Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Flash back for year 2013

It's another year again. Let me use 1 post to summarise my 2013.

Counted down to 2013 with my secondary school best buddies with a buffet Korean dinner and sing k session.

This is my first year taking up a new role, which has almost completely different responsibilities. I don't mind challenges, hence I stayed for the challenges.

Fortunately, there are enough resources for the peak and the portfolio were evenly spreaded out to all managers for the peak period I supposed. It was not an easy task to meet deadlines during the peak in view that all my portfolio are new to me. I had not done any of the engagements that assigned to me. Hence, I had taken longer time to understand the client and review the file. Unavoidably, I stayed late throughout the peak. I have to skip my workout routine. The latest stayed was up to around 3:30am.

However, all these nightmares had slowly faded away from my memories. This is why I'm still here to face the upcoming peak AGAIN.

Despite the peak period, I had travelled to places to relax and reward myself for the hardwork, though it was not very far away. First, I went Koh Lipe in August. I knew it is an off peak season, but I still went as what I want is just a peaceful place to relax. However, the traveling wasn't pleasant, as I had to fly to Hatyai, stayed a night over. Then next day, it took approximately 4hours to travel on the road to the jetty. Then another 2hours plus in the speedboat to arrive Koh Lipe.

The resort I stayed was a great one, spacious, pool access, and I enjoyed the cozy room. What was inconvenient there was the transportation. There is no tar road, instead, it is mud road, it looks like very undeveloped and have to pay them to fetch me to places. However, I can see there are many sites building up resorts. There is only motor to bring you around, and there is no car at all. The island is small and not fully developed anyway. So, not many places to go.

During the off season, it is really quiet. The shops in the most busiest street were mostly closed. Bikinis was really cheap and I got myself 1. Happy! I really enjoyed the quiet sea and beach there to experience the slow down living. I told myself that I want to come back again, even making it an annual trip.

Next is to Penang. It is a department trip. I am part of the committee as advisor with another manager. A lot of planning to do and brainstorming of games and events for the trip. Stayed in a 4stars hotel, Golden Sands Resort. As I am part of the committee, I gotta participate in the games. It is also my first year joining the games despite I joined department trip every year. Surprisingly, the turn up rate was amazing, almost full attendance. We also got the feedback from the floor with favorable and satisfactory comments.

Subsequently, trip to Hong Kong. I flew there for business purposes to visit one of the component auditors in Hong Kong. So, I took the opportunity to extend my stay at my own cost to walk around Hong Kong. It was my first time to Hong Kong. I tried their foods, visited the tourist spots, and ocean theme park. Ocean theme park is my most favorite place among all.

My last trip for the year was Kota Kinabalu for 8 days. Everyone is asking me did you climb kk mount? I: No. Then wondering why I didn't climb when I was there for 8days. A bit of story here.

In the beginning of the year, my primary school friends found promo tickets to kk was just RM110 for return tickets. Then they set a period in December (4d3n) and bought the air ticket whoever wanted to join the trip. When it comes to the middle of the year, my secondary school friends suggested to go kk too. Fortunately, they were able to compromise my time and I extended another 4d3n. So, I have to buy a 1way ticket back from kk. This is 1 of my most memorable trip I had. Selection of traveling buddies is really crucial and is one of the determinants of the mood for the trip.

Undoubtedly, we visited islands for snorkeling, some road trips to cattle farms, upside down house, Kinabalu park, and water rafting. Personally, I think mamutik and manukan islands are damn dirty. All the rubbish are in there such as unused tires, empty water bottles, shoes, durian and etc... Sapi island is slightly better than the 2islands just mentioned. I visited Mantanani island too. This is so so much better and the sea water is crystal clear. We got the chance to snorkel in the middle of the sea for 2 times in a day. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell what types of fish I saw. Lol...

In fact, the day trip packages to islands are not cheap, starting from RM200 onwards each package. I tanned my skin in this trip too. Thanks to the water rafting where we didn't get the chance to apply sun block. My skin only started to peel on 31 Dec 2013.

In summary, 2013 was a great year to me. I'm looking forward for a much better year in 2014.

Happy new year 2014!

Monday, December 24, 2012










Why is it not end of the world? I have been looking forward to it. (I sound crazy)

Last whole week, I have been going out with friends for Christmas dinner, and I feel like Christmas has just over.

But I just realised, it is only Christmas eve today.

I'm clearing my annual leaves and will be back to work next year (2013!) Unfortunately, I'm not resting but to work from home. The bonus paid has its reason behind. 

Think about it, my peak is gonna start soon. It's horrible! Well, it should be quite a challenging new role for me next year. Let's gambateh!

Hope that the failures happened in last year and this year will exchange for an eternal one for me. I'm feeling so tired of it.

I'm such a hopeless as I don't treasure when I owned it and feel unfortunate when i lose it. When can I really make up my mind? Hopefully the day is not too far away now.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012


It was a rainy day. After I swam, I rest on the sofa nearby. My tears dropped suddenly.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fitness club

10 months ago, I joined a fitness club, Celebrity, and signed up for 24 sessions of personal training (PT). I was convinced by the sales person to take up the PT course when I signed up for membership. I spent RM3k+ for the course, which I finished it in 2-3 months time. I see results which bring me closer to my resolution which I set the same for every year.=p

I consider myself lucky as I was assigned to a trainer who is patient and coaching me with full attention. He will explain what is this exercise for, what is the right posture, and some reminders to avoid the wrong doing. Because of his full attention, he always make sure I do it right, he will adjust my posture, give me a hand when I am out of strength, remind me when I am not breathing in and out correctly, last but not least, he will tell me some encouragement words when I am out of strength: "Good!", "Come on, 2 more times!" and he will pat on my arm, "I will help you, come on!".

The RM3k+ I paid is worthy, and I learnt! To me, he is really good in coaching. Unfortunately, before I finished my PT course, he had left his job. Fortunately, I was still coached by other senior trainer. 

After the PT course, I have started to workout on my own. There was once I was working out on my own, somehow I looked into the PT area, I saw the trainer was playing with his cell phone all the time and not paying attention to the trainee who is working out next to him. I even saw another trainer walked to the next machine (a different machine) to workout for himself after telling the trainee what to do. This is why I said I am lucky!

Since I see my muscles are now slightly tone up and able to reduce some fats on my tummy, I am kinda addicted to go to gym after working hours. I can now wear some small dresses which I could not wear last time. I have set a higher target for myself, no date is fixed yet, I will try my best to achieve due to my busy schedule in my job. hehe...I am just allowing myself more time in achieving my dream.

Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


11 January 2010 marks the full three years of my service in the current firm. I have finally fulfilled the CA training requirements if they take into account of my probation period. It's my full 3 years!!! A lot of happiness and sadness happened around me during the 3 years. All the late nights that I had with the colleagues are sometimes memorable though and all the complaints should be forgotten. Well, those are past tense, just let it be.

Nevertheless, I am still expecting for more late nights from now on. It is getting challenging for me. =(

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Review of 2010

L recently gave me some new standing calenders to put on my study table as well as the office table that I'm now sitting on. Before I moved away the old standing calender, I flipped through the whole old standing calender and found that many events had been carried out during the year. 

Usually I use it as a reminder for me. It is useful to remind me my exams dates and leaves so that I can plan properly for my study and my trips. 

During the year, I have attended few gatherings, including Kung Min reunion dinner before the CNY, VU gathering with the uni buddies, PRU gathering with the PRU Young talents, and of course a secondary school gathering with the SMKTBM-mates.

I also went for trips with my family and L. I did not manage to go for more as I have been utilising the unpaid leave to join my sister's convocation. Well...that already reflected on my performance bonus. =( Teng, please appreciate my sacrifice. =p

That was also mainly because all my 14 days leaves had gone to my study leaves. I need 2 weeks for each paper and there were 2 papers I took during the year. So, there goes all my leaves. OT is so hard to get...=( 

I went Cameron with L's family. Unfortunately, there were some unfortunate things happened when we returned. After, I went BKK with L, NEC, and FF. It was an enjoyable trip to shooooooooooooooooooooooop as things are relatively cheap there.

At the end of June, like previous year (i.e. 2009) the SCB audit team joined the SCB marathon run. L joined me and encouraged me to finish the marathon. And, I realised that my performance had improved slightly by 10minutes. I'm happy with that. Please forgive that I have not been going for any sports consistently. Hope that I can do it this year.

I have been attending my friends' wedding. Here, I excluded L's friends wedding as I did not note down on those occasions. L will remind me =p All his friends' wedding, I have to follow him all the way to his home town. Coincidently, these weddings were always fallen on the weeks that I went on leave for my study. Therefore, I have been able to attend those.

However, we have grown up. Friends are getting married one-by-one. The last wedding I went for 2010 is Sun's. We were already informed that there are 2 coming up in early 2011. Wish they all have a sweet marriage and last forever.

On top of that, in the month of October, I have finally received my certificate of Graduate Diploma of Chartered Acconting from ICAA. I am glad that I have finally finished the papers. I can't imagine that I have finally finished it when I checked my results saying that I have PASSED the final paper. I have no mood to work on that day (I could still remember), and I left office early to dine with L for a celebration.

erm...well, I have set resolutions for myself in 2010. Unfortunately, I have not been achieving them, especially "I want to reduce weight". So, it is carried forward to 2011.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just got to know that I am now blacklisted by Neway. I was disappointed that I could not sing k on the eve. However, I felt even disappointing when I knew I was blacklisted because of the mic went missing which in fact not our fault.

I still remembered we went to 1U Neway to sing k to celebrate KK's birthday. Half way, one of the 3 mics got problem, so we called the staff to check for us what's wrong with the mic. 

Unfortunately, before the mic was returned to the room, another mic had the same problem. Again, we called the staff to look into it for us. Even though mics were returned, the same problem occurred. I believe only 1 mic was returned at the end of the day and none of us realised that. The staff came in and checked whether we have all the mics before we left. It was found 1 was missing. I wondering why they will check before we left as usually before we left, there is no one will check on us. Were we damn unlucky or they have known that the mic was somehow broken or whatever the staff did on the mic and they just wanna push the responsibility to us? I don't know.

What I know is who the hell wanna steal the useless mic? Although they told us it costs RM1,000, so what? What can we do with the useless mic? 

Since it blacklisted me, I can also put it in my blacklist. Although I am too immaterial to them, at least I feel happy as they are not gonna get any cent from me anymore.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night of the Macabre

When i saw the theme of our annual dinner, I have the feelings that I do not want to go. I imagined to dress like a ghost at night and crazy until midnight, that looks scary to me and horrible.

After I asked around, many of my friends were not gonna follow the theme and my name was listed on the list. So I attended.

Well, even so, I did not buy my dress until the last weekend before the annual dinner. Same reasons: busy and lazy.

It was quick to buy the dress just after I went into few shops and I found the dress. I also took the opportunity to buy new clothes for the CNY 2011.

This year is not as lucky as last year. I did not win any prizes!!! 

I did not take in any alcohol as I was driving myself. So, better don't.

I think the best part of the annual dinner this year was the organisers were able to invite JJ & Ian to be the emcee for the night. Everyone was screaming when their name were announced. 

Too bad, did not manage to take photos with JJ & Ian =(

Sharing some pics here.

:: The winner for the night, who wrapped himself in white ::

Sunday, November 14, 2010



这是一个主旋律的年纪,豆蔻渐远而魅力渐至,灵魂已经基本成型。 如果你看得足够远,你之后的人生,很大程度上和25岁的想法息息相关。

爱情是什么你已经有点清楚。 人生需要什么你必须开始清楚。 还有,确认好你的下一步该做什么,你得比上帝更坚定。

1、好好梳理一次已经过去的人生。 按照时间顺序,列一张年度纪事表,看看你25岁之前得到了什么,失去了什么,有哪些教训和后悔,当初设立的目标是否已经实现……这将帮助你进一步了解自己,也将更好地鞭策自己。

2、谈过至少一次恋爱,并且依然相信爱情。 很少有初恋就成功的恋人。少年时分手,大多因为不懂得如何去爱,但那时的爱一定是真的。 25岁时的爱也是真的,虽然也许不那么纯粹。恋爱是门技术活,那些你在恋爱过程中学到的技巧、领悟的道理,不是别人能轻易能给的。而这些东西,会影响你将来的婚姻,甚至影响一生。 和爱的人谈恋爱,跟合适的人结婚,你的人生会更圆满。我们来算一笔时间帐。假如你初恋20岁,两年后因为毕业或其他因素分手,你还有至少两三年的时间寻找 一个合适的男人结婚。而若你25岁初恋,两年后分手,你复原及慢慢寻找合适的人,则要付出更多的时间代价。当然,如果你与25岁时遇到的合适的初恋修成了 正果,那么恭喜你,你很幸运。

3、有能力,并且可以立即购买一件自己非常想要、但相对昂贵的东西。 80后大多晚熟,但此时你再也没有任何拖延的理由,你必须独立了,这是25岁女生讨论幸福的前提。如果不是决意一口气读到博士,你已经完成了学业走向社会,不再有想父母伸手要钱的资格。遇到非常喜欢,或者一直很想入手的东西,试着买给自己,算是犒劳,也算是奖励。自己有能力奖励自己,这是“素质”,也是自信的来源。

4、别再指望全世界把你当公主。 25岁最大的悲剧在于仍然相信自己可以凭借美貌征服世界、征服任何一个优秀的男人;仍然任性地认为得到的一切都是理所当然的,无理取闹是可以被原谅的。事实上,早一点认清“现实”的人,用现实的态度对待生活的人,能够少走一点弯路。

5、不要把内心的骄傲摆在脸上。 保持内心的骄傲,爱自己,尤其是接收了自己的不完美之后,继续爱自己。同时在脸上留下谦卑,这会让你融入团队,融入生活。

6、不要理直气壮地装嫩。 你实际年龄25,看上去就是25。不会因为用娃娃声说话、拍照撅嘴就真的变回18岁。仔细对照几年前的照片,或许容貌没有太大的改变, 但你的眼神一定和从前大不一样。每个年龄都有自己独特的魅力,相对18岁的不谙世事,你如今更为懂事、大方、得体,如果偏执地装嫩,正好说明你内心严重缺 乏自信。

7、别再相信“永远”,享受当下。 “永远”是一个并不存在的词,你现在一定得清楚,当下的快乐才是真实的快乐。25岁的你,是人生中最好的时候,别用明天的忧愁来稀释今天的快乐,也不要用明天的快乐来扰乱今天本该快乐的步伐。事实上,能享受和累加快乐的人,会拥有 更多的快乐,如果爱情的“现在时”都是郁闷的、纠结的,将来也一定好不到哪儿去。

8、不要再被心动的感觉牵着鼻子走。 女生总喜欢被感觉冲昏头脑。相对外表和才华,你此时也应该开始考虑个性、家庭、教育背景等因素了。人生最终幸福与否,爱情是基础但不是全部,两个人的互动、思维方式是否同步也至关重要。心动终究会消失,甚至会消失到你怀疑它是否真实地存在过。

9、拒绝跟已婚的老男人从往过密。 和已婚老男人从往过密,无异与虎谋皮。如果他对你没有兴趣,一定会与你保持距离。他如果对你有兴趣,而你又经不起诱惑,最后你失败了,受伤不浅。就算你干掉原配上了位,还得面对人家和你隔肚皮的小孩。总之,你永远不可能成为这场游戏的最后赢家。

10、你已经过了暗恋的年龄了,如果很喜欢一个人就大大方方告诉他吧。 即使失败了也没什么大不了的,至少不用继续耽误宝贵的青春。

11、不属于你的人和事,就别再想了。 伤害过你的前男友问你好不好,回答“很好”。 被你抛弃的前男友问你好不好,回答“很好”。 结过婚的男人问你好不好,回答“很好”。 他们,都不是你的谁。

12、不用为谁轻易改变,也不要试图改变他人。 前半句是因为不做自己终将很惨,后半句是因为你根本做不到。

13、到了25岁这个年纪,随身带避孕套也不是什么大不了的事。 如果你现在还认为避孕套是男人才该准备的,女孩子包包里放着套套难以启齿,这绝对不是矜持,而是对自己不负责。女性的大部分妇科疾病是由男人引起,除了防止意外怀孕,套套还能预防疾病传播。在危急时刻,它还能保护你不受到进一步伤害。

14、别把避孕药当做护身符。 25岁以后,激素水平紊乱的直接后果就是导致不孕。 如果你不想悲剧发生,就赶紧停止频繁服用避孕药吧,尤其毓婷,半年内不能超过一粒。如果他不准备套套,那就自己准备。如果他拒绝带套,你也完全可以拒绝他。假如你不爱惜自己,做爱很容易就变成了作孽。

15、妇科检查不再是和你无关的事情。 不要以为你没结婚妇科检查就和你无关,只要你有性经历,每年的妇科检查就是必须的。如果有条件的话,去打一次宫颈癌预防针,13岁到26岁有效,打得越早效果越好。

16、存折上至少有应付失业三个月的生活费。 这是底线。存款可以不多,但至少要能保证失业三个月内不被饿死。如果没有存款,那你必须有储蓄意识了。先从记账开始,你会发现大部分花费其实都不是必须的。开源很重要,节流也同样很重要。

17、你必须有一件除爱情外,真正喜欢的“东西”。 和任何人一样,你的年轻和美丽是逐年递减的,它们在爱情中能为你争取的“利益”也是逐年递减的。如果你的男友很上进,你要赶紧跟上,否 则会被他抛弃;如果你的男友很颓废,你要自立自强,否则会被他拖累。爱情不是终身饭票,它需要运用很多种方式进行增值。此时,你已经在学校里完成了只至少 一门学业的学习,在社会上经历了工作的考验。你对什么事情有兴趣,什么事情能做好,应该有了一个大致的认知。把你愿意为之付出努力的兴趣坚持下去,即使它 很渺小。

18、就算买债券也不把钱存在银行。 物价飞涨的今天,钱存在银行只会贬值,绝不会升值。去年买一斤苹果的钱,今年就只能买半斤了。现在开始学习投资理财还不算晚,但如果再不学就一定晚了。如果觉得炒股或买基金技术含量太高,你可以先从投资保险和国债入手,或者请理财人士帮你量身定制理财计划。

19、继续保持理想,但必须做一个清晰且现实的职业规划。 现在的工作状态和平台决定了未来十年你的情况。如果一个人在进入职场三年后,仍然不清楚自己适合干什么,想要干什么,那多半他这辈子都 搞不清楚了。平庸地走完职业生涯,还是有所发展,决定权在你自己手里。仔细分析一下你目前的工作形势,制定一个短、中、长期的规划。如果分析完后觉得前路 茫茫,赶紧另谋出路。

20、努力工作,但也要有失业的准备。 2008年金融危机,马士基全球裁员。有员工被叫进办公室,进去出来,打包东西,30分钟后走人。跨国大公司尚且如此,更何况其他企 业。不论是在金钱方面还是心理上,你都应该有准备。年龄也是一种竞争优势,25岁时失业和22岁时失业的区别在于,前者的新机会要比后者小很多。22岁时 你会觉得失业没什么,睡醒了又是新的一天。而25岁,你可能会连续失眠一个星期。

21、别再频繁跳槽,尤其别为了涨工资而轻易跳槽。 跳槽就像离婚,有惯性。跳到最后,很可能一事无成。现在的你,职业生涯开始进入一个决定性的时期,发展和平台才是此时最重要的。如果发展和平台都很好,降薪跳槽也未尝不可。

22、不要轻易换城市。 除非是已经有计划,且条件已经成熟的机会,否则不要轻易更换城市。此时换城市你付出的代价要比刚工作时大得多。首先,因为地域关系,你 的工作经验也许作废。其次,你这些年建立的人脉基本清零。第三,你的男朋友愿意和你一起吗?就算愿意,那他能有和你一样好的机会吗?或者,在一个新的城 市,要用多长的时间,你才能重新找到一个让你敢放心去爱的人?最重要的是,你的人脉、工作经验等被清零的同时,你的年龄不会倒回去。 决定换城市之前先计算一下得失,相信你有能力根据结果自己决定去留。

23、不做职场万金油,也别期待自己无可替代。 什么都能做,什么都不擅长,可有可无的下场就是丧志职场竞争力。你能做的一个刚毕业的学生也能做,老板凭什么花两三倍的薪水养着你?如果你不是高级技术型人才,也别指望自己不可替代,根据自己的优势,找到能发挥最大价值的途径更实际。25岁,你必须开始思考自己的定位。

24、试着欣赏你的对手。 之所以能成为对手,知道表明他和你实力相当。他还没有被你打倒,他身上一定具备你所没有的某种东西。取长补短是你打他的唯一途径。

25、把交友门槛抬高。 最孤单的事情不再是没人陪在你身边,而是没人住在你心里。玩伴并不能派遣寂寞,你已经过了需要玩伴、需要互相陪伴的年纪。25岁,你需要把朋友重新分类排列一遍、把交友门槛抬高,不和你志同道合的人,不拥有至少一项你欣赏的好品质的人,请降级。

26、把不能成为至交的朋友变成你的人脉。 即使你真的能力过人,仅凭一人的单打独斗,想要成功也一定困难重重。有句话说,你是谁并不重要,重要的是你和谁在一起。人脉在某些程度 上决定了你的人生。从25岁开始,你需要开始有意识地累积自己的人脉,你要明白在成功的道路上,需要什么人来帮助你,谁是你的奋斗方向,谁又是你的借鉴。 总的说来,无条件支持你的人;对你要求严格的人;欣赏你、提携你的人,都是你应该珍视的人。

27、在衣橱里准备一两套有品质的礼服。 也许一年中只有一两次穿着它们的机会,但这一两次就足够让你成为焦点。

28、是秘密,就谁也别告诉。 保守别人的秘密,是美德;保守自己的秘密,是成长的必须。你最终需要自己面对世界,何不留住一些隐私,顺便也留住友谊长久必须的距离呢?真正的友谊本不需要用秘密来巩固。

29、用买十件打折货仿单货的钱,买一件经典的简洁款。 从现在开始,“气质”这个词,对你而言越来越重要。

30、知道自己穿什么风格的衣服最好看。 找对风格,远比紧跟流行,智慧得多。

31、别急着买奢侈品。 现在你可以有第一件奢侈品,但千万别把买奢侈品当成人生追求。实际上,欧美奢侈品消费主力为40岁至60岁的中产阶级。

32、你这个年纪,最贵的护肤品应该是眼霜,最好的化妆品应该是微笑。 熬夜、不良生活习惯,眼睛都不会说谎,眼神也没法化妆。浓妆只会加速你的衰老。25岁,你还没有到涂墙的年纪。把买化妆品的钱用买护肤品吧,买一支好一点的眼霜,购入自己的第一支精华。做好保湿,做好清洁,早点睡,你的微笑真的很美。

33、内衣一旦磨损、松垮或变形,立刻扔掉。 这不光是为了美,更是为了健康。你知道吗?乳腺癌是全球女性发病率最高的恶性肿瘤。选择合适的内衣,经常按摩,月经后进行乳房自我检查,给你的咪咪多一点爱。

34、至少把一门兴趣变成你加分的特长,即使是像唱歌、讲笑话这样的小事。 朋友圈里最受欢迎的人,一定是幽默、特别的人,别小看讲笑话、唱歌、做手工的作用,虽然是小事,却是一个人个性和人格魅力的重要组成部分,能够增强你的存在感和人气。想学摄影,就去学吧;想学钢琴,也去学吧,你才25岁。

35、回家再哭。 试着将自己的脆弱隐藏起来。25岁在人前哭,不会为你争取同情分,只能让敌人看到你的脆弱、暗笑你的脆弱。

36、别总是看韩剧。看点美剧,这更能锻炼你的逻辑。 现在的你不光需要感情,需要浪漫,更需要清晰的逻辑,美剧绝对是世界上最轻松、最有趣味性地锻炼逻辑的方式。

37、把无聊发呆的时间用来看新闻。 不是娱乐八卦,而是关于“今天世界发生了什么”。你不是和这个世界毫无关系。利用早餐时间、打扫时间关注你生活的城市、国家、世界,不仅能够帮助你在掌握信息的基础上作出正确的决定,还能让你不在同陌生人交谈时一无所知。

38、出门旅行,去看看博物馆和美术馆,和当地人聊聊天。 最能体现一座城市内涵的地方是博物馆和美术馆,最能体现一座城市真实面貌的地方是生活在那里的人民,多了解这些,比一堆照片能带给你的收获要多得多。

39、尝试一些你以前拒绝的东西,例如一道从来不吃的菜,一本“绝不会看”的书。 接纳以前无论如何也不吃的菜,是成熟的标志之一。到了这个年纪,打开自己容纳世界,换一个角度思考,你会有全新的收获。

40、想清楚自己到底想要什么。 杨澜曾经在采访中说,大多数女人在第一次婚姻中都不清楚自己要的是什么。你之前以为自己想要的,并不是真正想要的。人只有在有过一定经历后才会清楚自己真正的要求。现在,关于事业,关于爱情,你都有了一定经历,时候好好想想这个问题了。

41、任何年纪,都记得给父母一周至少一次电话。 25岁的时候,忙恋爱、忙升职,父母一定不是你们生活的重心。但你应该明白,如果在外地工作,每年回一次家,你人生中能和父母相处的时间,加起来也实在少得让人心酸。无论你在哪里,每周打一次电话回家吧。父母不会要求你做什么,但他们会以最认真的态度来对待。

42、主动问候你想念的朋友。 别斤斤计较谁先和谁联络,谁关心谁更多,25岁以后,获得一个真朋友会越来越难。主动关心以前的好友吧,一个留言,一条短信,表达的惦念和珍惜,却很不简单。再亲密的朋友,久不联络,也会疏远的。

43、有自己下厨吃饱肚子的动手能力。 蛋炒饭是最低要求。保守一点,你至少得学会三菜一汤。25岁的你不必精通各项家务,但你此时应该明白,收拾房间、做饭,也是爱的能力的一种体现。

44、从今天开始,最晚1点前睡觉。 关于这一点没什么好说的,自己的身体需要自己好好爱惜。

45、不要尽信理论和书本,包括我们现在告诉你的。 世界上没有绝对的对错,甚至有时对错也可能恰好颠倒。最关键在于你看世界的角度。选择你认为对的,这就足够了。


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