Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exams soon

Should be assignment-ing now. I'm just don't feel like doing it.

I online and chit chatting with friends. After reply one person, another person message me, so I reply, then need to reply another people. I'm just busy to reply messages only though I intend to do my assignment. What is worse is finally I come here and blog. hahahaha...

Indeed, exams is around the corner, in another 2 weeks only. I have not started my revision and only busy with my assignments only. I think most people are now doing revision, except us. Assignment due date is postponed until so late. Therefore, cannot start revision so fast.

This semester is really busy. However, it is soon will be over as time flies...

I scare I may fail. How? Lecturers kept saying that this is one of the subject has the highest failure rate. All lecturers say the same thing, like this is not easy to pass, or subject has the highest failure rate. I also don't know why these tough subjects are in my list of subjects in my degree...Another reason is I did not really do well in my internal. Sometimes, just too busy to do revision and did not do well in internal test.

*worry mode*

Anyway, wish all my friends, classmates, whoever is going to sit for exams, good luck in examinations ya...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I would like to continue my story about my CLD subject coordinator, Mr. SW.

As I have mentioned that he wanted to go for lunch with students, somehow suddenly found he was walking behind us (DD, SC, PY and I). So we talked while walking to the restaurant. Finally, we decided to go to Medan (food court) to eat.

This is the second visit for Mr. SW. I guess he is not so familiar with Malaysia's foods while stalls in Medan mostly are not opened. Luckily there is a mixed rice stall and he preferred to try that out.

SC helped him at the side to tell him what food is that...And I also ate mixed rice. Then when it came to pay for the food, I was thinking to pay for him as well. But he rejected and paid for my food as well. Damn pai seh...

SC in fact recommended lecturer to try curry chicken as he said he can taste a little bit of spicy. It was funny later because after he had eaten the first spoon of rice (with curry), his face turned into RED color in just less than 1 second. hahahah... Really red. Imagine a white face turns into red color. hahahaha...then he asked where to get some drinks? SC quickly went and got him one glass of lime juice.

We chit-chat during our lunch... we did ask him about Australia as we mentioned that probably end of this year in December, we will go Australia to travel around there.

After lunch, before class started, he asked the class who is willing to offer him a ride to go back to Sunway Resort Hotel. I saw nobody and I offered him.

When it was time to go back, he reminded me to give him a ride. Indeed I remembered. Perhaps he thought it might be hard for him to get public cab on Sunday in university campus in case I did forget. nah...I surely remember. hahaha...

Once I had fetched him to the lobby of Sunway Resort Hotel, he came over to my window and intended to pay me RM10. OMG, it is just not more than 2km of distance and he is paying me RM10. Anyway, it is not troublesome at all to send him to hotel, i will still pass by there on my way to go back home. He insisted to pay me, I did not receive it finally. I'm not a taxi driver, why pay me?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

CLD block teaching

Another block teaching in this weekend which is the last in this semester.

His name is SW (Steven). He is a very forgetful person. He joked that he can even forget his own name as he said he took some time to remember someone's name.

He is very energetic and gave lecture non-stop for 2 hours and later after lunch time he intended to give lecture for 3 hours straight without any break. When we requested for 10 minutes of break, he asked: What for? We all were so surprised. This is the first lecturer we ever seen who never give break and giving lecture non-stop.

He basically talked non-stop without fail. He is kind enough and promised us to give us tips for final exams tomorrow. He purposely postpone it because he wants students to turn up tomorrow.

His lecture is not so boring as he is very humorous. He can also join us and he is willing to join us (students) for lunch tomorrow. But which gang he will join is his choice la...I don't know...

He is the first lecturer I ever see teach non-stop without any even short break (I salute him, even students cannot stand and ask for break) and offer himself to join us for lunch. Anyway, he looks much younger than other subject coordinators I met so far. Perhaps because of age, people think differently...

Also, his voice is loud enough to hear and clearer compared to Prof RA. It is hard to hear Prof RA's Australia slang and therefore most of the time, I don't really understand what he wanted. However, SW's slang is somewhat easy to understand. Perhaps he talks slow and clearly...

Hopefully he does not break his promises as he is going to give tips for remaining internal tests and assignment, and external exams. haha...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Am I?

I went to TM Point to apply for new phone line. When it came to my turn, I went to the counter and said I would like to apply for new phone line.

The woman sat there and looked at me a while and asked: Cukup umur? (enough age?) I nodded and said: Yes. I then pointed the application form which has my IC number and said: year 85. (year I was born) She requested for my IC. She took it over and counted...

When she had confirmed that I'm above 18 then she told me that I physically looked small and just looked like a form 4 student. argh...

What was ridiculous, are you married?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

IBF block teaching

12 May 2007

Let me describe my subject coordinator, Prof. RA. Haha…

He has a tired look, as usual a relatively fat man with a relatively big tummy. He wears spectacles and has a half-bald head.

His lectures are definitely BORING. He talks with no tone and makes people to feel like sleeping in his lectures. Occasionally, he threw a joke to us…anyway, still boring…I had yawn for uncountable times in the class…

Some students left the class during a short break given before the class dismissed. Indeed, he also teaches like as NL does. He did not explain all the slides but he keeps jumping from 1 slide to another slide. 5 hours of lectures today, he has only taught us for less than 20% out of 53 lecture slides. Anyway, he gave away some additional notes and gave us the exercises to do to practice.

Nevertheless, he is a kind man…I believe!!! According to E, he is a good man. Haha…but unfortunately, his lectures are boring la…

I even did something rude!!! Guess what? I listened to songs with my MP3 player in the class. This is because he gave us the exercises to do, but he tend to wait for us for so long only he gave answers. Just to do a simple question which is really easy to calculate, he waited for us for about 20 minutes. It is unbelievable. Therefore, we got nothing to do and feel bored, so I listened to songs lo.

13 May 2007

This Sunday, Mother’s day is spent for block teaching.

This morning, once he came in he wished all of us Happy Mother’s day. Haha…

Today somehow, his lectures are much better than yesterday. Perhaps he gave us tips for final examination. Hahahaha…:P Those tips are useful as we don’t need to study the whole text book, which I usually don’t understand at all.

He discussed questions for last semester exam paper and explained the answers to us. I feel that I have learnt a lot within these 2 days. Besides he gave us lectures that were arranged to him, he also did revision for us for previous chapters. He made me feel better and slightly higher confidence to sit for the final. :P hope so…

KK birthday

Celebrated kk's birthday at Saturday night.

I bought an oreo cheese from SC's cousin, who is now learning. We have tasted it before during birthday celebration for 5 people. But then, the cheese cake is not in a fine condition. The cousin did not drive well while sending the cake to SC. Therefore, the cake changed a bit of its look. haha...

Everyone praised it is tasty...and filling because it is almost 100% cheese inside.

We went to Hide, Menjalara to celebrate kk's birthday. This can be considered as a new place to yam cha. The place is well-decorated. There are indoor and outdoor place to sit. Indoor area looks comfortable as there are sofas...and the environment is somehow feel good. However, sitting at outdoor area, you may feel like you are sitting in jungle where you are surrounding by trees (of course small trees plants la)...

The restaurant was operated by my secondary school teacher but the business is now replaced by Hide. Definitely different owner. Anyway, there does not seem to be many customers.

O ya, the disadvantage yam cha there is lesser choices for our drinks. Anyway, the drinks there are contained by a glass that suppose to feed gold fish. hahaha...funny...which indeed not definitely. It looks like only...

Hide closes at 2am. We left at around 130am. I have to go back home because I have block teaching tomorrow to attend. :( They went to second round in Wangsa Maju. I wish I could follow as it has been long time I did not yam cha with them...

BD is now working and was wearing a formal attire since he just finished his work and brought along one of his friend to introduce to us. Then, KC is now studying. Last but not least, JX has discharged the pipe on his throat and is going to have the last surgery in next month. Wish the operation will be undergone successfully and get well soon...

Again, Happy birthday to KK.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Met up with my KM's primary school friends tonight dinner.

Supposedly, they have yam cha at 9pm. But I told them that my dad doesn't allow me to go out at night. So I rather have dinner outside and I asked YS to have dinner with me as well as call some friends also. Thanks to YS to arrange this for me so that I can meet up the primary school old friends...

I found that I'm not so familiar with Cheras area already. I do not know the place where they wanna yam cha. Ended up, I suggested the only place I know to have dinner with them.

C, KF, and YS came to have dinner in Station One. Found that there are not much choices...It was hard for me to choose what to eat!!!

In fact, I could not really recognise KF. He has changed a lot physically. He was a fat guy in primary school. Currently, he is a thin guy which is so unbelievable. haha...

After the dinner at 9pm, we met CT, HZ, and KE who were on their way to the yam cha place also. They just came in and sat down for a while and we headed to MOMO cafe in Pandan Indah.
I only stayed for a while as I need to go back at 10pm. :(

I met another few like MS, MY, and YJ. Feel so happy to meet them again. However, I guess not everyone was there as some of them would come later. Hopefully, I can come out soon to meet them again. Keep in touch...

Photo taken:

:: In MOMO cafe ::

Friday, May 04, 2007

Evil lecturer

Had 2 mid semester tests in a day for IPM and IBF.

I prepared for IPM and not really for IBF. For my last IBF test, the questions came out EXACTLY the same as the questions posted up on Blackboard (bb) by NL. Even the answers arrangement are the same. Most of us scored well on that test by scoring 100% for the test.

However, NL warned us before our test that it will be tougher in mid-sem test. Although, that is the case, I did not really prepare for it. I only did the exercises that were posted up by NL on bb.

I was so worried because I was unprepared for it. Nevertheless, once he said start, I can recognise that the questions are EXACTLY identical with the test bank questions. ALL of us were so happily copy the answers because answers are provided for each questions on test bank.

After the test is over, NL smiled to us and said: most of you are smiling now...but I forgot to tell you all that SOME of the suggested answers in test bank are WRONG! huh...this is a terrible news to us.

In fact, I do realise some answers are wrong but I always forgot to ask him and just ignored it. too bad...anyway, I found one suggested answer is wrong in our real mid-sem test, and one of the answers arrangement for a question have been amended. This is tricky...

He is really evil...grr...

Anyhow, wish myself good luck in scoring it...:P

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Another PAID life experience is shared by NL.

He announced that today has no lecture and only test. Before we did our test, he would like to deliver us a word. He said: today lecture starts with a word and ends with a word, that is BALANCE.

He told us his sad case where he has lost his EX because he worked too hard on his career instead of relationship. He said as he had spent too much time on study and he came out to work at 26, he had lost out to his friends. Therefore, he has to work much harder to get his status and whatever that he desired. He got what he wanted in terms of money at the end but he has lost his partner.

He said we must have balance in life. Just like what he has experienced where he chose career and lost relationship. Feel so sad for him...anyway, he is married now!!! Why worry? invaluable non-academic lesson for us?!

Besides that, according to SLing, Mr. Z praised NL is an excellent guy. He used to work in a foreign bank in Labuan for 8 years. When he left, the bank is unable to find a better person as him for 6 years. huh...that serious ar? Unbelievable!!!


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