Friday, September 29, 2006

Legal terms

Today, DD,SC,E,M,SX,SLing went to Taman Megah to play badminton after we finished our classes. On our way walking to our cars, DD said that she did not know how to go there so she wanted to follow my car. Then i reminded her that I'm driving Waja today because usually i do not drive Waja. and, last time when i drove Waja, DD could not recognise or did not see me until i waved hand with her. haha...then she said: I do not want to follow your car then, your car is so misleading...deceptive conduct...(all legal terms came out) then i added: haha...that's why i did not undue influence you to follow my car. wahaha...we study too much of law already and we also just finished attending banking law class..what's more, recently we just learnt about these terms again which we had learnt in year1..

However, when we reached the badmonton court there, there were fully booked. we did not place our bookings earlier because the receptionist there said if we go around that time, there will not be fully bookings and therefore no need to book. But, what happenned today? aih..we then all went back home to rush our assignments because next week there will be assignments due...hopefully i can complete them on time...:P

Monday, September 25, 2006

Daddy's birthday

Today is my daddy's birthday but we had celebrated with him yesterday night. We did not have any special celebration for him as he does not like those things. However, we plan to do something special (still don't know what la..:P) when he is 50. hehe... Anyway, I wish he is being healthy and happy all the time. (I hope my wishes can come true...)
we love him so much.

This cake (Tiramitsu) bought from Secret Recipe. We seem to like to eat Secret Recipe's cakes nowadays as we have been buying cakes from Secret Recipe for all of our birthdays this year. Some are tasty especially Marble Cheese. Wah...really delicious. There is a lot of cheese (my favourite) buy me a Marble Cheese cake from Secret Recipe ooo...:P

I like this photo because they look very happy ooo...haha...

We bought a Nautica T-Shirt for dad and this is the only gift he prefers anyway. He does not like we spend much money for other stuffs...since buying T-shirt he can wear it and Nautica is his preferred brand of T-shirt. In the photo, the shirt he is wearing also bought from Nautica. haha...

My previous blog

I was blogging in friendster last time because i know i won't be update it so often and i did not open an account here to blog. Anyway, i don't think i will blog so often, still i have an account here to blog now.haha...sweat!!!

My previous blog link is here:


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