Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sing K

Went to sing K with my secondary school friends.

Today, SK finally came out with us. It has been long time did not see her. We went to Neway, 1Utama to sing K. Only 6 of us, CS, K, BD, SK, KK and I.

It costs us RM12 ++ per pax. There were a lot of foods to eat. We ordered our lunch which cost us money and it free one drink for each of us. Then there was also SALAD BUFFET. Before our lunch were served, we went to get our salad which was in buffet style. We can take whatever we like that was served there.

Perhaps all of us (especially girls) were too greedy and took too much of salad until we couldn't finish out lunch.

It is so worth as it costs us only RM12++ but we able to eat so much of foods.

yummy... :P

Friday, December 29, 2006

Stock take

Today I went for stocktaking somewhere near Subang.

I followed P and T for stock taking. I waited T to fetch me outside MV at 730am but he did not come on time because P had overslept. Therefore, we went Subang late. Anyway, they suggested to have breakfast before going to the company.

Here, I remember TD told me that following boys to audit is always fun and relax as they will first have breakfast then only start to work.

After breakfast, then we went to the company and we start our job.

Stock an auditor, what we have to do is just standing aside and OBSERVE. That's all. We really just stood at the side and observe when they were counting and jotting down. Definitely, we were in warehouse which store their stocks.

Ooo, I think I did not mention what does the company sell. It sells spare parts one.

Some stocks are easy to count as they are packed in one big box and they are big in size. Therefore, it can be totalled easily. However, there are small spare parts which need to count one by really takes time.

When we finished, it was about 3pm already. This is quite a good news for me as I do not have to go back office and I can go back home straight away.

Anyway, before going back home, P suggested to go yam cha. T suggested to go MV to drink. Unfortunately, when we reached MV, it was jam badly and T gave up to "drink" in MV. I then went back home.

I can take more rest since I reached home earlier. I can have dinner with my family members also. It has been long time I did not have dinner together with them already.

Next wednesday, I will go for stock taking again. Anyway, I'll be following a female senior. (indicating no breakfast) :P No matter how, I don't mind as I always have my breakfast at home.

Stock take is quite a good work as we may go back early and we just need to observe. That's all. hee...Nothing much to do.


I'm happy and glad that I have holidays because of new year. Public holidays are fallen on monday and tuesday, and start to work on wednesday. yea...

But I brought some works back home to do lo because now is peak period and there are many works to be completed.


There will be one group of trainees are leaving today. Today is their last day to work. T and TD are one of them. Most of them come from MMU and the training is compulsory to train for 6 months. They will start their last sem end of January next year. Good luck guys...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Just came back from celebration of Christmas in The Curve.

Went out with my secondary school friends, KC, Y (KC's gf), BD, K, P, CS, YH, YH's bf, and KK.

We have made reservation in TGI's Friday to have our dinner there. Before we went there, TGI called me to reconfirm the reservation. We booked place for 8pm and we in fact reached The Curve at 7pm so we shopped around. When it was almost 8pm we went to TGI, there was full with people surrounding the counter.

I thought they did not make reservation and just walked in which in fact not as I asked waiter there, they said I need to queue. I don't care anyway. I just squeezed in near the counter and report my presence as they won't entertain those who were late for 10 minutes. The waitress wrote my name on the waiting list to evidence my presence.

Many people around me were waiting also and everyone was so angry as they had made reservation but did not get seated after 1 hour of waiting. However, I had waited for about 50 minutes only got seated.

Anyway, TGI today only served their set dinner which is RM 59 ++ with few choices of appetizer, main course and dessert. After we finished our dinner, we chit chat there. We ordered refillable drinks and we kept refilling our drinks. Before we all left, we exchanged our gifts.

Added in Part

After dinner, a waiter gave us the bill and told us that we can pay whenever we want before leaving there. Then all of us received the bill and we looked at the total. It is about RM600 ++ then we divided it into 9 persons.

Then K was funny. He first did not want to pay his portion of amount for his dinner. So he took out the ESSO reward card assuming it as a credit card. KK is the one who collected money and she was pissed off. KC saw and told KK that she can accept the card by putting it with the bill and gave to waiter for payment. If the waiter realized that is just a reward card, we all can point to K that the card is his one. Haha…

He quickly took back the money and he paid his portion of amount.

Then we left the restaurant. We were trying to search somewhere to celebrate or count down. Finally we found somewhere between end of The Street and Cineleisure. There was full of people. We were trying to find somewhere sold the spray but it was sold out. sad case!!!

We just saw others playing, spraying...this is the longest people were spraying around. Though we did not spray and just watch, we were sprayed...

People made a train line to run around and those who did not follow the line but holding the spray bottle would spray those who were in train line. so fun!!!

But we were boring as we just stood a side...phew...

But later there was guy trying to sell us the spray bottles but we have lost that mood to enjoy. We did not buy it at the end.

We actually went back home at around 1am but those people were still spraying each other there...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Don't know whether you notice or not? I have posted few new posts due to I could not go online for past two weeks because of streamyx connection was down again. sigh...bad bad bad...

MR today had a small celebration of Christmas. I reached MR before 8am and I saw a small Christmas tree was on a table. On the other side, there is also another one small Christmas tree surrounding by many presents that we bought for the purpose of exchange gift. There are about 75 presents there with big and small sizes.

There were few colleagues there preparing our breakfast. Though there was not Turkey, I believe all of us were full after eating the breakfast. There were sandwiches, hot dogs and fish balls that can be put into oven to cook it. They were busy preparing and I tried to help out a bit since I was there so early and got nothing to do.

We wanted to start it at 830am and we thought partners would come, so we waited. However, they did not appear in the end but this small celebration was started by a senior manager, FJ. In fact, MR has a SPORT CLUB that will organize events, just like this time celebration. Those committee members will plan everything. This is the first time I heard that there is a CLUB in a company or a firm. Fun thing!!!

There was a chocolate cake that was bought from Bakery’s Cottage. The cake was decorated so nice. There were two Santa clauses sitting on the cake and some other decorations. Needless to say, it is nice looking!!!

We took photographs. It is worth to take down this happy period we had. We first had our breakfast that were prepared by N. She came to MR very early just to prepare our breakfast. Tea lady, YJ, prepared our Nescafe as our drinks. We also had our dessert, cake. Then we started to exchange gift.

After we all got our gift, we opened our gift then. There were candles, photo frames, cute clocks, LIPSTICKS. S got LIPSTICK as a gift. Poor him. Someone suggested that perhaps he can give it to his gf, he then replied: maybe!!! Sad case for him.

However, after one hour, around 9am, we were rushing to client place in Kajang to do job, audit!!! As usual, we all worked until 8pm.

Nevertheless, it is sad case for me as I reach home at 10pm.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

work work work

This morning, trainee S suddenly appeared. I was surprised to see him. I saw him in the first day but second day he was asked to follow out to audit. He had gone for one week and today he came back to continue their paper works I think. However, it is my turn to go out already.

He talked to me as it was not office hour starts yet and just concerned about each other as we did not see each other so far but wonder how each other is doing.

Before I went out I could see he wasn’t free and was busy doing his paper works. Haha…

I continued my work from yesterday I did until. I used another more than half day time to finish my first task. Later, I started doing my paper works that were assigned for me to do.

It is really I need to be independent as there is no one stands or sits beside me to guide me as everyone is busy doing their own tasks. Anyway, there is alternative which I think most firms do, refer to last year works.

Basically, they are exactly same as last year work. I mean the format of doing work. The obvious elements will be different are those dates and figures which are definitely various!!! Then we will have to find evidence or supporting documents to proof that transaction.

I kinda enjoy the work but it is tiring. It is interesting as I can find out INTERNAL information about the company. Hehehe…anyway, I’m not allowed to disclose any INTERNAL information as I have signed an agreement for not disclosing any secrecy.

Today, we worked until 730pm but when I reached home it was about 930pm as a result of KTM kept stopping for minutes at each stations or half ways.

What else I can do? I need to do whatever is necessary like take bath and have my dinner. After that, I just hang around and played a while with my baby brother. It was 1130pm. Time flies…sigh…

Saturday, December 16, 2006

As title says, at 8pm, I had a gathering with my primary school friends. I’m very happy as I finally met up my closest friend in primary school, YW. Before this, all of us (other primary school classmates) lost contact with her after she had moved her house to Puchong. She was asked to attend as class assistant, PQ, met her in LRT trains. Luckily I still can recognize her even after so many years did not see each other.

Though there were not many of our old classmates attended, we had fun time. I did not stay late with them as I drove myself and I need to fetch my brother back from working.

Everyone, especially girls, (in fact most girls attended this time gathering) become prettier…haha…

SY was asked to participate in Astro pageant and all of us surely vote for her. Haha…no doubt she is pretty!!!

Some of us are working, some are still studying. KY works as a teacher, YW helps her dad in her dad’s company. Due to her dad’s company is selling kids clothes, therefore she said when all of us give birth later should find her to get kids’ clothes. Haha…we shall get discount from her…

Those who are still studying are mostly going for accounting field as I do…:P

We were there to chit chat and mostly talking about past matters…and laughed…YW is still the same, as talkative as last time. She is the most noisiest there….:P

Needless to say, I feel really excited to go for this gathering and I hope soon we can gather again.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fourth and fifth day

I did only admin work. Nothing special!!! But I feel my arms and neck are pain. I did the admin work non-stop just like exercising my both hands. I’m serious. I sat there and only my both hands moved. Haha…

I was asked to go back every day in the whole week. An audit admin, LS, was telling me that company is not going to pay me for OT as I’m just a trainee. Hehe…I don’t mind actually and I knew it. I just try to finish my stuffs and in fact if I go back so early, I will have to squeeze with many people in train which is one thing that piss me off nowadays as they pushed too hard

Morning train I take to work everyday

After one week of working, I had made records of being late for twice. Phew…!!!

I did not purposely being late for work. It is because of EXTERNAL factor. I don’t understand why the trains were delayed and did not come on time which has been scheduled that every 4 minutes a train will come.

First time, I was being late for 4 minutes but it does not require reason for being late. Anyway, I still wanna explain!!! That is because delay of trains. Everyone was queuing up waiting for train to come and board. I was at the back to wait for my turn. I wouldn’t be late if the trains came on time to ‘deliver’ everyone as usual. I waited for more than 10 minutes, only one train came. But the next train came very soon. However, it made no difference as each train came only 2-3 people (or at most 10 people) would come out from the train. As a result, only few people can squeeze in each train came. In the station, there were more and more people. Indeed, it was same to stations before us. Therefore, more people at the station before us will FILL UP 100% space in train.

Second time being late is the worst. I was late for almost half hour. It is the same problem I was facing. Trains took some time to reach stations as well as stopping at the station for minutes. We were not given any reason for why it is so.

Authority always encourages people to use public transport but the services provided are not efficient. How public accepts the inefficient services provided. It causes working people to be late for work. Who will be motivated to use it? I wonder…

I woke up early in the morning to take public transport to work, should I suffer from this kind of consequences? (being late). I had given my seniors and managers bad impressions that I’m not a punctual person.

People tend to push each other hard just to get to squeeze into the train and thus made the queues massive. Even I did not walk myself in, I was pushed into the train and few more people squeezed in already. As the time goes, more people will be late and the one line queue will become a three and four lines of queue…=.=!!!

As you know, I’m not as tall as normal people and I would be squeezed like hell…It is the most disadvantages for me!!! I just feel like I wanna drive to work already. But the bad news is the parking areas are not opened until 9am while I start to work at 830am. Sigh…

Taking public transport maybe save cost of traveling but it causes me to be late, leave bad impression to BOSS and suffer from feeling of being pushed. Should I still take public transport? Anyway, I decided to sacrifice my sleep to get up much earlier to go office. At most, I read some magazines or have my breakfast in office before start working rather than I being late again. I don’t want that again!!! ENOUGH !!! I wanna make the record of reaching at office at 730am though 830 only start to work.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Third day..

Yahoo, I felt excited as today I went out with my senior to go audit on a company.

In fact I did not know anything. I just went there with blank mind. But senior is kind to teach and guide me to do. I kept writing there and did testing for transactions as senior instructed me. It was fun. I like to follow senior to go audit though it will be very busy to work non-stop. My senior asked me whether do I feel satisfy? Haha…yea…of course!!!

I wish soon I get the chance to follow out to do stock take. I heard it is fun too and I do not need to wear formal clothes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Second day...

Second day, I was LATE for 4 minutes!!! Sigh…

I missed one train at KTM station as I waited for my brother to take his bath. Indeed, he knew 7.45am we should have taken off to KTM station but he was still taking his bath.

Today, when I was photostating something, a colleague, St, wondered my name as I’m new trainee to the firm. After I introduced myself, she asked which university I’m from. I said: sunway. Then she asked: college? I answered: VU. She suddenly became excited and said: wow…my junior. Haha…she indeed graduated from VU as well.

She continued: but I left that university for sometimes already.

I was curious and wonder how long she left there?

She said: hmm…4 years. Wow…it is truly quite a long time already.

I feel excited and surprised to meet my U senior there. Haha…

She actually has CPA Australia qualification.

During lunch time, she was excited and told other colleagues about that.

G is also trainee, same as me. She told me that P was going to audit

During tea time, 3.30pm, my group manager, KS, realized I’m a new trainee there and chit chat with me. She is pleasant and very nice to talk to. I think I maybe lucky to have a pleasant manager. I just like her. She always smile as well as laugh and joke.

Today, I was asked to do CALL OVER. Around 5.30pm, we finished that. But I have to cast the correctness of figures. Senior of my group, AG, was told there would be block on the road and would cause terrible traffic jam, so he rushed to go back and he told me to do casting tomorrow. Therefore, I went back early also.

Monday, December 11, 2006

First day to work

I woke up at 6am and my brother fetched me to KTM station by 6.45am. I changed KTM train to Putra LRT in KL Central station. It wasn’t 8am when I reached KLCC LRT station and walking distance for about 10 minutes to Wisma Selangor Dredging. I took elevator to go to 7th floor to report myself at the counter. After I signed the attendance book, I saw there are three persons were waiting there. They are another three friends who applied through CPA Australia for internship. We were asked to sit in board room from 8.20am to about 9am. Then only someone came in and asked us to sign an agreement as well as filling up particulars form.

While we were waiting and sitting in the board room, four of us, none of us spoke. Perhaps we smile to each other. Haha…until VC came in and was surprised that we haven’t introduced ourselves and gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. Sigh…all of us are too shy even though there are two guys. :P

VC then gave us a short briefing about MR (firm that I’m working in) and associate of the firm. We then joined another four new assistants of the team and being introduced to as many people as possible in the firm. There are too many people until we cannot remember their names. However, this can be overcome soon as we get closer to them and communicate with them.

After the introduction, we were asked to photostat one whole stag of papers and read ourselves. In fact, it can be finished by at most ½ hour. All of us were reading over and over. Then, S was called and told his group is going out to audit tomorrow and asked him to read a file to familiarize himself with it. We all were waiting again. After lunch, P was told he joined the wrong group as there are some errors in the HR. Then, finally, C ‘SAVES’ me. She assigned some simple work for me to do. Hmm…sort of like vouching. So, as what I heard from pre-internship workshop: ASK WHEN IN DOUBT. I asked a lot of questions. :P

I found one thing! There are 10 partners in the firm. Only two out of ten are females. In fact, I was told by VC that the ratio of male and female in this firm is almost equal. This proves that males still go into audit line or join accounting firms. In fact, colleagues were sitting around me are guys and always can see guys around in the firm. Furthermore, there are more males at upper levels.

This firm is fun. Hmm…perhaps this is my first time to go into big firm to work. In this firm, 10.30am is coffee time. Tea ladies of the firm will make Nescafe for all staffs in the firm. Then all staffs will drink coffee to relax and chit chat for a while. Lunch time is at 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Friendly colleagues brought us to Am Bank building to have lunch as there is a food court there. Soon, 3.30pm is tea time. Tea ladies make tea to all staffs again. Meanwhile, biscuits are available there also which are FREE. Haha…:P

I was busy doing paper work and friendly colleague, KH, reminded me to have tea and to relax for a while. C asked me also to eat some biscuits. I did not eat as I don’t feel like eating those…:P Anyway, thanks to her!!! All staffs will actually walk around and then sit together and chit chat for a while. It is a very good and comfortable environment to work in.

In fact, first day, I did not do many things but I tried my best to help C, a member of audit team I’m in, I believe she is assistant in the group.

I did not work OT in my first day. I was even asked to go back at sharp 5.30pm. It was drizzling when I wanted to go back.

LRT station and inside LRT trains were full of people. It was also crowded in KTM trains.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I just came back from dinner with my secondary school buddies. It has been about almost 2 months I did not see them. Especially YH, more than 2 months I did not see her. Even today we met up, not everyone (our gang) came out as some are still working and unable to change their shift to meet us up. Miss you all guys very much!!!

We met up to have dinner together and then discuss where to celebrate in this coming christmas. In fact, till the end, we did not come to a conclusion. We actually suggest a place to guys, but they all are just like to crap and almost change the topic.

We plan to have a christmas dinner as last year we had which we paid for about RM70++ for the buffet dinner. We suggested to go to KL to count down this year and stay in hotel for one night. Meanwhile, KK works under Berjaya Group and able to get lower price. Therefore, we ask them what is their budget to spend for this year count down as those guys keeps complaining not enough money. The answer we got was RM10. phew...what to eat?!!! They then suggest Roti Canai buffet. RM10 can buy 10 pieces of Roti Kosong!!! =.= damn sweat!!!

Well, they just kidding, I know!!! We later came to conclusion for few choices as we need to have budget. First is to celebrate in KL and stay overnight, and second is to celebrate in Sunway just like last year.

I need to start my research liao!!!haha...:P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Journey to KL

Yesterday, I took KTM to go to KL Central just to check the price of Putra ticket to go to KLCC from KL Central because I will travel from KTM, Sungai Buloh to KL Central and change to Putra, KL Central to KLCC to go to work start from next monday. I just wanna budget my travel expenses.

Then I walked around in KL Central. I went in a shop and there sells a lot of things such as clothes, shoes, and bags. I finally bought a bag there. There is 50% discount some more as it is now mega sale period, am I not wrong?

After that, I took KTM back to station Bank Negara and I went to opposite side which is STAR, station bandaraya and I met SC up. Then I went to CPA Australia office in Menara Tun Razak with SC. We went there for a briefing before we start to work and we were given some monies for our transport allowances.

We had some refreshments in CPA Australia before the briefing started. It was a very short briefing and then almost everyone left but SC and I were still talking to a new friend, SY who will be working in the same company with SC but different department. Before we left CPA Australia office, they kept asking us to take away those refreshment as there are still a lot left there.

We went to train station together. SC took STAR to go back but SY took KTM (same as me) but different direction. It was drizzling in the beginning we were walking towards to the train station. When we reached the bridge to cross road to opposite side to take KTM, it started raining cats and dogs. It was just suddenly rain so heavily. Phew, felt so lucky as the bridge has the cover on top and we were not getting wet.

Anyway, there is still a short distance which has no cover on top and luckily SY has umbrella and she brought me to the platform that I wanted to go and then she went to the platform to take the correct traint to go back home. Thanks to SY and I did not seriously got wet. haha...

Unfortunately, it was about 7pm and the platform was full of people and even inside the train. Wow...damn scary. I saw one person was trying to get in but was pushing out from the train and it was still raining so the person got wet. huh...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yesterday, J messaged me in MSN and told me that they would have a gathering at night later but I should call A to know about the time and place. But I believed A was working and i smsed him. He called me back and told me tonight, 6:30pm yam cha in Aman Puri, a mamak stall. It was Chandran Corner but they did not know the name of the mamak. =.= I was confused and he said he would guide me there, so I would have to wait for him in front of the 'King's' confectionery.

So, 6:30pm, A, Y and I reached there and we waited for 1 hour, J had not appeared yet. PL and M also. Then A tried to call J but she said she could not come because she had something to do. A called also PL and M but could not get through their hp. We guessed that must be they were talking on hp.

After about half hour, A called again PL and finally got through and she forgot about this gathering. So, definitely same to M as PL always fetch M to meet us up. Finally, ended up we 3 ngong ngong yam cha and had our dinner there until 8:30pm.

I did not go back home straight away as i need to fetch my brother back from working in 1 Utama. I will always become a driver for my siblings when I'm in holidays.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Holidays holidays started one week ago.

Last week, what had I done? I watched drama and sometimes helped my mom to do some house chores. I went to shopping as well as I wanted to shop for formal clothes. Before this, I only have 1 set of my formal clothes. Since I'm required to wear formal to go to work so I need more and I shopped for it. It was on 1st December, Friday, which is also the first day of mega sales.

Suppose we had an outing with uni buddies but it had been cancelled. So ended up I shopped alone in 1Utama from around 2pm to 6pm. I have spent RM300 there to buy 2 blouses and 2 skirts. Expensive? Cheap? hmm, there are some discounts given which is not much anyway. It was 10% and 20% only. Those with greater discount are those cheap materials and ugly looking. I don't like those. haha...:P

I trimmed my hair on saturday. Somehow I felt like I wanted to go to trim my long hair. is much shorter now. I don't need to use so much of shampoo to wash my hair, and so much of masque for the treatment on my hair. haha...surprised? :P

O ya, I went for a postgraduate education fair yesterday. It was in PWTC. I accompanied my sister to ask about information about law courses. Though it is postgraduate edu fair, they have also undergraduate courses introduced. I went to CPA Australia booth and asked information about the CPA program and I met PW (CPA Aust staff) there. He later found that I'm passport member and I got internship via them. Later, I went to a presentation by CPA Australia, I met again PW. He told J (CPA Aust staff), a presentor, about me. Before J ended his presentation he pointed to me and said that I applied internship and I got the job via them as an example. Wah, feel so embarrassing!!! ish...

After one week holiday, results came out. sigh...bad results i got. Feel like crying. aih...don't talk about it anymore.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm employed

I went to an interview in Moores Rowland Malaysia in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, today. I was told it was an interview via email from CPA Australia as I applied for internship through CPA Australia.

In fact, it was just a chit-chat session. I met Ms. Violet Chan. She is friendly and nice to talk to. Before the interview, I got some usual interview questions from SC as she had gone for interview in Deloitte. I tried to prepare my answer. haha...sounds like an exam.

I was in the interview for about 45 minutes and she told me about the audit teams, how much is my salary, which is only RM600 per month. I'm a cheap labour now!!! It is even lesser than my previous job. Anyway, this consider high already because others may be paying RM500 only. hee...slightly higher than others for RM100. :P hmm...i also heard that I will get RM200 from CPA for transportation fares. hee...not too bad!!!

Working in audit department, I was told that I will be always outside of the office and those fares can be reimbursed. don't need to worry. hee...

If i'm required to work OT, I will be paying OT wages as well. yeah yeah...but if i myself do work too slow and need to work OT, then cannot claim lo.

I need to wear skirt from Monday till Friday. In other words, no pants allow for girls except for stock take. Then only can wear jeans, collar T-Shirt, and sport shoes. It sounds interesting and I can go to clients place to audit and meet a lot of people.

Well, I hope I will enjoy my working in this holidays. Yahoo, finally I'm employed in this holidays. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Server Down
Firstly, streamyx server down and I could not go online. I waited for about 5 days only it is could be used.

When it could be online, I was still having exams and my brother who is in holidays already wanted to play games lo. However, somehow he gatal and clicked on 'update' on my laptop and my laptop straight away shut down. Then when wanted to in it, it will automatically shut down again. This is because the Windows software in my laptop was pirated one. Last time, I brought my laptop to outside people to help me to format and they gave me pirated one. sad case!!! We did not know it cannot be updated online.

Troublesome desktop
Before that, i formatted my desktop because it had virus inside also. Again, somehow it took me more than 1 day to format it. huh...then it wasn't successful. Then my friend helped me on that. He did not really know as well. Due to I did not have time to pick my desktopm up and i just left it in my friends house until yesterday. I wanted to sell it off because it is too troublesome. E,DD,and LY accompanied me to go Low Yat there to sell it off. What a sad case, I only able to sell it for RM70 for whole CPU and monitor. I did not sell my monitor but I gave them because they said my monitor has problem already and they won't buy it. Anyway, I won't used it again and just gave them.

I in fact told one of my secondary school friend,JC, that I wanted to sell and he told me that if it is priced at RM500-600, he wanted to buy. I told him because he has repaired my desktop before and he knew better about my CPU. He gave me some advice and said that if I pay some money and I can have a better CPU to use already. But it still need some money which my dad heard and said:nvm, just sell it off. So I sold it. Then only JC told me that he really wanted to buy. Anyway, I had sold it. I then told him that the fella in computer shop said the motherboard got problem and was willling to pay RM 70. It in fact had been reduced from RM100 to RM70. argh...damn low!!! JC said if he sold it online may get RM700. What the...

Since my laptop could not be used also and E is kind and offered himself to help me to format my laptop. Thanks E!!! hee... haha...finally all viruses are gone!!! virus, shoo shoo...E helped me to install those antivirus software. I hope those help my laptop to prevent kena virus. I really don't know why people used computer and i used computer, the computer I used must have problems one. huh...

I can now go online since virus in laptop has been cleared. yea hand is so itch to go online la. :P It has been about 1 week i did not go online liao!!! Finally...

~ Thanks to E, DD, and LY companion to Low Yat, and E and JC help ~

Pizza Uno
Thursday (23/11/2006) all of us finished our exams and we decided to go 'Pizza Uno' to eat pizza. Yea...I like pizza very much because of the cheese. 9 of us, M,LW,YY,SLing,DD,E,LY,SC and I went there to have our lunch at around 12pm. Finally, all of us got together and ate pizza!!! is not as tasty as in 'Macro's Pizza' lo.anyway still delicious!!!!haha.. but in Pizza Uno has more choices of pizza, side orders and beverages.

Yesterday I got a call from CPA and I was told the interview time in Moores Rowland. Hopefully I will be accepted as their intern. haha...I want to work in this holidays. I want to gain working experience!!! I want I want!!! My interview is on Monday at 1pm. hmm...feel nervours la. aiyoo...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Road blocks

I wonder what happened today. This morning, I drove to university at around 7am. On the way where near my house, there is a road block. Huh…early morning around 7am got road block. I wonder why policemen so semangat set a road block so early in the morning to ‘cari makan’ :P (early birds get to eat worms?) haha…:P but the block is not on my way I went to university, is the opposite side.

Then I dropped my brother in his university in Subang Jaya and I went to my university to study and attended an extra class.

Around 4:30pm I left university and wanted to pick up my brother. On the way I went, I used my hp to call my brother. In fact, I knew there are always many policemen around especially in sunway area. But, I called my brother and he did not pick up. Then I waited for a while to call later. So I was driving already when I called second time. This time he picked up and informed him that I’m coming. Then I found that cars on the road were moving slow. Soon, I saw an accident at the road side, and I thought people were just so curious and slowed down their speed. Even soon, I saw some cones which have ‘police’ sign on the cones and realised there was a road block in front of me.

At that moment I thought I will definitely be stopped by policeman to be ‘saman’. Fortunately and surprisingly, the policeman asked me to go. Ahaha…lucky!!! I wasn’t caught!!!

After I had picked up my brother then I went back home lo. For me, I always need to take NKVE to go back home to avoid being caught in traffic jam. I met another road block right after entered the NKVE. But I think the policemen were taking rest as they sat beside the road.

Then when I almost reached my home, the road block that I mentioned just now (this morning) is still there. Wah…those policemen are not feeling tired mer? From so early morning till evening they set road block there. Even I had dinner with my family, my dad and sister came back later than me were also passing by there and mentioned about it.

This made me remember the last road block I met was before Hari Raya. I feel absolutely lucky. That day, I was on my way to university also and I intended to contact my sister as I wanted to meet her once I reached university. When I just wanted to call, suddenly I remembered the road in front always got road block as I had met few times there already since I always passed by there to university. I then decided not to call until I passed by the area there. Haha…I really feel lucky once I reached there as there really got road block. Wahaha…so fortunate that I don’t kena!!! :P

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I received one email from my friend who sent me this test. I found this test is quite accurate lo. Anyway, I think this test is mainly for girls la. Sorry for those who do not read chinese.































































Few weeks ago, my friend (don't know whether he or she minds to be named or not) taught me how to 'cheat' university's printer and got free printing. haha...

This is exams month and we actually share notes and have to print out as for one of my subject, banking law, is an open book test and we can bring in our any materials unless prohibited into the exam room. Additionally, printer I have in my house cannot be used as I found it maybe cheaper to print in university though it costs me 10 cents per piece of paper.

For me, it is still considered expensive if I need to print more. Everytime I top up my account for RM5 (that is the lowest amount to top up) I can finish my credit very fast, somehow I have a lot of things to print!!!

haha...the technique to cheat my uni's printer is when you have balance for few dollars, of coz the higher the better, and for each document that you intend to print must be at most equal to that balance. Am I making you confused?

Never mind. Pick some figures!!!

If there is RM5 as credit in account, then open all documents that intend to print which must be at most 50 pages for each document as it is 10 cents per page (usually if the document contains of 51 pages, it won't print, because that has exceeded the credit), and quickly click on 'print' button on all documents before the printer prints out everything, because the system will deduct the amount only after the printer has printed out all documents. Definitely, after all your documents, no matters how many pages, doesn't matter 1000 pages or 10 000 pages, as long as every document does not exceed 50 pages if there is credit of RM5, credit amount will be deducted and it becomes negative figures.

hmm...I wonder whether those IT people who help us to top up and saw it will have what reaction. Do they realise it actually? What if negative figure is 1000??? haha...

This can be done by accumulating all documents and printed out in one time then only this will work.

Well, I don't do this so often la. I feel bad also. I pay 10 cents per piece and I got high quality of printing as it is laser printer. Anyway, how much I can accumulate and print at one time?

I had experienced once when I printed my stuffs and it did not deduct my credit and I realised at that moment. I took advantage again to print out some PYQs papers as well la. haha...But not too much also. This is malfunction of the system...:P not I purposely cheat the system le!!! haha...:P

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Marco's Pizza is my first paper, AMA (advanced management accounting). Finally this paper is over. I have suffered from this paper for so long. Somehow, whatever i read i can understand but when i close it, i cannot remember anything and my mind goes blank.This is bad!!! anyway, this paper is over lo...haha...3/4 way to merdeka!!!yea!!!

After the paper, it was about 10:30am. Then we (E, D, SC, PY and I) decided to go to Marco's Pizza to have our lunch there. However, it was only 10:30am. We then met YY and asked her whether want to go for lunch in Marco's Pizza or not!!!She agreed and she came with LW. However, we waited for LW to come to university until around 11am ++ only we went to Marco's Pizza which is opposite of the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

We ordered 2 large size of pizzas and 1 regular size of pizza. wow...there got a lot of cheese on top of pizza but the bread under is very thin only...but very crispy lo. I ordered Iced Lemon Tea. Though Pizzas taste delicious, Iced lemon tea doesn't (for me la). somehow i think it tastes weird. I also don't know is like sour and then don't know what taste..argh... really delicious!!! I will go there for second time, third time...until i bored!!! haha...anyway, all of us at least have spent for about RM11 and above. It depends what beverage is ordered!!!

surely i will go again one!!! i like pizza and cheese so much!!!Yummy!!!:P

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Since it was raining when my family and I wanna have dinner, so we went to 'The Store' which is near our house to have dinner because we can park car inside the building and we won't get wet when we come out from car. haha...good choice!!!

My dad chose to go there to eat instead of delivery because there will be more choices. (we had dinner in Pizza Hut) During my dinner, i heard there was an announcement that a local singer is coming for a performance just to promote his new album. His chinese name is 钟盛忠 . i don't know his english name la.

When his performance started, i went to see him. haha...He is quite young and looks leng zai also le!!! actually not bad la. haha...then after i heard he sang few songs, especially new album, 战胜自己, I start to like his songs. But i did not buy his new album!!! :P So sad, it is like no one knows he has new album lo. i never hear any FM station helps him to advertise also. Local FM stations do not really advertise local singers...

Well, I myself found that his new album is not bad lo. i only heard few songs of him la. definitely he chose those nice song to sing instead of those not so good la. haha...

But I missed one thing. I forgot to bring my hp out and i did not take his photo down. otherwise, i may show it here!!! hehe...

quite leng chai and songs are quite nice, so worth to support lo. haha...:P

Cannot study!!!

This is sad when exam date is not far away but i cannot study. I cannot find a better place for me to study. Well I can only find a suitable time for me to study. Unfortunately the time is too short. It is in the afternoon or midnight. Who wants to study in the midnight? Anyway i cannot stand that!!! unless you ask me to play. :P

In the morning, yes I can study but usually I will use this time to go online to check email, chat with people who approach me only (no time to approach people to talk) but i do my work of course. Since I share notes with my classmates to reduce the burden of preparing notes so i need to make notes and 'submit' on time.

In the afternoon, there is no one in the house and I can study on my own if I don't go university. Soon, my second brother who has just finished his PMR, can consider having holidays now, will wake up and use laptop and play games. In fact, he was told many times not to play games so often still he plays.

From evening onwards, i surely cannot study because my parents will come back from work and Tung tung will start making noise. He cannot stop talking also. Anyway i'm not blaming him. But i got no choice and go up to my bedroom to study. Sadly, in my bedroom there is no proper place for me to sit to study. If i study on my bed, surely i will fall asleep within 10-15 minutes. During exams period, i cannot play with Tung already. It is peak time for me to study.

At night, it is even worse!!! My family members will watch TV like nobody business. I can only stay in my bedroom to study in order to avoid the distraction. huh...again, it is not comfortable at all. How am i going to study? I hope I can have a new place to study soon!!!

Even study in library it is not that comfortable and convinient. It is either too cold or I do not have books that I want because I cannot bring all books to library. It is too heavy for me to carry!!! I know library can borrow books but it is not all books are available in the library.

Needless to day, I need a new place to study!!!arrr..........

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Tung is my lil baby brother's name. He is the youngest in my family. He is really cute and i like him very much!!! He is now 4 years old and has been attending kindergarden.

Today i heard from him after his school that he got number 1 in class. haha...Actually in his class, there are not many students. Students that have same age with him are only 3 or 4 of them. It is definitely easy to get number 1. hee...By the way, his score are quite high also. All papers (i think around 5 papers) scored not less than 90%.

Though he is playful sometimes, he is forced by mom to do exercises. He is willing to do anyway. Why? Somehow, he sees us are doing work but he is the only one who runs and jumps around, he will not play so long and sit beside us and do his work. Even he has finished, he will bring some rough papers and draw on it, though it is not so nice in drawing. you know? Small kid likes to simply draw whatever they want. But, he won't keep quiet there and draw it himself. He will keep talking while drawing. huh...sometimes, he is too noisy la. But he is cute and lovely as well.

Wanna see him?

He was watching on MP4, Tom & Jerry. haha...

Helping daddy to wash car? In fact he just likes to play with water.

Filling up ...

Someone splashed water on him. See his reaction, haha...funny!!!

See!!! poured water after filling full.

Finish pouring water!!!


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