Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm employed

I went to an interview in Moores Rowland Malaysia in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, today. I was told it was an interview via email from CPA Australia as I applied for internship through CPA Australia.

In fact, it was just a chit-chat session. I met Ms. Violet Chan. She is friendly and nice to talk to. Before the interview, I got some usual interview questions from SC as she had gone for interview in Deloitte. I tried to prepare my answer. haha...sounds like an exam.

I was in the interview for about 45 minutes and she told me about the audit teams, how much is my salary, which is only RM600 per month. I'm a cheap labour now!!! It is even lesser than my previous job. Anyway, this consider high already because others may be paying RM500 only. hee...slightly higher than others for RM100. :P hmm...i also heard that I will get RM200 from CPA for transportation fares. hee...not too bad!!!

Working in audit department, I was told that I will be always outside of the office and those fares can be reimbursed. don't need to worry. hee...

If i'm required to work OT, I will be paying OT wages as well. yeah yeah...but if i myself do work too slow and need to work OT, then cannot claim lo.

I need to wear skirt from Monday till Friday. In other words, no pants allow for girls except for stock take. Then only can wear jeans, collar T-Shirt, and sport shoes. It sounds interesting and I can go to clients place to audit and meet a lot of people.

Well, I hope I will enjoy my working in this holidays. Yahoo, finally I'm employed in this holidays. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Server Down
Firstly, streamyx server down and I could not go online. I waited for about 5 days only it is could be used.

When it could be online, I was still having exams and my brother who is in holidays already wanted to play games lo. However, somehow he gatal and clicked on 'update' on my laptop and my laptop straight away shut down. Then when wanted to in it, it will automatically shut down again. This is because the Windows software in my laptop was pirated one. Last time, I brought my laptop to outside people to help me to format and they gave me pirated one. sad case!!! We did not know it cannot be updated online.

Troublesome desktop
Before that, i formatted my desktop because it had virus inside also. Again, somehow it took me more than 1 day to format it. huh...then it wasn't successful. Then my friend helped me on that. He did not really know as well. Due to I did not have time to pick my desktopm up and i just left it in my friends house until yesterday. I wanted to sell it off because it is too troublesome. E,DD,and LY accompanied me to go Low Yat there to sell it off. What a sad case, I only able to sell it for RM70 for whole CPU and monitor. I did not sell my monitor but I gave them because they said my monitor has problem already and they won't buy it. Anyway, I won't used it again and just gave them.

I in fact told one of my secondary school friend,JC, that I wanted to sell and he told me that if it is priced at RM500-600, he wanted to buy. I told him because he has repaired my desktop before and he knew better about my CPU. He gave me some advice and said that if I pay some money and I can have a better CPU to use already. But it still need some money which my dad heard and said:nvm, just sell it off. So I sold it. Then only JC told me that he really wanted to buy. Anyway, I had sold it. I then told him that the fella in computer shop said the motherboard got problem and was willling to pay RM 70. It in fact had been reduced from RM100 to RM70. argh...damn low!!! JC said if he sold it online may get RM700. What the...

Since my laptop could not be used also and E is kind and offered himself to help me to format my laptop. Thanks E!!! hee... haha...finally all viruses are gone!!! virus, shoo shoo...E helped me to install those antivirus software. I hope those help my laptop to prevent kena virus. I really don't know why people used computer and i used computer, the computer I used must have problems one. huh...

I can now go online since virus in laptop has been cleared. yea hand is so itch to go online la. :P It has been about 1 week i did not go online liao!!! Finally...

~ Thanks to E, DD, and LY companion to Low Yat, and E and JC help ~

Pizza Uno
Thursday (23/11/2006) all of us finished our exams and we decided to go 'Pizza Uno' to eat pizza. Yea...I like pizza very much because of the cheese. 9 of us, M,LW,YY,SLing,DD,E,LY,SC and I went there to have our lunch at around 12pm. Finally, all of us got together and ate pizza!!! is not as tasty as in 'Macro's Pizza' lo.anyway still delicious!!!!haha.. but in Pizza Uno has more choices of pizza, side orders and beverages.

Yesterday I got a call from CPA and I was told the interview time in Moores Rowland. Hopefully I will be accepted as their intern. haha...I want to work in this holidays. I want to gain working experience!!! I want I want!!! My interview is on Monday at 1pm. hmm...feel nervours la. aiyoo...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Road blocks

I wonder what happened today. This morning, I drove to university at around 7am. On the way where near my house, there is a road block. Huh…early morning around 7am got road block. I wonder why policemen so semangat set a road block so early in the morning to ‘cari makan’ :P (early birds get to eat worms?) haha…:P but the block is not on my way I went to university, is the opposite side.

Then I dropped my brother in his university in Subang Jaya and I went to my university to study and attended an extra class.

Around 4:30pm I left university and wanted to pick up my brother. On the way I went, I used my hp to call my brother. In fact, I knew there are always many policemen around especially in sunway area. But, I called my brother and he did not pick up. Then I waited for a while to call later. So I was driving already when I called second time. This time he picked up and informed him that I’m coming. Then I found that cars on the road were moving slow. Soon, I saw an accident at the road side, and I thought people were just so curious and slowed down their speed. Even soon, I saw some cones which have ‘police’ sign on the cones and realised there was a road block in front of me.

At that moment I thought I will definitely be stopped by policeman to be ‘saman’. Fortunately and surprisingly, the policeman asked me to go. Ahaha…lucky!!! I wasn’t caught!!!

After I had picked up my brother then I went back home lo. For me, I always need to take NKVE to go back home to avoid being caught in traffic jam. I met another road block right after entered the NKVE. But I think the policemen were taking rest as they sat beside the road.

Then when I almost reached my home, the road block that I mentioned just now (this morning) is still there. Wah…those policemen are not feeling tired mer? From so early morning till evening they set road block there. Even I had dinner with my family, my dad and sister came back later than me were also passing by there and mentioned about it.

This made me remember the last road block I met was before Hari Raya. I feel absolutely lucky. That day, I was on my way to university also and I intended to contact my sister as I wanted to meet her once I reached university. When I just wanted to call, suddenly I remembered the road in front always got road block as I had met few times there already since I always passed by there to university. I then decided not to call until I passed by the area there. Haha…I really feel lucky once I reached there as there really got road block. Wahaha…so fortunate that I don’t kena!!! :P

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I received one email from my friend who sent me this test. I found this test is quite accurate lo. Anyway, I think this test is mainly for girls la. Sorry for those who do not read chinese.































































Few weeks ago, my friend (don't know whether he or she minds to be named or not) taught me how to 'cheat' university's printer and got free printing. haha...

This is exams month and we actually share notes and have to print out as for one of my subject, banking law, is an open book test and we can bring in our any materials unless prohibited into the exam room. Additionally, printer I have in my house cannot be used as I found it maybe cheaper to print in university though it costs me 10 cents per piece of paper.

For me, it is still considered expensive if I need to print more. Everytime I top up my account for RM5 (that is the lowest amount to top up) I can finish my credit very fast, somehow I have a lot of things to print!!!

haha...the technique to cheat my uni's printer is when you have balance for few dollars, of coz the higher the better, and for each document that you intend to print must be at most equal to that balance. Am I making you confused?

Never mind. Pick some figures!!!

If there is RM5 as credit in account, then open all documents that intend to print which must be at most 50 pages for each document as it is 10 cents per page (usually if the document contains of 51 pages, it won't print, because that has exceeded the credit), and quickly click on 'print' button on all documents before the printer prints out everything, because the system will deduct the amount only after the printer has printed out all documents. Definitely, after all your documents, no matters how many pages, doesn't matter 1000 pages or 10 000 pages, as long as every document does not exceed 50 pages if there is credit of RM5, credit amount will be deducted and it becomes negative figures.

hmm...I wonder whether those IT people who help us to top up and saw it will have what reaction. Do they realise it actually? What if negative figure is 1000??? haha...

This can be done by accumulating all documents and printed out in one time then only this will work.

Well, I don't do this so often la. I feel bad also. I pay 10 cents per piece and I got high quality of printing as it is laser printer. Anyway, how much I can accumulate and print at one time?

I had experienced once when I printed my stuffs and it did not deduct my credit and I realised at that moment. I took advantage again to print out some PYQs papers as well la. haha...But not too much also. This is malfunction of the system...:P not I purposely cheat the system le!!! haha...:P

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Marco's Pizza is my first paper, AMA (advanced management accounting). Finally this paper is over. I have suffered from this paper for so long. Somehow, whatever i read i can understand but when i close it, i cannot remember anything and my mind goes blank.This is bad!!! anyway, this paper is over lo...haha...3/4 way to merdeka!!!yea!!!

After the paper, it was about 10:30am. Then we (E, D, SC, PY and I) decided to go to Marco's Pizza to have our lunch there. However, it was only 10:30am. We then met YY and asked her whether want to go for lunch in Marco's Pizza or not!!!She agreed and she came with LW. However, we waited for LW to come to university until around 11am ++ only we went to Marco's Pizza which is opposite of the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

We ordered 2 large size of pizzas and 1 regular size of pizza. wow...there got a lot of cheese on top of pizza but the bread under is very thin only...but very crispy lo. I ordered Iced Lemon Tea. Though Pizzas taste delicious, Iced lemon tea doesn't (for me la). somehow i think it tastes weird. I also don't know is like sour and then don't know what taste..argh... really delicious!!! I will go there for second time, third time...until i bored!!! haha...anyway, all of us at least have spent for about RM11 and above. It depends what beverage is ordered!!!

surely i will go again one!!! i like pizza and cheese so much!!!Yummy!!!:P

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Since it was raining when my family and I wanna have dinner, so we went to 'The Store' which is near our house to have dinner because we can park car inside the building and we won't get wet when we come out from car. haha...good choice!!!

My dad chose to go there to eat instead of delivery because there will be more choices. (we had dinner in Pizza Hut) During my dinner, i heard there was an announcement that a local singer is coming for a performance just to promote his new album. His chinese name is 钟盛忠 . i don't know his english name la.

When his performance started, i went to see him. haha...He is quite young and looks leng zai also le!!! actually not bad la. haha...then after i heard he sang few songs, especially new album, 战胜自己, I start to like his songs. But i did not buy his new album!!! :P So sad, it is like no one knows he has new album lo. i never hear any FM station helps him to advertise also. Local FM stations do not really advertise local singers...

Well, I myself found that his new album is not bad lo. i only heard few songs of him la. definitely he chose those nice song to sing instead of those not so good la. haha...

But I missed one thing. I forgot to bring my hp out and i did not take his photo down. otherwise, i may show it here!!! hehe...

quite leng chai and songs are quite nice, so worth to support lo. haha...:P

Cannot study!!!

This is sad when exam date is not far away but i cannot study. I cannot find a better place for me to study. Well I can only find a suitable time for me to study. Unfortunately the time is too short. It is in the afternoon or midnight. Who wants to study in the midnight? Anyway i cannot stand that!!! unless you ask me to play. :P

In the morning, yes I can study but usually I will use this time to go online to check email, chat with people who approach me only (no time to approach people to talk) but i do my work of course. Since I share notes with my classmates to reduce the burden of preparing notes so i need to make notes and 'submit' on time.

In the afternoon, there is no one in the house and I can study on my own if I don't go university. Soon, my second brother who has just finished his PMR, can consider having holidays now, will wake up and use laptop and play games. In fact, he was told many times not to play games so often still he plays.

From evening onwards, i surely cannot study because my parents will come back from work and Tung tung will start making noise. He cannot stop talking also. Anyway i'm not blaming him. But i got no choice and go up to my bedroom to study. Sadly, in my bedroom there is no proper place for me to sit to study. If i study on my bed, surely i will fall asleep within 10-15 minutes. During exams period, i cannot play with Tung already. It is peak time for me to study.

At night, it is even worse!!! My family members will watch TV like nobody business. I can only stay in my bedroom to study in order to avoid the distraction. huh...again, it is not comfortable at all. How am i going to study? I hope I can have a new place to study soon!!!

Even study in library it is not that comfortable and convinient. It is either too cold or I do not have books that I want because I cannot bring all books to library. It is too heavy for me to carry!!! I know library can borrow books but it is not all books are available in the library.

Needless to day, I need a new place to study!!!arrr..........

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Tung is my lil baby brother's name. He is the youngest in my family. He is really cute and i like him very much!!! He is now 4 years old and has been attending kindergarden.

Today i heard from him after his school that he got number 1 in class. haha...Actually in his class, there are not many students. Students that have same age with him are only 3 or 4 of them. It is definitely easy to get number 1. hee...By the way, his score are quite high also. All papers (i think around 5 papers) scored not less than 90%.

Though he is playful sometimes, he is forced by mom to do exercises. He is willing to do anyway. Why? Somehow, he sees us are doing work but he is the only one who runs and jumps around, he will not play so long and sit beside us and do his work. Even he has finished, he will bring some rough papers and draw on it, though it is not so nice in drawing. you know? Small kid likes to simply draw whatever they want. But, he won't keep quiet there and draw it himself. He will keep talking while drawing. huh...sometimes, he is too noisy la. But he is cute and lovely as well.

Wanna see him?

He was watching on MP4, Tom & Jerry. haha...

Helping daddy to wash car? In fact he just likes to play with water.

Filling up ...

Someone splashed water on him. See his reaction, haha...funny!!!

See!!! poured water after filling full.

Finish pouring water!!!


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