Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have been doing revision for whole day. My brain cannot work already. I need rest. That's why I'm here writing to update my bloggy for no purposes. I keep thinking of going for a trip just like last year.

I remember last year right after finished all lectures and tutorials but before my final exams, i went for trip with my secondary school friends. When i came back, i needed to sit for my exams already. I miss going for trip...

hopefully after exams i can go for a trip to relax. I'm feeling too stress already. anywhere will do lo. i don't mind to go Fraser Hill. haha...that day we were talking about that. though there is a bit boring (according to some people said), i have not been there, i hope i can go there just to relax. at least i'm outside somewhere to peace my mind.

by the way, my exams timetable is very sakai. After my first paper on 8th November, then it breaks for almost 2 weeks. On 21st November that day itself, i have to sit for 2 papers in a day. huh...then 23rd November is the last paper. aiyoyo...

haha...after my first paper, my classmates decide to eat pizza in Marco's pizza which is near along the LDP one, somewhere Kelana Jaya. yeah...need to relax a bit to have some fun.yahoo...

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yea...finally Strxxmys is back again. huh...i have been waiting for so long. I don't understand why the fellow told me to wait until monday. Anyway, that's good that i don't need to wait so long until monday. Somehow TM Net people called me as well but wanna talk to my brother. I wonder how they got my hp number and they cannot find my brother's hp number. Indeed, the telephone is under my brother's names.

Anyway, exams is coming so soon. i cannot afford to go online so often already la...:(

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Strxxmyx sxxks

Yer...i hate strxxmyx. Why they provide so bad services to their customers? Since last week the server was down until now. It is about 10 days it downs until now. I have been calling the centre to help us to fix it. Well, what they responsed was it will be fixed on monday. But monday, i still cannot connect to internet. Then my brother called again and they replied us that they will fix it bla bla bla...they even told us that they will fix it on friday 10:30pm. I wonder who is going to work at that time? Still, it is not fixed yet anyway. I called again, then they said again that they have assigned the technicians but they are not working today. It is totally inefficient in providing customer services.

My neighbours need it to do their businesses and i need it to complete my group assignments. I need to communicate with my group members. As a result of their delays, there are so much of inconvenience caused. I'm forced to use diap up to connect in order to communicate with my group members. Besides that, by using diap up, it is hard and slow to send files. In addition, the charge is so high. We paid service fees, then why we are treated like that? where does the money go? Why they don't employ more workers so that efficient services provided since we paid service fees.

Finally, i was told that I have to wait for another 3 days until monday. some more it is not confirmed whether it will be fixed well or not. I disagree that they have improved. !@#$%^& =.=

Raya Party

Didee invited us to go to her house for Raya open house. She invited quite a lot of people, but there were few were not free and did not attend. Anyway, there were around 8 or 9 people attended.

Before we went to her house for dinner, we had a test. During my break time before the test, my classmates and I were so ‘hardworking’ (last minutes work again) sitting at foyer to do revision. We raised a lot of questions and discussed together. However, the test was so so so so so ….hard. aih…

Anyway, test is over and we went to Didee’s house for dinner.

Didee’s mom’s cooking is very delicious though all are curry stuffs of foods like rendang chicken and beef, curry…and many more. wah…every dishes are so tasty. Therefore, all of us tend to eat so much. I think all of us ate more than the amount that we usually eat. Although I cannot really eat spicy, it is too delicious and I cannot stop eating as well. haha…hopefully I won’t fall sick after this. Hee…

Ooo ya, another thing, I learnt how to play Congkak. Haha…I never knew how to play until today they taught me and I played with them for 1 game. Finally I learnt. In fact, this is quite a fun game. Perhaps this is my first time to play. Haha…

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In fact, yesterday can consider as public holiday as well, somehow my university still wanted to have classes. Luckily I do not have any classes on Monday. Untung!!! Haha…I went to Pyramid yesterday to buy something and it was jam badly. It was hard to find a parking space though. fortunately, i could find one very fast, some more near the entrance also. hee...There were so many people shopped there. It was worse when you see the ice-skating court. There was full with people, so crowded. I wonder how are they going to skat? Not fun at all…haha…anyway, I don’t know how to skat also. Anyone can teach? I skated once before, believe or not, I never fell down. Haha…but I don’t know if I have another chance to go ice-skating la. hee…:P

Today I went to university to meet my assignment group members to do our presentation slides. On my way to university, the road was so empty and there were not much cars driving on the road. I travelled 30km to university which usually takes me at least 45 minutes to reach university, but today it took me less than that. Haha…still I late for the meeting for few minutes. So sorry to my members la. Haha…because of holidays, I tend to go out from my house later. Anyway, I never expected that the road would be so empty. Actually today is Hari Raya and most people have gone back to their home town and no longer staying in town going here and there as busy as usual lo. It is also today is public holiday.

Roads that usually jam like hell, did not jam at all. It was smooth all the way from my house to university.

After my meeting with my assignment group members, I travelled back home by using another way and not highway, north south highway. It was the same and the road was so empty. I travelled at the speed at average of 70km/h and it took me about half hour to reach home also. If during usual time to travel, it surely takes me at least 1 hour to reach my house. The road was so empty until I always feel that I’m the one travelling on the road. It is hardly to see there is car following behind me. It is always empty. Somehow those cars drove even faster than me and passed by me.

If everyday the road was so empty that would be great for me. hee... I did not need to wake up so early to travel to university, just to avoid traffic jam. =.= . I hate traffic jam, but what can I do? This is the fact in Malaysia and the road that I need to travel by.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

SL birthday

Yesterday, almost all girls of our gang were wearing sexy with skirts as we were going to celebrate SLing’s 20th birthday. She wished that we could hangout until mid night so we planned a very busy plan for the celebration. Right after our classes at 330pm, we went to Pyramid to watch movie, Rob B Hood. Though this is a bit “old” movie, many of us wanted to watch that. All of us are good boys and girls and we do not always go for movies. Haha…

After movie, we went to D’Fortune in Menjalara to have our dinner. There were 14 of us, let me count, YY, Steph, SX, SC, ML, DD, DD’sbf, SLing, PY, LY, M, E, SLin, and me. Are there 14? Yea…it is!!! We gave SLing her birthday present and she opened it, she was surprised that the clothes that we bought for her. And we asked her to change to that clothes that we bought, but she is smart as she brought her jacket along. Anyway, there was cold also. And yea, finally we saw SLing wore skirt. And we all were saying that today: she looks like a girl. Haha…what does that mean? No la, actually we meant that is she looks different when she wore skirt. Hmm..i wonder when can we see she wears skirt again. Aiya..but sad to say that I did not take the photo that she wore skirt. Foods in D’Fortune are very big in portion and all of us were so full in the end. Though everyone was in hungry, everyone took some time to finish their foods.

After that, we went to 1Utama to shop for formal clothes as our presentation is required us to wear formal. However, we only shopped for about 1 hour and almost all the shops were closed. Meanwhile, all of us were tired. We bought a small cake and we went to Starbucks and celebrated SLing’s birthday. Yea!!! We chit chat there, and soon it was time for Starbucks to close shop also. We were planning to go to Hartamas as there is more happening but some of them have to reach home by 12am so we couldn’t go far. Therefore, right after the celebration, we have no way to go as it was almost the time, and we went back. Thanks to E to fetch me back home. When I reached home, it was almost 12am. Hah…a tiring hang out day.

Happy 20th Birthday to SLing. Wish your dreams will come true soon and good luck in everything you do.

This is the photo we took in D'Fortune. O ya, there are "Fortune Biscuit" which inside the biscuit contains a piece of paper about your fortune.

~ Happy 20th Birthday to SLing ~

Saturday, October 07, 2006

CPA Conference

Today I attended CPA undergraduate conference “Kick-Start Your Career” which is held in Metropolitan College. I went with SC and reached Metropolitan College by 9am but the guard there firstly did not allow my car to go in as my plate number is not registered in their list, still lucky and he allowed me to go in but have to park somewhere that is not so obvious. Then we went in and we met SLin,E&DD. Later we found most of the Help Uni student who also went to CPA camp last time also appeared. Haha…so happy to see them again here. Certainly the two jokers were there too…

Before the conference started, we registered our presence and we got our name tag and goodies, a bag which inside has note book (again…last time I got it when we went for CPA camp), pens from PwC and Deloitte, calendar …and other small in size stationeries…

About 9++ am the conference started in a lecture theatre. It started with speech by Metropolitan and opening ceremony…then the first speaker, MD from Ziyan Corp, gave speech about ‘From Zero to CEO’. He is a humorous man and talk for non-stop. The time is up but he continued still…haha…we learn a word from him, “HEBAT”. What is so special about this word? In fact he was telling us, going for an interview and interviewer asked: “how are you?”, instead of saying “I’m ok”, we should say: ”I’m great”, “excellent”, “wonderful”. Word of “great” is translated into Malay is “HEBAT”. Haha… he means that we should use some special terms to actually impress interviewer and let them remember you. We were recommended to read some books, such as “SunTzu War& management” and “Thick face, black heart”.

Then the second speaker is from ECM Libra Avenue who is a VP and talked about business ethics. It was a bit bored but they are useful information for business people …she has too much slides and information contained in the power point and when time is up, she just finished it quickly but do highlight the main points to us also.

Later we had a morning tea session for 15 minutes which is very short and we were eating very fast. I think there were someone who just got their food and sat down to eat and were called to go in again to the lecture theatre. Haha…because there were too many people queuing up to get food.

Second session of conference started with grooming talk by Deloitte’s Exe Director from tax department. This session was fun and useful as we were told how to dress up ourselves when we go to interviews and work in future, how to dress up smartly, and we were told that being a professional should be cool and be professional as it is the image of company. Besides that, some courtesies in conversation, presenting business card, dining and cocktail were told to us. They are interesting. I had seen her before because last 4 days, Tuesday, she came and gave us a talk about Tax department during our FA lecture time.

It is followed by a Help Uni college counsellor who gave speech on “The Psychology of Career Success”. We were told some psychology knowledge which is very interesting too. In this session, we had some activities, such as get 2 people that you don’t know and ask about themselves to get to know each other, keep talking to one person and the other one should not say a word but say only ‘hmm!!!’, ‘ya’..such words only and a impression game. Where slides show 1000+40+1000+30+1000+20+1000+10 = ?. Many people would say 5000 which actually is not and it is only 4100. 5000 was an impression to calculate it. In actual, it is not.

After that, we had our lunch. We were given about 45 minutes to have our lunch. Poor E and DD can’t eat as it is fasting month. :(

After lunch, we went back to the lecture theatre and it began with “Rise above the rest – writing & winning resume” by senior manager of PwC. She taught us how to write a winning resume to impress recruit manager. In fact, I had seen her before as she came to Monash and gave a same speech as today one and the power points were exactly the same.

The last speaker was a MD from Foster Partners gave a speech on “Winning job interviews”. This is also quite interesting and useful for us to go interviews in future such what should we do and what should not things like that.

When the conference ended, my neck is pain because I sat at low level while the screen is so much high up. Argh…

I like Metropolitan College lecture theatre’s chair as we sit on it and can swing here and there…very fun. When the conference ended, I told DD to swing more if not we have got no chance already!!! Haha…really fun!!! The conference ended at 4pm and went home to rush for assignment again as it has to be submitted on Monday. Luckily it is a group assignment. Hee…

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Exams coming

Another about 3 weeks more, it will be my short break and it is my exams period! Though only 3 weeks left, i have so much to do before i can start my revision. I have 3 assignments which will be due (another one will due tomorrow but i have finished it la, luckily, otherwise, i can't imagine how suffer i would be), and then presentation, and a test before my exams start.

what a busy semester!!! someone who has graduated from uni told me actually that the higher you go, the busier you are. he was active in joining co-curriculum activities when he was in first and second year. when he was in third year, he had no time for those already..that's what he told me!!! i think it is true lo.

I dare not think anymore. Im only in second year i have been so suffered. why suffer? because i can only sleep for 4 hours per day where usually i have 8 hours of sleep. argh...my panda eyes are getting worse!!! help!!!help!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yesterday night we (KC,CS,WP,Loy,Kenji,Ken,KK and I) went to Tiger Bar, The Curve again to celebrate KC birthday. We just wanna give KC a surprise that we were going to celebrating his 21st birthday and we asked him out by saying that SK wanna introduce her bf to us.
But sakai, he is smart and knew about it. even sms KK and asked whether celebrating birthday or yam cha? =.= not fun already !!!
We were there as usual playing card games and talking crap there...
Later we celebrated his birthday and after he blew candles and made wish(es), haha...his buddies pressed one candle into the cake and expected KC to take it out by using his mouth. This is normal for everyone of our group people's birthday. and then KC thought he can faster take it out while they were talking. Unfortunately, it is not what he expected. still, his buddies pressed his head onto the cake. haha..this is the most fun one. wahaha...all over his face got cream...wahaha...
Before eating cake, buddies bought the Lamboghini to KC. and i felt funny when i saw KC's face was so red and i am reminded my situation during my celebration of birthday. wahaha...but he is much better than me. At least he did not vomit. i was vomitting badly!!!
Though it is still not KC's birthday, still wish you Happy 21st Birthday in advance!!! Take care...

! Happy Birthday to Darenz !
Is the cake so hard to cut?


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