Sunday, February 25, 2007


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates CNY. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Went to Port Dickson with my secondary school buddies and basically, the whole trip was just eating all the way.

We stayed in Tiara Beach Resort. This is quite a new hotel and full of entertainment. The swimming pools are large as good as a water park. There are sauna room, gymnasium room, massage services provided, Jacuzzi, games room, sing K rooms…a lot. There are also some shows or performances. You will never get boring staying there. Anyway, some services provided such as massage services, and Karaoke are expensive to consume.

Massage service is RM 90 for 60 minutes and Karaoke is RM 50 for an hour. Phew…it is not worth at all to consume!!!

On the first day, when we reached PD, it was evening at 7pm and we had brought some food materials for steamboat. That was our dinner. It was hot having steamboat in hotel. Guys had bought a lot of foods until we could not finish and we ate again for our lunch on next day. Since there, they created a sentence of ”唔好俾他停” (don’t let it stop) as we could not finish everything and encourage each of us to eat continually. This is the most frequent sentence is used in this trip.

At night, we went to seaside where around us was so dark. It was a good feeling chit-chatting with buddies at seaside.

On the next day, we initially planned to go to beach to swim. However, the beach as well as the sea is so dirty until we refused to step on the beach. Anyway, I met Mr. Z who taught me business law in VU. When I realized was him, he had passed by me.

Since we did not go beach, we ate around. Again, they wanna eat continually. Just we finished eating at one place, we will go to another place to eat again. Huh…I’m fat now.

Even for morning breakfast, it was buffet style, they kept saying 唔好俾他停 to encourage us to eat, eat, eat…

NOOOOOOO….!!! I’m fat now!!!

Can't believe to meet road blocks in PD (cannot run away). There were 2 road blocks within 5KM. K was driving and his driving licence has expeired for more than half a year. The police at the first road block did not check anyone of us but the second one. Police asked for driving licence from K. K said that he did not bring it and KC suggested the police to check MyKad because information is all updated there but they had no reader and cannot read the data. K is lucky and released.

In the mean time, police had asked a stupid question: how come nothing is written on MyKad since you said it is updated on MyKad?". wahaha...

Some photos here ::

:: Had steamboat in hotel room ::

:: This is K ::

:: Bring own "assets" to eat steamboat ::

:: Yummy ::

:: This is one of the apartment blocks we stayed inTiara Beach Resort ::

:: Eating Langsat, Longan at seaside ::

:: In a Thai Restaurant to have dinner ::

:: Cheers (Using La La) ::

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I went out to celebrate YH and K birthday at night, again another road block was set nearby my house. I feel numb meeting all the road-blocks. grr...wasting my time stucking in the jam...

Once again, I intended to make a call to my friend and luckily my friend did not pick up. When I was stuck in the jam, I saw one police man was standing right beside my car only. Phew...

There were about 14 or 15 of us gathered to celebrate birthday and yam cha. We have second round to yam cha near my house's mamak stall. I was yam cha-ing with friends until around 4:30am and my dad drove his car out to find me, only I went back. Meanwhile, my hp has low battery and my dad could not call me. So, he drove out to search for me...:P In fact, I thought my dad would not be waiting for my return.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Unlucky day =.=

I'm out for whole day again.

I went to find J and was stuck in a slow moving traffic jam. Again, I met road block. huh...

I saw there was someone flashed his car lights and I tried not to go against any road rules. However, my handphone rang. Some more, it appeared only numbers not names which indicates that I do not know this number that appeared on my hp. I was so hesitating whether to answer it up or not. In the end, I did not pick up and I reject it.

After a few minutes, my phone rang again and the same number appeared. I had not passed by the road block yet, therefore I rejected the call. It is a call from somewhere in KL. I did not call back as that is fixed line number and maybe hard to search for the person who called me.

After I met J, we went to Sunway Pyramid and sing K with my university friends which in fact we celebrated YF's birthday.

In the evening, where I suppose to go to CPA Australia office to attend a gathering and I was suppose to be late for the gathering because J fetched me but we did not really know the way to reach there. So, I called SC who would be going there too.

She then told me a BAD news. The gathering for today had been cancelled. Then only I realised that the calls I rejected this morning were from CPA Australia to inform me that the gathering had been postponed. Felt like doing something fool. Stucked in the bad traffic jam in KL for hours.

Around 8:30pm only we reached Sogo Complex to have dinner. I was starving.

If there was no road block and I answered the call, I would be informed that the gathering has been postponed!!! I think I should buy a new hands free...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine Day

I went to MV to shop.

Before I went to MV, I went to ATM machine and withdrew some money out.

I bought a lot of stuffs. Now I understand why girls like to shop like crazy and never stop buying things when shopping. I feel satisfied today after buying so many things. I bought presents for friends as birthday presents, new clothes for my lovely dad, and perfume for myself.

I had lunch in Chili's.

:: Me, in Chili's restaurant ::

:: This is my lunch, lamb chop ::

:: J's lunch, chicken chop ::

Somehow, I feel happy to buy gift to my dad, a new shirt to my dad as new year gift since I received my salary from my 2 months internship. I bought perfume for myself with my own salary. Usually, I will ask from my parents for everything that I wanted. They will pay for me. I never knew that spending own money is kinda satisfied feeling. haha...

I watched movie, Epic Movie. hmm...not really a nice movie. Though it is comedy, it doesn't bring out any meaning from that movie. Anyway, it is funny...

O, I met road block. I was driving on road where near my house area. In fact, I met road block few days ago at the same place. I was talking on phone, meanwhile I put attention on opposite road whether anyone is giving sign that there was road block in front. (The common sign is people will flash their car lights twice.) Soon, I saw someone was flashing car lights and I quickly put down my hp. Very soon, I saw road block in front. I was feeling scare that I would be caught, but I was not.

Really thanks to the person who gave me signal that in front had road block. Otherwise, I would be fined.

Another once, I was driving on North-South highway and talking on phone again. This time there was no any signal was given. Fortunately I had put down hp only I met another road block that was set on highway. In the mean time, polices' main target was only lorries. phew...

I was scared and feeling lucky that I was not caught. haha...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lou Sang dinner

I was invited to go to MR Lou Sang dinner tonight. **Should be yesterday night, now is after 12am.hee...

I reached MR at around 6pm and I went up to office. Senior told me that manager had reviewed one of the file that I did and I can have a look since I did not have anything to do besides sitting there.

Manager, KS saw me when she passed by me, was surprised that I was reading file. She asked: I thought you have finished your training right? Why are you here to work ar? I said: no la. I came to join you all for dinner later. haha...

Later, we went to Jalan Imbi to have dinner. Booked 6 tables and all were full. Table I sat was overloaded. There were 11 people. Most of the people in the same table with me are ex-trainees. They just left MR for about 1 month ago.

After dinner, we all took photos. It was also a farewell for me and S (trainee) as yesterday was our last day to work. Taking photos is also one kind of fun as people will squeeze in the camera coverage to take photos. haha...

They have second round to clubbing, but I did not follow because my dad won't allow me to go back late at night. :( I wish I could go...If I went, I would not be here to blog. haha...

Gonna miss all my colleagues. Keep in touch o!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Internship ended

Finally, it ends.

Spending 9 weeks with MR and 8 out of 9 weeks were spent with the same client in Kajang. The working environment there is really good. Comfortable chairs and tables, cold air-cond, friendly clients, though their computer in the room we worked they provided is about one decade old (I guess).

My senior has much experience and she appreciates the friendly, helpful, co-operate clients here as there are many outside acting in the opposite. Some other clients are ego, unwilling to co-operate and unhelpful.

That's why I keep saying that I'm really lucky.

Yesterday, was my last day to work in MR. I went back to office to say bye to colleagues. I finally can meet all the other 3 friends who came in MR, recommended by CPA. I couldn't see them usually. I submitted my time sheets and reimbursement forms to claim allowances. I was asked to return stationery such as staple, stock take board and puncher. I was not given those stationeries in the first day and I did not need to return of course.

Senior does not mind if I go with her to Kajang but I need to tell manager and HR. Before I left MR, VC, HR manager, asked will I continue to study or to work after I graduate? I answered that I will work and at the mean time, maybe pursuing CPA. She then wondered whether I will come back to MR to work. I replied that I have not made any decision yet. In fact, I still have another year to go to complete my degree. It can be considered later. hee...

Since I was allowed to go out, yahoo...I'm really happy because it is sort of given freedom. We (my senior and team mates) went to have our breakfast and then started to work. Before client went back home, we need to return the pass to them which uses it to open doors and other purposes.

We found that the finance manager who we dealt with the most was on the phone, so we talked to other officers and said bye to them and shook hands with them with wishes: Happy Chinese New Year. They are all chinese. They are too good and do not feel like leaving such good client. They always joke as well. We had had happy time to deal with them. The finance manager is also friendly and always bring a smile on his face while we were talking to him.

They wish that we will come back to do audit next year with the same faces so that they won't need to explain the same thing to auditors. I wish I could.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



I always took train to go to work since I started my internship in mid of December 2006.

My internship contract lasted 2 months and I have taken 2 months of train as my transport to work. In the morning, around 7:30am to 8am, there will be many working people taking train to reach their destination. Since Sungai Buloh is the third station, the trains are not always full and there will be still left some seats. However, there are so many people waiting in Sungai Buloh station, particularly when trains do not follow the planned schedule or the trains do not come on time, there will be even crowded in the station. Once the train comes, everyone will squeeze in.

Ultimately, people who are waiting in next station and the rest stations cannot board on train.
Always when train reaches next station and since the train is "FULL", still people wanna go in some more. People in the train will always scold angrily: Jangan masuk la, sudah penuh la. Some even scold:stupid. phew...

Sometimes, I feel sympathize to those who cannot board on train as otherwise they will be late for their work. Some aunties will complain outside the train that if they cannot board on this train, they will have to wait for another 20 - 30 minutes for the train. They will definitely be late for work then. sigh...

People will start to leave train when it reaches Bank Negara station. My destination is Kajang station which is about the last 7th station, there will be even less people as after KL central station, almost everyone has left the train. I would definitely get a seat to sit. I would always have my nap since I always lack of sleep.

In fact, I found that KTM has slightly impoved as at least they scheduled their time table with about every 15 minutes, there will be one train coming, which better than last time trains were scheduled to come at about every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, trains are still not punctual. It seem like not much difference made with the resheduled time table. haha...


My team leader who I always call her as my senior is a caring, kind, soft-spoken, and matured girl. I like her very much. I wish I can meet someone like her in future when I come out to work. Is it possible?

Since I'm a new trainee in audit firm, I knew nothing about auditing. She is willing to tell and teach me everything and guide me to the correct method of doing work. She is approachable. Whenever I ask her questions, she will definitely answer patiently and never get angry. (I heard from lecturer that some seniors are not easy to deal with) Thus, I feel lucky to meet her.

She is caring. She knew that I like the coffee and tea break in the office. There was once we went back to office in the morning to submit some completed files to manager, before we depart to Kajang, it was about 10:30am which was coffee break. She told me to drink coffee and enjoy the break as she said I might not have the chance after this which is quite true. there were about 2 weeks for me to work there and my contract ends. I feel touched and being concerned.

The most important part is: she never put any pressure on me and never rush me for anything. Thus, in this whole internship I feel relax working in audit firm to certain extent la. I still have to work, but I was not given any dateline to meet. She will always ask:how is your work so far? any question? or problem?

On the other hand, I heard that some seniors do put pressure and will give a dateline to meet which is something like "I want it by tomorrow". I talked to other senior as well so I knew about this. This senior kept saying that I'm lucky and not working with her.

She is kind as she has treated us the whole team several times for lunch. She said that we are working so hard and giving us some "rewards". Today, she said she wanted to treat me as this is MR's culture as anyone leaves MR, colleagues or team leader will treat the person. Hence, we had dinner in Kajang with another two teammates. We went to Sate Kajang to eat satay which is the famous food there. We ordered 55 satays and coconuts just for 4 of us. We were absolutely full.

:: This is the place, Sate Kajang ::

:: Big coconut ::

:: Varieties of satays ::

:: Team mate, KSC, me and my team leader, S ::

Well, tomorrow is my last day for my internship. I feel relieve as I finish my internship, but I don't feel like leaving working with a good senior. I had happy time working with her.

Best regards to my team mates and senior. Keep in touch.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I went shopping in KL with my secondary school buddies though there were only 3 girls of us. Guys won't be interested in shopping with us...

We went to Time Square first to shop. After that, we went to Low Yat to have our lunch. We had spent 1 hour to have our lunch. We had not sat down together and shared our STORIES long time already. Although it is just a short time (1hour), we had shared a lot of stories!!!

We later went to Sungai Wang for shopping. Wah...there...was really crowded. It is so hard to shop. Once I saw the shop was full with human there, I gave up to go in. Basically, we just did window shopping. Still, we bought something back home. YH bought the most things back to home until she almost cannot hold anymore.

We went back at around 530pm - 6pm. We were all tired. Although it is just one day shopping in KL with them, I feel happy to be with them as I appreciate this friendship. Since I started my internship, I never seen them at all. Wish friendship forever!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Are you married?

"Are you married?" asked by a malay girl working in client place as a librarian.

I looked around, there were only me and she. I thought the question is not for me. But, only me and she. She looked at me as well. I answered: NO. I was laughing then. She then wondered how old am I? She even answered it herself by asking: 23? 24? huh...I told her that I only 22 which in fact not enough 22 le...*sweat*...

hmm...I wonder, am I looked mature now? face doesn't change much also. I haven't even graduated from my degree, how possible I'm married le? Perhaps she thought I'm working now, should have graduated from uni. Or I look professional in doing my job and thought I have been working for long? haha....:P

Should I feel happy or sad? Meanwhile, I always deal with one chinese woman in client place and she likes to call me: xiao mei mei. She doesn't wanna call my name, just like to give me other names.


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