Friday, December 28, 2007

Movie: I am Legend

Watched movie with the title: I am Legend, with ML and A (My uni friends) in Sunway Pyramid GSC. When it was at the climax of the movie, the show was stopped. WTH...?!

We were told that we can get 100% refund from the counter. Alternatively, we can switch to watch other show once again. We chose to get the refund because A indeed had watched that movie before but he did not tell us, saying that since we wanna watch that show, so just accompanied us. The show is kinda boring as the main character is always going solo...-.-

It was only an hour show, we did not go back straight, instead A recommended us to eat J Co Donut. is delicious. It is as tasty as Big Apple Donut (in The Curve). Their donuts are so soft and fresh. Yummy...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

After the Prudential training programme, I had interviews in a row within one week. I had an interview with BDO Binder on Monday (17/12). I did not know where is the office, so I got the map from website and I able to search for the location. I went in on time and I was asked to fill up the application form and answer an essay question. There are 3 questions and I was required to choose one to answer. After I had done, I waited for the interviewer to come.

How was the interviewer? hmm...he is kinda busy I would say as he kept holding his hp and replied messages while talking to me. He also asked me question even before I finished answering his question. I couldn't complete my last sentence always. It is not a tough interview I think. I don't think I get the offer from BDO as I have waited until now, there is no reply from them. The interviewer told me about his expectations towards his subordinates and indeed he has high expectation (as high as Mr F.? :P).

Indeed, Monday morning I called KPMG to inform them that I had applied online and they arranged an interview for me on Wednesday. Later on, in the afternoon, PwC called me and told me that she had arranged an interview for me on Tuesday (which is next day) since I'm keen to start working in January. Soon after that, EY called me and told me again that she had arranged an interview for me. At that moment, I was thinking in my heart: Please do not arrange it on Tues and Wed. Fortunately, it was arranged on Friday. lol... (Thursday is a public holiday, Hari Raya Haji). day, I went to PwC for an interview. First I have to go through the assessments before the interview. The assessment consists of essay writing, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Essay writing was OKAY!!! Numerical reasoning sucks. Why? Because I do not have time to complete all the questions. I tried my best to answer the question to make sure I got the correct answers. Since I realised the time constraint, I did my best when I was taking verbal reasoning and I able to finish all questions.

After that, it was an interview with a senior manager. The manager is friendly and he asked me a lot of questions. Even after he asked me to ask him questions and I did, he asked me further questions which are technical questions. I tried my best to answer as in at least say something (must be logical definitely). My answers are not perfect and he gave me feedback and suggestions to me for his questions.

What's the result? Yea, I got a call from PwC in the evening that I got an offer. Yippie...I'm so happy that I got it...

Anyway, since I had promised to attend the interview with KPMG on Wednesday, I just gave it a try. In fact, I wished work in KPMG as well. So...Yea, I have to go through the assessments (the same three tests) and then face-to-face interview. Again, I was interviewed by a senior manager. He told me he has only worked for 3 years ++ (and he is now senior manager. wow!!!). We had a good chat and I told him that I have got an offer from PwC and I need his reply asap because I'm keen to work in KPMG. He said: if you REALLY interested, I can give you a direct offer now!!! Wow...really? I'm happy, but I'm worried that I may make up my mind too fast and I sort of stepped back and told him to contact me back when to start working.

Well, I have been waiting for many days, no reply. I even called to KPMG and asked whether I can collect my offer letter, HR people told me that they have to contact the manager and will get back to me in 1 hour. But, I do not get it. Do I consider as being offer a job now? I'm wondering. Anyway, yesterday the interviewer himself called me up, telling me that offer letter is not ready yet because it requires partner's signature. But, he guarantees that I can get the offer.

Indeed, I'm happy once the KPMG senior manager told me that he can give me a direct offer right now. Once I got home, I almost gave up to attend the interview with EY. I did not ultimately. I attended it. The interviewer is from HR department. There is no assessment. After this interview, I will have to attend another interview with Partner. hmm...the conversation was smooth as well. I have not much worried on that.

I got reply from EY on Monday (24/12) morning that I have to attend second interview with the partner. She was wondering whether I'm still interested. I rejected it to save both of our time. Yea, I'm so happy that I got call from EY as it means I'm one step closer to get the offer from EY. hee...

How about BDO? O well, they called me yesterday and requested for my transcripts and everything. I ended up emailing her that I have got a job offer from one of the big four accounting firm.

Huh...I'm now under dilemma for which company to work with. PwC? KPMG? hmm...I'm not sure when I will start working if I choose KPMG, but I will start working on 2/1/08 if I choose PwC. One of my best friends from A-Levels wishes me to go PwC as she is working there. hmm...How?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Every Christmas eve, I will be going out with my secondary school buddies without miss (so far). This year i went out with them as well, hoping to join some celebrations and have fun. We indeed run out of idea where to go for celebration...

Anyway, since many of us are facing financial problems, we decided to have dinner in a chinese restaurant. yea, it sounds weird to have dinner in a chinese restaurant where no turkey will be served, but we are happy to gather together...

After dinner, we went to Hartamas. We thought Hartamas would be very crowded which indeed not. Soda club (the only club in Hartamas) is CLOSED. Souled Out is a pub and did not look like it was going to have a party. We also found that there are not many people and parking space is empty everywhere. You can park anywhere of the parking space you want. We found it strange and we decided to change our destination.

We ended up in The Curve. Well, just looking at people sprayed on each other, and people running around. That is our celebration. Sound sad? idea. We left there at about 12:10am, which is quite early to SS2 to eat something. We all talked craps there and created a lot of jokes. I like those relaxing conversations with them. Went back home afterwards and I'm tired!!!

Once I reached home, I got back into my bedroom and I found a small bear sitting in a plastic bag on my bed. It is my christmas present!!! It is so sweet of my mom giving me christmas present. Love you so much...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I would say this is a wonderful programme that I had ever joined. It really brings a lot of benefits to me in the mean time it costs me nothing. Except for the fact that we get to stay in a 5 star hotel in Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya, the seminars that were conducted are very useful for us. No doubt, the bedroom is sooooooo... comfortable and the foods are sooooooooooo....delicious. Additionally, you won't feel any hunger throughout the 5 days training. This is because they provided us 3 meals and 2 tea-break a day. I would say too that I'm really fortunate that I was chosen to be part of them to attend such a beneficial programme. There are only 18 of us were chosen for this programme which consists of 6 boys and 12 girls. I would say that Prudential is kinda strict in selection, somehow I'm in. I feel very glad.

Seminar on the first day was about Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) where we can understand and recognise ourselves. This test is broken up into self-estimate and reported type. Self-estimate result indicates that I'm an introvert person, but the reported type indicates that I'm an extrovert person. Am I? Well, I think I should be an introvert.

Second and third day, we learnt about 7 Habits for highly effective youths. As the title suggests, it is known that if you were to pick up the 7 Habits, you would be a highly effective youth. It can be useful for our future employment. I feel glad too to meet the CEO of Prudential, Mr. Tan Kar Hor. He is very friendly and kind enough to share with us of his experience. I would say he is a very smart boy as he scored very well in his academic. He even broke people's record where there was somebody completed the actuarial science papers (which is 10 papers there) within 1 1/2 years, but he took up the challenge to finish all papers within 1 year and scored with flying colors results. He also shared with us what are some key features in order to be a successful man like him. His experience is really precious. I do not describe it in such a way it is so exaggerated, but somehow I just feel very grateful that I able to attend this programme and what I was provided.

On the forth day, we do a lot of practices on presentation. The seminar is about how to present well. Through this training, it gives me a lot of opportunities to practice my presentation skills and I received criticisms and got feedback about my weaknesses. During the practices, I tried to improve on my wrongs and tried to present again to be better. After I had gone through so many practices, I have relatively higher confidence level to speak up.

Except for the seminars, we played some games too which involves some team work skills. Those team work games that we played really taught us a lot of things. As the organiser explained to us, I do learn from there that in order to work as a team, what is the role as a team player should be played. In other words, from the games we played, I can understand much better.

Friday would be the most memorable day for us. This is because that day is the day where we gave feedback to the organisers. We shared what we have learnt from this programme and sent a message to all of our dear friends. We were sitting on chairs that formed a circle and we started sharing lessons that we have picked up.

After the sharing, we were asked to sing a song named "You raise me up" to close this programme. We all holding hands together and sang the song. When it came to the part where we sang "you raise me up", we all put up our hands and swung our body left and right. Half way through the singing, few of us were actually dropping tears. The environment is just so touching as we know that we are going to be separated soon. We are all so close to each other as we stayed together under the same roof and work so hard together. We all really appreciate the friendship that has been built up here.

On Friday night, it is our "Graduation dinner" and we have to wear the graduation robe. Yay...this is the first time I experience to wear the graduation robe. It is a very wonderful feeling wearing the graduation robe. It was a very memorable night to me. Half of the total of our parents did not come and we were arranged to sit together at the last table. We actually took a lot of photos together at the back of the room. We really had very good time. We are genuinely making friends and being sincere to everyone. I really like the time being together with them, working hard together with them.

We were also given a project to do where we have to shoot for a commercial for the product that we were assigned. There were 4 groups of us and each group pick different product. The products are Curry soap, fish and chip toothpaste, petai flavoured drink, and product that my group did is durian perfume. Such a project is kinda challenging and we need a lot of brainstorming. And, because of this project, we need to stay up late until 1-2am while we have to wake up by 7am on next day.

On the forth day's night, we had a lil party gathering where 17 of us gathered in one's room and we played truth or dare game. Well, I have to keep everything and everything stays there as everybody has promised to each other, so I cannot write it out here describing what had happened. Anyway, it is really an unforgettable night for me.

Compared to last some other similar programmes that I had attended, I reckon that this programme will be the best as I really have fun in there and learnt a lot of lessons which help me a lot. Perhaps this programme has indeed increased my confidence level to be able to speak up in the public. However, I still need to be well-prepared in order to give a good presentation.

Indeed, everyday is memorable for me. I will miss all you guys. We shall keep in touch.

Song that cause our tears drop!!!

I have added some effects and the titles in.
* I don't know how to put the titles at the bottom.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Graduated but unemployed

Woohoo... I can finally graduate. I was so worried that I could not because of the auditing paper as I knew I truly screwed it up. Fortunately, I passed it. I really only get a PASS for it at 56%. sad case. Since I aimed for only pass, I should feel satisfied with it. This is my worst subject and grades that I ever obtained in my whole degree.

Other subjects are quite okay as all are credit and above.

Though results released on the 3rd December 2007, I updated my blog so late because I'm not free. lol...

Since I'm graduated, I'm no longer a student. Phew...student life is finally leaving me. I reckon that i enjoyed my student life during the whole degree course though sometimes I'd face some difficulties. I'm no longer a Sunway student....wait!!! But I can be an alumni. does that work for us? I have never been an alumni of any of my schools that I had attended.

I wish I can still further my study without any obstruction. hee...I wish I can overcome all the coming stress in terms of working and study!!!

By the way, just found that I'm officially unemployed though I'm officially graduated!!! O no, another worry for me. I wish I can get into one of the Big 4 accounting firms. But somehow I lack of confidence in getting the job offer as it is so competitive now. Especially I worry that I may fail the assessment which requires me to write a KARANGAN. That would be my big weakness. I did not practice my Malay since 2002. It is about 5 years ago. help...!!!

Anyway, as long as I can graduate, I'm satisfied and also get a job offer from one of the Big4 accounting firms. I wanna get move on in my life. :P Perhaps I need to thanks to all my friends' wishes and encouragement :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


yay...everything is over now, I mean exams ONLY. Finally...

Anyway, I still need to face the most cruelest day, which is when my results come out. Pray pray pray veeeeeeery hard ... that I can pass all subjects and graduate "peacefully".

I'm absolutely sleepy. I started to yawn in the exams hall, really sleepy and tired. So bad. Mr F was looking at me. =.= phew...

Anyway, I still went to Pyramid for a while to relax my mood, I NEED FRESH AIR.

Finally, I'm here to blog. But I'm gonna sleep right now. I cannot stand anymore.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Proud of her

I always tried to read my friends' blogs to get to know the latest news from them.

From there, I just found out that one of my close friend in secondary school, A participated in Project Runway Malaysia. Out of 15 fashion designers, she able to be the top 3 designer. I feel so proud of her success.

Since secondary school I knew her, I could see she always sketch and draw her creativity on paper. She always wants to be a fashion designer. I think she is so successful now. Even she did not win in the competition, but I think she should be the one who deserve it. I really love her creativity. It is so amazing. If you doubt that, you can click here to see her collections. Below is the link:

My friend is the one who received flowers from her mother. :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I graduate?

I feel so down as I think I did not do well in my auditing paper. I wonder whether I can really graduate or not with what I had answered in the paper just now.

I did not manage to finish all questions, and I simply answered all the MCQs as well. I don't understand what each question is asking in MCQ part. The choices are so similar and made me so difficult to choose. I feel so helpless. By the way, I can't imagine that my university can issue such a tough paper to students. :P

Once the exam was over, SC came to me. I said: do not ask me anything!!! Not that I wanna be rude to her. I'm sorry to her... I totally lost control on my emotion. I'm REALLY WORRIED that I cannot graduate. I can do nothing to rescue it now!!! HELP!!!:'(

I do not want to see him next semester. I bet he doesn't want to see me anymore too. I do not want to have another semester. I can now pray to God only that I can PASS. I only aim for pass as I WANT TO GRADUATE, never hope for more than that.

*sigh*...why all my friends' wishes did not work for me one???

Monday, November 12, 2007


Had a discussion for auditing with friends yesterday. It was fun...

In addition, we basically exchanged TIPS for auditing. I got tips from a former group assignment partner who is now studying in Australia. He got it from his TUTOR. Then I shared it with all my friends. Unexpectedly, A gave us tips for other parts of the auditing papers. There are few parts in the exams. The tips I got is just one part. Yippie...Tips Tips Tips...I love you!!!

Well, I hope it helps as in accurate tips... I have to pass all subjects!!! Can't afford to fail!!! Still I wanna complain!!! AUDITING is so tough as I can't answer the case studies...:(

By the way, our results is coming out on the 3rd December 2007. Exams is not over, but we know when the results is going to be announced. =.=

Yesterday is Mr F's birthday. We found it out from Friendster. He joined Friendster though. lol...SC sent him a message to wish him and he replied thank you. So we confirmed that is his birthday. Later on, we had a question, so SC called him up and asked him the question. After that, SC opened her hp's loud speaker and all of us wished him "Happy Birthday". :P

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exam period is started this week from 5/11/2007.

However, my first paper is on 7/11/2007. Definitely I have been doing what I should do, which is revision. We had group study for once only for Corporate Finance. DD, SC, SX and I gathered in Sunway Pyramid's McDonald's at about 11am after we had finished our auditing final test on last Monday (29/10).

We bought fries as our snack while doing our practical questions together. We started to feel tired at around 330pm. SX suggested to shop, so we went around. DD wanted to buy her anniversary present and birthday present for her dear hubby. Therefore, we shopped until evening. She finally bought a RM400 watch for her dear. wow...

We went home respectively for dinner.

After that, we did not have any study group. Anyway, we shared notes for tax law and summaries for accounting standards. As there are too much for someone to study everything. Group work reduces our burden man...

Since we did revision individually after that, we connect each other via hp instead of MSN because somehow many of them are missing. They are not there when they in...usually they would online most of the time, but...they are just missing...

Hp becomes our the only way to connect people. Anyway, talking via phone is much clearer than typing in MSN. But..but..but...I wonder how much is my next phone bill. O yea...talking about phone bill...I have not cleared phone bill for Oct. oops...

During SWOT week, I did not even go out from my house. I'm closed in my bedroom :P 24 hours inside my house. Even I wanna go out, also my dad will warn me to stay at home to do my revision. So...:( I did not attend JY's birthday celebration. Sorry, JY.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Graduation Ceremony

Just back from my baby brother's graduation ceremony. Actually, it's not my baby brother who is graduating, is his classmates who are now 6 year-old. He participated in performing dancing. We whole family attended to give him support. Entrance fee is RM30 per person. (The foods were quite okay, but the quantities were just not enough to provide to everyone)

The event was held in Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. It's freaking far from our home. It took us almost 2 hours to get there as it was jammed badly all the way. I spent one whole night for this and I did not do my revision. I just wanna accompany my dearest Tung and watch his performance.

Yea, he performed well. He was so enjoying in his dancing. Everyone is cute when dancing or performing on the stage. Really can make you laugh...hahahaha...

O well, I have to continue my revision then...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stresssss out

Really stress out now...

I feel like crying...very helpless now...

Looking at my low internal marks, I have no more confidence, it is so discouraging to me. How am I going to pass? O no...

What have I been doing instead of studying? I'm the one to be blamed. sigh...

I hope my last effort I put in can still enable me to pass all the finals...

Now going to put in extremely extra effort in...gambateh!!! Instead of putting in 200% effort, can I do 400%, double of it? :P

Wish everyone good luck in the exams...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Graduation Bear

:: Graduation Bear ::

Cute bear? yay, i like it...just bought it today!!! It is Sunway's original souvenir, graduation bear. yay...i'm going to graduate if I can pass all the subjects in this final semester. It is not easy though...

Need to work at least 200% hard as Mr. F (my sarcastic accounting lecturer) said!!!...hopefully the bear would bless me in the exams..lolx...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm not celebrating!!!

Hey, what's wrong with you guys?

Call me up and wish me Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to me?!!!

I'm a pure Chinese. I'm celebrating Chinese New Year, not Raya. Somemore one of the friend s asked Ang Pow from me. I'm not married. Yet, Raya should be "Green Pow". Phew...

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my malay friends.

O well, I have not been updating so often because I have been rushing for my assignments, my so-called last assignment or last essay writing in VU.

After exams, if i'm lucky and pass all the subjects (God bless me), I'll be graduating. By that time, I must be missing my university time very much. I don't feel like leaving my student life, but I cannot afford to fail any of the subject...

My exams is coming very soon. It starts on 7th November and ends on 20 November 2007. The timetable is pretty well-arranged. Although I have 2 subjects' exam dates are just back to back, I'm still quite comfortable with it because one of the subject is a maths paper which involves mostly calculations. Then the rest of the papers, there are about 5-day gaps in between.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm the eldest at home. As I grow up, number of my family members is going up as well to 7 members. Since then, we were all stayed together and never been separated. Even sometimes, some of us went for trip, those kind of separation are just temporary. However, 1 year of separation is truly long for us...

28 September 2007 is the date when my younger brother, JS, going to UK to further his studies in his final year. On this date, I have class as usual until 12:30pm. Later on, I attended a talk by Kuwait Finance House in my university. Once the talk ended, I went home quickly. Unfortunately, there was jam everywhere. HATE IT!!! Even NKVE highway also congested for at least few KMs.

We (all family members) had our last full member dinner in Dragon-i, 1U. My dad told us to order everything that we wanted to eat. Even I said enough, he said: order some more... After we finished dinner, we spent time to take some photos...before we were heading to KLIA. When we were taking photo, my mom cried terribly as seeing own son is leaving all of us for about a year.

Went to check-in counter once we reached KLIA at around 9pm. Later, we gathered in McD. Since my brother's friends came to KLIA too, therefore, my brother gathered with them for the most last time...

Ultimately, my brother had to leave us to boarding lounge one hour before his flight departed. Standing in front of the entry of boarding lounge, my brother gave us last big hug to each everyone of us before he entered. We were all so unwilling. Finally, everyone's eyes were so red. We girls definitely cried out. My baby brother, also cried when he got a hug from his brother in front of the entry of boarding lounge. My baby brother is the only one who was going happily all the way to KLIA. Unexpectedly, he cried out too...perhaps is the moody atmosphere had affected him.

Until we saw JS was disappearing to go to boarding lounge, we left KLIA.

All the way back home, no one was talking except my baby brother. He is always the most talkative one.

I started to miss my brother. Thinking what is he doing on the plane now..

Even next day in the morning, when I just opened my eyes, first thing come to my mind was my brother. I just can't stop thinking and crying.

Indeed, not only I cried, same to all my family members. All of us do not look well, we all feel down. My mom can not even go into my brother's room to clean up the room because that will cause her tears to drop again. My friend who talked on phone with me, thought I got flu. Meanwhile, he is influenced by me and his eyes were wet. lolx...

I guess after JS has called back just now once he reached UK, hopefully everyone would be okay and not worry about him too much.

Everyone is missing hard and do take care, JS.

Photos took right before my brother left.

:: This is my brother, JS ::

:: My sister, and my two younger brothers ::

:: 3 of us ::

:: In the middle is my cute little baby brother ::

:: Dad and brother ::

:: Tung and JS ::

:: My mom and Tung ::

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1st anniversary ^^

Just a blink of an eye, I have been blogging for one year. My blog is one-year old now. Thought of changing the outlook of my blog. But I'm just too dumb in creating it. :( lolx... Anyone can help me?

Anyway, no doubt, today is my dad's birthday. What did we do?

Well, just a simple one. We went out for dinner and all siblings shared the bill. It was only RM156 ++ for a dinner. We celebrated dad's birthday at home after our dinner.

This morning, before I went to university, I bought Marble Cheese cake for dad from Secret Recipe. My family is fan of Secret Recipe's cakes. We all like cheese cake very much.

Lately, I have been busy. Ask me what am I busy with, I won't be able to answer. I do not even know why have I wasted so much time when I was doing nothing. Probably I play TC too much. I'm really addicted to it. Help me...!!!

This is the most miserable semester I have. I did not do tutorial anymore. I did not start my assignment earlier anymore. I studied my tests last minutes. I do everything last minutes. Currently, I have last 2 assignments to submit in 2 weeks time, but I have not even started. Well, until now, I have started a bit because of my lecturer requires us to see him to see how have we proceeded. Thanks to his this policy so as to force myself to start working on assignment.

I guess I will have tough time soon, as I did not know what the hell is going on with my tax law. I totally mass up everything. I tried to solve some tutorial questions, but the answers are always wrong. *cry* Worrying that I cannot get through this semester right now.

O yea, my brother is going to UK in this coming Friday to finish his final year in degree. So envy that he got the opportunity to study abroad *cry*. Hope he will do well there and have wonderful times there...Have a safe journey to UK...:)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Went to Italianese in The Curve to have dinner. It was saying to have dinner at 8pm, but everyone seem to be late. Especially CS had waited the longest since 730pm. Pity him. KK and I were not late, reached there by sharp 8pm. :P

After dinner, went to Laundry Bar that is just beside Italianese restaurant. O has been long I did not go to bar. Anyway, we were there to sit (yam cha) and celebrate TL's birthday. This time TL is the most pity. His face was pushed onto the cake terribly. wahahahah... thanks to all his 'Hing dai'. Hopefully somebody has caught the shot. hahaha...

We indeed went back after 12am. Unbelievable!!! This is the only time ever had to go back so early. Perhaps everyone has got something to do on next day. I did not know whether they have second round. Anyway, I need to rush for my assignments, study for my test, and complete my killing tutorials. I need to rest early too...:P

This is the most expensive celebration though as TL said to me. hahaha...indeed it is. Dinner in Italianese is killing already, what's more going to bar at night? All drinks have got 2 prices there. Cheaper price is the normal price, and if after 9pm, the price is much expensive. Gosh...

Photos and perhaps video will be uploaded when I got them :P

Saturday, September 08, 2007

MSA sports day

MSA is a kinder garden where my little baby brother is currently studying in. My little baby brother participated in the sports day and he excitedly looking forward for today. He is hyperactive little boy who cannot stop moving. Always touching, walking, jumping, and running around.

MSA sports day was held in Footy Futsal centre in SS24 started at 1030am and ended at around 1pm. I can see my brother had a lot of fun there...hahaha...

Show some photos and videos to see my cute baby brother enjoying in his sports day...

:: His cute classmate ::

:: All classmates that attended ::

:: After gotten their gold medal as appreciation of participation :P::

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 22nd Birthday

:: With secondary school buddies ::

KK told me that she is employed by a Dubai company and will be leaving in 1 month time. Therefore, we shall gather on 25 August, before she leaves. This is the reason to ask me out to celebrate my birthday hoping giving me a surprise celebration. I believed it at the first stage. When she told me that she got instant reply to offer her a job, I was hesitating then.

The day before the celebration, KY smsed me that she wanted to follow my car to join the celebration. There I confirmed that they were preparing me a birthday celebration. hahaha...Well, anyway, I did not drive and it is usually I DON'T have to drive (every year also like that, lolx).

We went to shabu shabu steamboat restaurant in Kepong to have dinner. Yea, foods are fresh and delicious. There were 11 of us. Yea, we had good time there, happily enjoyed our dinner...

We took some photos there.

Yea, guys, I love the present, thanks...!!!

:: Birthday card custom made by YH ::

:: Front page ::

:: Second and third page ::

:: Best Buddies (Guys) ::

:: Best buddies (Gals) ::

:: Total presents I got this year ::

:: Video taken by TL while celebrating with my secondary school buddies ::

:: With Family ::

Though it is simple, I like it. My mom bought Marble Cheese cake from Secret Recipe. favourite!!! (O ya, my secondary school buddies also bought me Cheese cake from King's)

:: Present from J ::

On 29 August, early morning, before I went out to university, someone gave me a call to ensure that I wasn't out before 11am. Later on, when I walked to downstairs, I saw a boutique of roses was near the entrance of our main door. Someone delivered it to my house and my mom signed it as I was still upstairs. Thanks for J for the surprise present for my birthday. I like the fresh roses. They are beautiful.

:: This is also another present, from J ::

:: With primary school friends ::

KE is a girl whose birthday is just next day of my birthday. She decided to celebrate together at 29 August night in Low Yat's Red Box. KG came to fetch me to KL. There are about 10 people in the room. They are all crazy. They are unable to sit and sing. All of them must stand in front of the big screen TV to sing and dance. Especially after they had selected English pop songs, they couldn't even stop making loud loud voice.

I did not stay too late, I left at about 1130pm as I have 930am class in next day. I know that they all really crazy playing until next morning at 4am. Most of them have to work some more...I salute them!!!

Not to forget, thanks JY and KG for the birthday presents.

:: KE and I The birthday girls ::

:: My lovely primary school friends ::

:: All guys and girls ::

:: Everyone cheers ::

Yea, I had had fun in the week of my birthday. I appreciate that my family and my friends celebrated my birthday. Thanks again for all the birthday present as well as wishes through sms-es, and calls.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


hahahahaha...advertise here a bit. :P

Lately, there is a new innovation, a portable oral care kit, is introduced into the market. This portable oral care kit is suitable for people who frequently travel as it is convenient to carry around. It is a small compact case contains with tooth brush, tooth pick and tooth gel. It looks cool though!!!

There are 5 different colors: blue, green, white, pink and black.

Visit the website for more details by clicking here. There will be free gifts giving out buying from Daren.

(Done by Daren)

Note: I don't get even a penny by promoting this!!! :P

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mid-Sem break

yea, so fast it is mid-sem break lo. It is time to rest. hahaha...

Well, to tell the truth I have been very LAZY over the 4 weeks since the semester started. I still did my tutorial works though...Anyway, those are very incompleted le...hahaha...just lucky that lecturers discussed questions that I did. hahaha...if they went beyond, and I was the one who was asked to answer, I would be dead!!!

I have delayed a lot of my work. Well, talking about my delayed work, reminds me of my assignments. year assignments are truly different from first and second year. In auditing subject, we are required to do critique. Who are we to critic anyway? It is very tough though...I guess with the help from my kind and helpful lecturer should have no problem. hahaha...

Still remember yesterday went to see him to present our first draft, our work is damn bad!!! A lot of areas need to be improved. Please understand that this is the first time I do critique...

Additionally, final subject is not EASY at all. So far, the perception I got from AFA (Advanced financial accounting) is a subject study accounting standards while auditing is a subject study auditing standards.

Gosh..I hate accounting and auditing standards. They are totally different. There are 2 different handbooks. Each handbook is about 5cm++ thick. joke!!! What is worse is that we are not allowed to bring handbooks into the exam hall. How are we going to memorise a damn thick book?

Another subject, taxation law, is closed-book exam. Anyway, we are allowed to bring in 20 pages of papers or notes. Or else, many people may fail the paper (including me). How the hell we can remember all cases and legislations? We are not lawyer though...hahahah...really salute those future lawyers...

Seem like I have to spend my holidays in my study. There will be few tests coming up after holidays too...*going insane*

My "honey moon" ends!!! Start working now!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yea, there was a house warming held yesterday (11/8) whereby we all siblings invited all our friends to come and visit our house. At the same time, it is also celebrating my first younger brother’s 21st birthday.

My uni buddies (4 people) are the earliest one to arrive my house!!! It supposed to start at 7pm, but they reached half hour earlier. Unfortunately, M couldn’t join us as he kept turing to the wrong place and ended up going to the direction to his home. *Sigh*

Second group of people (3 People) are my ex-colleagues from FCE. In fact, one of my ex-colleague from MR, K, also came early.

I asked them to get their foods to eat and chit-chat with them. Soon, my third group of friends, secondary school buddies (9 gentlemen) came and when I planned to have my dinner at their table, (after I got my foods), I saw my primary school’s (KM) buddies came again (10 people) and I have to give up my foods and find a table for them to sit.

After I got table for them, I ended up having my dinner with my primary school friends. I was with them for longer time, then I have to accompany my uni buddies, ex-colleagues, and secondary school buddies…I was busy walking (or even running) here and there (everywhere!!!).

I feel sorry that I spent quite little time with all of them. Such small numbers of people are sufficient to cause me to run around…whereby there are also some people cancelled it last minutes, I would be much busier…!!!

About 10pm++ only my best friends (2 lasses) came. I feel sad that YH (one of my best friends in secondary school) did not join my house warming without giving a reasonable reason. Well, it is not that I need a solid reason from her, it is just the matter of what has happened to her lately…she does not seem to join us anymore…and she refuses to share with us…

I did not expect that I received so many gifts and greetings cards from all my dear friends. Thank you so much, all buddies and I appreciate that you all spared your free time in my house warming, coming all the way from Cheras, Kepong, and Subang. Hope that you all enjoyed the dinner…and thanks for all the gifts and greetings cards…

However, I have not done my tutorial work at all, shit. Have been busy for whole day and later I have to give tuition to my cousin on accounting. There go my whole weekends. I did not do any of the tutorial work for coming week.

Anyway, I have been very reluctant to do my work as it was still early semester which made me tend to feel I’m in honey period so I relax my self.

Gosh…gotta rush for it now…

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The other day I was telling my friend, JY, that I unable to identify my non-academic achievement for the purposes of applying job. In order to join Sunway SMART programme (one of the management training program), I need to fill an application form and at the last part there asks for my non-academic achievement.

Then he volunteered himself to think for me. I thought he was just joking. After one day, I was chit-chatting with him, we mentioned about Genting. Then I realised that since I have reached my legal age to go into casino, I have not been there still. Later, I told him the story about how I sneaked into the casino while I was under age.

This is the story I told him: It was 2 years ago. I went there with my ex-colleagues. They are all adults except myself. As they wanna go into casino and impossible to leave me outside, therefore think of a way for me to sneak in. One of the ex-colleague's gf took out her IC and lent me. Then they asked me to hold the guy's hand to pretend as my bf to bring me in.

When passing by the guard, DEFINITELY I looked under age and stopped me, asked: IC please? Then I took out the borrowed IC and showed. The STUPID guard took some time to 'verify' it and LET ME IN. 0.0

When I told until here, he stopped me and said: Neh!!!this is your non-academic achievement lo...hahahaha...He made me could not talk for a while...hahahaha...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cameron Highlands trip

Trip to Cameron Highlands with my primary school classmates from Kung Min. 8 persons of us, 3 guys and 5 girls.

First day
I stayed far away from them, so they gathered and had breakfast before meeting me. I did not join them because nobody can fetch me to Cheras so early. After their breakfast, they started their journey to meet me, but they went the wrong way. I waited at the agreed place for 1 hour. hahaha...therefore, when we all reached Cameron Highlands, it was afternoon.

All of us were starving. We then had our lunch before we checked in (my first lunch with this group of people) our rented apartment.

After we had settled down, some took nap, some of them watched TV (there is Astro) as it was raining and we couldn't go out. When it was drizzle we all went to night market to buy some vegetables (for our dinner, steamboat) and also bought some other stuffs. It was raining though when we were in night market.

We all happily had our dinner, steamboat, once we got back to apartment. When it was near late night, we all played card game (I believed most people will do) and loser will have to drink alcohol, Black Label. JYong brought it to share with us. We bought 3 bottles of 1.5 litre coca-cola to mix with.

We drank until we finished the 3 bottles of coke and only half bottle of Black Label is drunk, perhaps less than half bottle. Everyone is looked drunk. Some of us do not get used to drink alcohol so frequently tend to have red on face. I'm one of them. =p Luckily there are few rounds where they drank for me. Otherwise, I maybe ended up thrown out before I slept that night.

When everyone is ready to sleep (we played game in living area), everyone just sat on sofa ready to fell asleep. As a result, everyone squeezed in living area for 1 night. I did not sleep well...:(

The next day, went to tea garden for a walk before we left there. We lack of time to go to strawberry park still we bought strawberries, and sweet corns...Later we thought of going to Ipoh to have chicken rice so we left Cameron to Ipoh. When we reached the entrance of highway, we realised that time is not early anymore, so decided to go back KL. There we skipped our lunch. Everyone starved like hell. When we reached KL, it is time for us to have dinner...

Seriously, I had fun in this trip. I'm glad to meet my primary school friends back and able to go for a trip with them too...Love you guys for bringing me good memory and happy moment...

:: Night market in Cameron Highlands, it was raining though ::

:: Steamboat as our dinner ::

:: Lots of foods...yummy ::

:: All 8 of us ::

::When just arrived tea garden ::

:: Nice view in tea garden ::

:: Yea, all of us standing in the tea garden ::

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hopefully it will be my last sem if I don't fail any subject at the end of the day and I will graduate finally after 3 years of studying my degree. This could be a boring post I reckon and can just ignore it without reading the whole post...=p

First day back to Sun-U, Sun-U is so empty after Monash Uni has moved to their newly built campus. I think there will be more parking spaces, less people in the foyer and cafeteria, but it wasn't really. Cafeteria is still crowded but may not be as crowded as used to be.

There are so many changes in Sun-U. Sunway Information center is shifted to former Monash information center. We used to attend lectures in auditoriums in Sunway block, but now have all shifted to Monash block's lecture theaters. Used to attend tutorials in Sunway block's classrooms have also switched to Monash block's classroom. There are also many areas are under constructions. Not only our classes venue change, lecture's also move room. hahaha...

Now it is much easier to locate them because all VU lecturers are all now moved to the same floor staff rooms, where used to be used by Monash lecturers. Last time, all VU lecturers were all over in different floors and different blocks. When I went to see lecturers, I can see every single lecturer who I knew are there and greet them.

Every lecturer is sharing the room. I guess they are temporarily using the rooms because I told Dr. C (My finance lecturer) who used to have a private room with 1 air-cond and comfortably seated, that previous room would be more comfortable rather than now is sharing. He replied that he will have future even better room to sit in. haha...I don't know how...I hope I can see it, since I maybe graduating soon. Mr. J shares the room with Dr. C said that he can see what he (Dr. C) is doing usually in front of the computer. hahahah...

Today, when I walked into the campus, while walking I was thinking...this would be my last half year having student life, last half year to hold books on hand, carry a bag, play a student role and walk in this campus. *sad* There would be end of my student life.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just came back from...yam cha. Before this, I had a gathering with secondary school friends in The Ship, Damansara Utama. Indeed, attendance of this year has deteriorated as compared to last few years. There were above 20 people in the gathering in the past. This year, there are only 19, cannot even hit my target at 20. aiks...just that some of them are not in Malaysia or at outstation on gathering date and some are just cannot make it because of having something to busy with. Also, my form teacher cannot make it to attend. *sad*

I'm the organiser of the gathering. I told everyone to be there at 7pm sharp. For those who cannot make it, I told them: try to make it. On the other hand, I told The Ship's manager that my dinner starts at 730pm. the end, everyone looked 'punctual' as they came before 730pm but after 7pm. Me came at the earliest with KK and YH. (I don't cheat you all purposely, just that I wish all of you can be punctual by allowing you all to be late for half hour, isn't that good for you? =p)

Slowly everyone was arriving. WJ is the last one who came after 730pm. Even our main course is served, he wasn't there yet.

I hope everyone enjoyed the meal though it is expensive. I thought it is quite worth for RM40 nett to have a soup, main course, drink and desert. The first two are still acceptable and quite satisfied, but the drink is just fruit drink and the desert was just 6 small pieces of fruit. OMG...I thought it would be something like ice-cream and/or banana...(when the manager discuss the menu with me was like that, I assume he forgot about it, plus I did not remind him when I got the menu) I feel like he cheated me.

I don't care whether he forgot or cheated me, I don't feel satisfied with his service attitude. He expected me to give him the order in advance at least one day before, but he sent me the menu just on this Wednesday (which is 3 days before). I was thinking that if he did not give me the menu on Wednesday, I wouldn't want to have gathering there, I would just shift the venue of gathering (as I did ask for other restaurant).

I know everyone is not satisfied with the drink and desert. sigh... Because of the fruit drink is not so suitable for them, they ordered sky juice to replace it. We thought it is it is just sky juice. Some of them said it is free in KL's The Ship. When the bill is presented, I saw they charged us on the sky juice for 19 people at RM10. WTH???

After dinner, we took photos obviously and celebrated JX's birthday there. We all stayed there until about 10pm++, someone said: abandon ship (means leave The Ship). Earlier while we were waiting for WJ, MK told him on phone that "The Ship" had left. hahaha..damn funny...

BW left us after dinner in The Ship. We all went to second round in TTDI's mamak. YC ordered Roti Tisu and was served, but the waiter heard Roti Susu. YC hates milk the most and she asked if anyone wanted to eat it for her. But no one dared to eat it. KK came out an idea that why not we play a game and those who lose will have to eat a portion of the Roti Susu...Great idea!!!

Game we played is called: Bing Bang Wa. sounds funny, it is very challenging though, as it tests on how fast you can react. Thus, the roti is not wasted and everyone had fun!!!

Third round at somewhere near my house. Went to a mamak stall again. This time, there are only the gang of us. chit chatting there for hour and back home to rest as guys have plan to go to durian hill to get durians at very early in the morning.

Please comment on the food you just eaten or any other suggestion you have if you are my secondary school classmate after reading this. Thank you so much...I need comment from all...

:: All of us who came for gathering ::

Friday, July 20, 2007

New sem, new hair cut

After I signed up for tutorials, I went to Pyramid alone to get the right setting on my modem and 2pm went to trim my hair as I made an appointment with A Cut Above Academy. My hair is cut by an apprenticeship, Reese Pu, with less than 4 months experience.

I paid only RM5 for shampoo, cut and blowdry, which actual is RM12 since I have a voucher got from VU nite 2007. Desperate to see my new look? haha...In fact, I just cut it short, THAT'S ALL. Not much different compared with my previous hair style. See...!!!

:: How is my new hair cut? ::

Don't worry, those apprenticeships are looked after. Those so-called 'sifu' will guide them and teach them. Before it is done, the 'sifu' will trim it him/herself to make it better.

Anyway, it is not comparable to those professional obviously. One thing I don't like is that she cut my hair until so short...:'( no more long long hair...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

When I first time went Titiwangsa (not as in first time being there, is my first time visit the 'Eye on Malaysia') with J, we unable to board on the ferris wheel because the queue was just too long.

I went there for second time with LY, LY's fren, Sa, DD, and Sh (DD's bf) in the afternoon. It was raining and it stopped when we just arrived there. The queue is so short or no queue at all. When we just to prepare to buy tickets, the people that were in front of us were boarding the 'car' of ferris wheel.

What's the feeling sitting in there? To tell the truth, no much excitement it gives me. Just go up and down for about 4 rounds, RM15 is gone. Of course, I took some photos lo...see!!!

:: Ferris wheel, Eye on Malaysia ::

:: Ticket booth ::

:: About to board ::

:: Inside the 'car' of ferris wheel ::

:: DD, I, and Sa's half body ::

:: LY, I, and Sa's hand ::

:: Taman Tasek Titiwangsa ::

Will be updated again when I get other photos from DD.


A cool movie I ever watched!!!

I like... no, love it very much...

That's all I wanna comment about it. =p

Nobody should miss the chance to catch this movie!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early in the morning, my sis and I went to Neway in 1U to sing k at 11am. We were arranged into room 18. Initially, I booked room for only 4 people (YY, SX, LY and I). There were 6 at the end, because my sis decided to follow after I booked the room and LY brought her friend along, S, so number of people increased.

When everyone was there, the staffs there saw that we were squeezing in the room and decided to allow us to change a bigger room, which is really a huge room with 4 mics le...I believe there can fit 10 people.

We had good lunch and enjoyed ourselves there. Then we went shopping a while and later went to play pool for one hour. hahahaha...

:: I'm pool-ing ::

After pool-ing, we all went to The Curve as we decided to go to Sanctuary's Ice Bar since we planned. However, we were there and told Ice Bar is opened at 8pm and we will have to drink Vodka in the room. We were erm....(nobody wants to drink alcohol) and left there.

Then we walked around (shopping), LY and I bought a tube from MNG. We had no where to go and decided to have dinner. We then started searching where to eat....searching, searching, searching...finally, we settled down in Vivo. favourite, because there serves pizzas, pastas, cheesy foods...

Yummy...mushroom soup, garlic breads, and cheese baked rice with ham, and cheese cake, are really tasty...we had eaten so much of cheese as we even asked for Parmesan cheese. hahaha...

:: In Vivo restaurant waiting for dinner to be served::

After dinner at 8pm, we went back to Santuary and asked whether we can go into the Ice bar or not without drinking any alcohol. The staff suggested that we can go in to have a look and then come out to have a drink in their bar (outside of the Ice bar). We happily went in and told a bartender so that he could bring us in.

We were allowed to go in for 2 minutes where indeed we spent longer than that in the Ice bar. We kept taking photos in the Ice bar. It is really a cool place. The Ice bar is actually a quite small room and can only fit about 10 people will be considered crowded and the room is not allowed for more than 10 people to go in. Therefore, cannot go in group at at least 10 people. The room has running temperature at -15 degree celcius. It is DAMN FREEZING COLD inside. We all just went in without wearing the jacket provided as we thought we will go in for a while only.

Just a while, we were freezing like mad. After ''visiting'' Ice bar, we left without drinking any their drinks there as we were still full. Therefore, we shopped around again only we left The Curve.


:: Alcohol bottles inside ice bar ::

:: Bar tender in ice bar ::

:: Ice cubes on wall ::

:: LY, SX, YY ::

:: My sis and I ::

:: LY is freezing ::

:: Five of us in ice bar ::

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Only work part time for 1-week, thought it would be 2-week. LY and I finished our job already, therefore we are not needed anymore and were told: no need to come tomorrow.

We happily went back home. Planning with LY to go Sanctuary in The Curve, where there is an Ice bar. hahaha...feel like going there very long already. But seem like not everyone is free and not so interested...anyone interested? If it can be successfully planned, then I will try to take as much photo as possible to share...hahahahha...wait ya...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

SL's wedding

Early in the morning, I gotta wake up because today is my primary school best friend's wedding. I'm chosen to be her 'ji mui' (sister). I have to reach there by 830am. Since these few days I tend to overslept, I tried not to sleep late, still I ended up slept at almost 1am. I'm just too busy =p I even woke up few times because of too worrying that I might oversleep.

Yesterday, I was outside whole day because I worked part time and then had dinner with SC and SX to discuss a case study until early night time at about 930pm.

Anyway, I reached there by 845am. 3 other 'ji mui' were there preparing something to 'hing dai' (brother). There is a lot of 'ji mui' will ask for angpow and if it is too little, we will ask for more until we are satisfied only we opened the door to allow them to come in. We also made the 'hing dai' gang to drink something that is mixed with different things matter is chilies, pepper, lime...bla bla bla...must be tasting weird...hahaha...However, they are not gentleman they threw it away...

I got to know some friends there, but we did not exchange phone number because thought will meet and talk with each other during the dinner. However, I was sitting too far from them, so I did not talk to them. I sat with one of my primary classmate, YM and SL's secondary school best friend, D and SL's relatives (they are all uncles and aunties)...

:: Sie Wee and See Li ::

:: me dressing up normal for the wedding dinner ::

Wish SL and SW have a good marriage and together forever...

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