday. We found it out from Friendster. He joined Friendster though. lol...SC sent him a message to wish him and he replied thank you. So we confirmed that is his birthday. Later on, we had a question, so SC called him up and asked him the question. After that, SC opened her hp's loud speaker and all of us wished him "Happy Birthday". :P

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exam period is started this week from 5/11/2007.

However, my first paper is on 7/11/2007. Definitely I have been doing what I should do, which is revision. We had group study for once only for Corporate Finance. DD, SC, SX and I gathered in Sunway Pyramid's McDonald's at about 11am after we had finished our auditing final test on last Monday (29/10).

We bought fries as our snack while doing our practical questions together. We started to feel tired at around 330pm. SX suggested to shop, so we went around. DD wanted to buy her anniversary present and birthday present for her dear hubby. Therefore, we shopped until evening. She finally bought a RM400 watch for her dear. wow...

We went home respectively for dinner.

After that, we did not have any study group. Anyway, we shared notes for tax law and summaries for accounting standards. As there are too much for someone to study everything. Group work reduces our burden man...

Since we did revision individually after that, we connect each other via hp instead of MSN because somehow many of them are missing. They are not there when they suppose...as in...usually they would online most of the time, but...they are just missing...

Hp becomes our the only way to connect people. Anyway, talking via phone is much clearer than typing in MSN. But..but..but...I wonder how much is my next phone bill. O yea...talking about phone bill...I have not cleared phone bill for Oct. oops...

During SWOT week, I did not even go out from my house. I'm closed in my bedroom :P 24 hours inside my house. Even I wanna go out, also my dad will warn me to stay at home to do my revision. So...:( I did not attend JY's birthday celebration. Sorry, JY.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Graduation Ceremony

Just back from my baby brother's graduation ceremony. Actually, it's not my baby brother who is graduating, is his classmates who are now 6 year-old. He participated in performing dancing. We whole family attended to give him support. Entrance fee is RM30 per person. (The foods were quite okay, but the quantities were just not enough to provide to everyone)

The event was held in Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. It's freaking far from our home. It took us almost 2 hours to get there as it was jammed badly all the way. I spent one whole night for this and I did not do my revision. I just wanna accompany my dearest Tung and watch his performance.

Yea, he performed well. He was so enjoying in his dancing. Everyone is cute when dancing or performing on the stage. Really can make you laugh...hahahaha...

O well, I have to continue my revision then...


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