Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm the eldest at home. As I grow up, number of my family members is going up as well to 7 members. Since then, we were all stayed together and never been separated. Even sometimes, some of us went for trip, those kind of separation are just temporary. However, 1 year of separation is truly long for us...

28 September 2007 is the date when my younger brother, JS, going to UK to further his studies in his final year. On this date, I have class as usual until 12:30pm. Later on, I attended a talk by Kuwait Finance House in my university. Once the talk ended, I went home quickly. Unfortunately, there was jam everywhere. HATE IT!!! Even NKVE highway also congested for at least few KMs.

We (all family members) had our last full member dinner in Dragon-i, 1U. My dad told us to order everything that we wanted to eat. Even I said enough, he said: order some more... After we finished dinner, we spent time to take some photos...before we were heading to KLIA. When we were taking photo, my mom cried terribly as seeing own son is leaving all of us for about a year.

Went to check-in counter once we reached KLIA at around 9pm. Later, we gathered in McD. Since my brother's friends came to KLIA too, therefore, my brother gathered with them for the most last time...

Ultimately, my brother had to leave us to boarding lounge one hour before his flight departed. Standing in front of the entry of boarding lounge, my brother gave us last big hug to each everyone of us before he entered. We were all so unwilling. Finally, everyone's eyes were so red. We girls definitely cried out. My baby brother, also cried when he got a hug from his brother in front of the entry of boarding lounge. My baby brother is the only one who was going happily all the way to KLIA. Unexpectedly, he cried out too...perhaps is the moody atmosphere had affected him.

Until we saw JS was disappearing to go to boarding lounge, we left KLIA.

All the way back home, no one was talking except my baby brother. He is always the most talkative one.

I started to miss my brother. Thinking what is he doing on the plane now..

Even next day in the morning, when I just opened my eyes, first thing come to my mind was my brother. I just can't stop thinking and crying.

Indeed, not only I cried, same to all my family members. All of us do not look well, we all feel down. My mom can not even go into my brother's room to clean up the room because that will cause her tears to drop again. My friend who talked on phone with me, thought I got flu. Meanwhile, he is influenced by me and his eyes were wet. lolx...

I guess after JS has called back just now once he reached UK, hopefully everyone would be okay and not worry about him too much.

Everyone is missing hard and do take care, JS.

Photos took right before my brother left.

:: This is my brother, JS ::

:: My sister, and my two younger brothers ::

:: 3 of us ::

:: In the middle is my cute little baby brother ::

:: Dad and brother ::

:: Tung and JS ::

:: My mom and Tung ::

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1st anniversary ^^

Just a blink of an eye, I have been blogging for one year. My blog is one-year old now. Thought of changing the outlook of my blog. But I'm just too dumb in creating it. :( lolx... Anyone can help me?

Anyway, no doubt, today is my dad's birthday. What did we do?

Well, just a simple one. We went out for dinner and all siblings shared the bill. It was only RM156 ++ for a dinner. We celebrated dad's birthday at home after our dinner.

This morning, before I went to university, I bought Marble Cheese cake for dad from Secret Recipe. My family is fan of Secret Recipe's cakes. We all like cheese cake very much.

Lately, I have been busy. Ask me what am I busy with, I won't be able to answer. I do not even know why have I wasted so much time when I was doing nothing. Probably I play TC too much. I'm really addicted to it. Help me...!!!

This is the most miserable semester I have. I did not do tutorial anymore. I did not start my assignment earlier anymore. I studied my tests last minutes. I do everything last minutes. Currently, I have last 2 assignments to submit in 2 weeks time, but I have not even started. Well, until now, I have started a bit because of my lecturer requires us to see him to see how have we proceeded. Thanks to his this policy so as to force myself to start working on assignment.

I guess I will have tough time soon, as I did not know what the hell is going on with my tax law. I totally mass up everything. I tried to solve some tutorial questions, but the answers are always wrong. *cry* Worrying that I cannot get through this semester right now.

O yea, my brother is going to UK in this coming Friday to finish his final year in degree. So envy that he got the opportunity to study abroad *cry*. Hope he will do well there and have wonderful times there...Have a safe journey to UK...:)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Went to Italianese in The Curve to have dinner. It was saying to have dinner at 8pm, but everyone seem to be late. Especially CS had waited the longest since 730pm. Pity him. KK and I were not late, reached there by sharp 8pm. :P

After dinner, went to Laundry Bar that is just beside Italianese restaurant. O has been long I did not go to bar. Anyway, we were there to sit (yam cha) and celebrate TL's birthday. This time TL is the most pity. His face was pushed onto the cake terribly. wahahahah... thanks to all his 'Hing dai'. Hopefully somebody has caught the shot. hahaha...

We indeed went back after 12am. Unbelievable!!! This is the only time ever had to go back so early. Perhaps everyone has got something to do on next day. I did not know whether they have second round. Anyway, I need to rush for my assignments, study for my test, and complete my killing tutorials. I need to rest early too...:P

This is the most expensive celebration though as TL said to me. hahaha...indeed it is. Dinner in Italianese is killing already, what's more going to bar at night? All drinks have got 2 prices there. Cheaper price is the normal price, and if after 9pm, the price is much expensive. Gosh...

Photos and perhaps video will be uploaded when I got them :P

Saturday, September 08, 2007

MSA sports day

MSA is a kinder garden where my little baby brother is currently studying in. My little baby brother participated in the sports day and he excitedly looking forward for today. He is hyperactive little boy who cannot stop moving. Always touching, walking, jumping, and running around.

MSA sports day was held in Footy Futsal centre in SS24 started at 1030am and ended at around 1pm. I can see my brother had a lot of fun there...hahaha...

Show some photos and videos to see my cute baby brother enjoying in his sports day...

:: His cute classmate ::

:: All classmates that attended ::

:: After gotten their gold medal as appreciation of participation :P::


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